Harvard Wireless Club Active in North American QSO Party

Harvard Wireless ClubClayton Nall, NF1R writes on HWC-list:

I activated W1AF in a full-time effort in today’s (/14/06) North American QSO Party-CW. This is a 10-hour contest requiring an exchange of name and state/province or country. Multipliers count once per band, so there is a premium on selecting bands carefully and hunting for multipliers.

Unfortunately, 15 and 10 meters were not doing well today, so I was stuck on 20-80. 160 was doable on the 80 m dipole with low power, but only for contacting the big guns.
Here are the stats. This score would have placed W1AF 3rd out of about 20 entries in the 1 call area in last years, and would have placed first in MA by 10k points (still way behind the national winners, though).

Final claimed score: 82,140

Band breakdown:
QSOs/States and Provinces/Countries
160: 11/9/0
80: 130/38/1
40: 210/47/2
20: 183/38/1
15: 21/10/2
10: 0/0/0

Best Last 10 QSO Rate: 119.6 Q’s/hr–on 40 meters
Best Last 100 QSO Rate: 74.4 Q’s/hr–on 40 meters

Hope someone will have a chance to activate the station for the phone event–it is next weekend. Also, the ARRL DX Contest (Phone) coming up in Feb would be a good chance to demonstrate DXing to any prospective hams out there.


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