Amateur Radio Participation in 2003 Blackout As Reported by ARRL

blackoutARRL’s national web site carried summaries of Amateur Radio operations from the affected areas in the Midwest, New York and New England in the wake of yesterday’s major blackout. The following excerpt pertains to our section. It was based on a timely submission by EMa Public Information Coordinator Jim Duarte, N1IV:

“New England states were far less affected by the blackout since most operate on an altogether different power grid than the one that failed. New England area ARES/RACES operators were in standby mode after the blackout rippled through the system to the south and west. Only Connecticut and sections of Western Massachusetts reported significant outages, and ARES nets activated in both states.

“ARRL Eastern Massachusetts PIC Jim Duarte, N1IV, reports the ARES/RACES response in the Bay State was ‘quick and organized, showing that our recent drills and training sessions have proved beneficial.'”

Thanks to all of the ARES/RACES members in EMa who stood by, ready and willing to serve.

ARRLWeb: Hams a Bright Spot During Power Blackout

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