Amateur Radio Receives Honorable Mention In “Have We Learned Anything?”

blizzard photoAmateur radio received positive publicity in today’s Sunday Globe article entitled, “Have We Learned Anything? What the Blizzard of 1978 has taught us about emergency preparedness in Massachusetts.”

The City & Region front-page story by Boston Globe staff writer Peter J. Howe included the following text:

“In 1978, the [Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency] leaned heavily on amateur ham radio operators and citizens-band radio owners to share information. ‘There were people holed up in places that nobody knew about,’ [Peter] Judge [spokesman for MEMA] said, including makeshift shelters that rapidly ran out of food.

“Today, the agency still enlists 30,000 ham radio operators in a kind of emergency-information militia, but has sophisticated Web-based conferencing and information-sharing systems linking hundreds of state and local governmental agencies.”

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