Fox Hunting & Genealogy Combined in Bridgewater

Bridgewater fox hunters in cemetaryGeorge Davis, KC1FZ decided to do a little genealogy one Saturday morning in July. Davis was the fox and was hiding in the Scotland Cemetery located on Route 104 in Bridgewater. There he introduced the fox hunters to the final resting place of his father, Julian I. Davis (1883-1968) and his grandfather, George W. Davis (1850-1948). The first clue was when the “fox” said he was hiding near some “subterranean condominiums.”

The group conducts fox hunts every Saturday from 10 a.m. until 12 noon. The fox transmits on 146.565 MHz every five minutes for 30 seconds. Listen in from your home QTH, or mobile if you are on the road, and let the group know if you can hear the fox in your back yard. The fox hunters coordinate the start of the hunt on the Bridgewater 147.180 MHz repeater.

Photo (L-R): Bruce, NI1X; Roy, KB1CYV; and George, KC1FZ

—Thanks, Whitman ARC Spectrum, July 2005

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