Southern New England Weather Conference/Festival Needs Hams!

Clay Center, BrooklineBill Mc Ininch, Jr., KA1MOM writes:

In four weeks, on Saturday Nov 5, the Clay Science Center at Dexter and Southfield Schools in Brookline will be hosting the National Weather Service’s Annual Weather Conference. (Details at and

This event typically draws a crowd of several hundred weather science enthusiasts and Weatherfest family attendees. There will be weather-related vendors, displays, and gift-sales tables, as well as a program of lectures.

Volunteers are needed to run a ham radio display to promote ham radio to kids and families. You can promote your own clubs at the same time. The attendees come from all over greater Boston, including Walpole, Norwood, north and south shores, etc. I would love to have a special table promoting SKYWARN.

If you are available, call Bob Phinney, K5TEC, at 617-454-2718 or e-mail

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