WBZ Late Night Talk Show to Discuss Ham Radio

WBZA Boston-area ARRL Public Information Officer may be featured on a late-night talk show to promote Amateur Radio. Bill McIninch, KA1MOM phoned in to Jordan Rich’s show on WBZ radio to “put in a plug” for ham radio.

“I received back two e-mails. The first was a ‘thanks’ for the information. The second was this invitation to spend 1-2 hours as an in-studio guest talking and answering questions about ham radio,” McIninch said.

KA1MOM plans to come well-armed with materials he’s prepared. “Some of the topics I plan to discuss include, ‘Isn’t ham radio outdated?’, ‘Interference’, ‘Ham radio and national security’ and Legislation that impacts ham radio.” McIninch says the show might air during the early morning hours of January 24.

The clear channel station on 1030 kHz can be heard as far as Indiana and Florida. McIninch invites any advice, suggestions or comments that others might have at: ka1mom@aol.com.

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