W1AAX/WFQB and K1VV/NJPJ QRV for MRD, April 12, 2008

“Whitey” Doherty, K1VV writes:

Harry Wilson, W1AAX/WFQB and Whitey Doherty, K1VV/NJPJ will operate on or near 3520 kHZ at around 8:00 AM (1200 UTC) APRIL 12 to work any locals on ground wave. See http://www.radiomaritimeday.org:80/ for rules and details.

Code speeds will be slow so get out that vintage J-38 key.

Harry and Whitey will be on the higher bands afterwards.

This an all CW special event. Former maritime radio operators will be calling “CQ MRD”. The exchange will be their Name and their last Ship Call Sign, “Op Bob last ship NEGX NEGX”.

The ship and shore operators will adjust their CW speed for the slower CW operators.

Taking part from EMA will be:

W1AAX / WFQB, Overseas Marilyn (Grain Carrier)
K1VV / NJPJ Reliance WMEC 615( USCG Cutter).

Ship Photo QSL cards will be used by the ship operators.
There will be several hundred former ship and shore based maritime radio operators worldwide taking part. The list of operators and their ships and shore stations is listed on the Radio Maritime Day web page.

If you are interested in collecting some “one of a kind” unique QSL cards, this is an event you should tune into.


1824 khz, 3520 khz, 7020 khz, 14052 khz, 21052 khz, 28052 khz. Operating frequencies are +- 5 khz.


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