Retired News Gathering Vehicle Available To Non-Profit

WCVB's hippo-1 vehicleWCVB Channel 5 is donating a retired electronic news gathering (ENG) vehicle to a good home. According to Rich Zach, K1RJZ, WCVB-TV Chief Engineer, the vehicle, named “Hippo-1” is to be donated to a worthy non-profit organization. It was built by Wolf Coach of Auburn, MA. Hippo-1 has been replaced by a newer ENG vehicle, dubbed “Hippo-2”.

“The body and electrical distribution systems are in fine shape. (The vehicle) needs a replacement GM 454 cubic inch gas engine. One generator and air conditioning system is included.” Zach adds that the “transmission was fine when removed from service.”

Interested parties may view photos of the vehicle by visiting

Additional technical information may be obtained by contacting Rich Zach at 781-433-4774.

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