Follow A 1000-foot Tower Climb via UHF on March 15, 2009

large towerRich Zack, K1RJZ writes on FraminghamARA-L:

Sunday night between 9PM and 1AM (or later), Kurt Jackson, W1OBQ will be climbing the WCVB microwave tower behind You-do-it electronics to the 1000ft level.  No elevator, just climb the hard it way.

If you want to listen in and have a scanner, he will be operating on the 450.4125 MHz which is normally the WCVB chopper freq repeater.

Climb #1 on Sunday will be to fix a bad copper control line and take up microwave gear to be installed on the next climb.  The microwave gear will be in backpacks.

Climb #2 is tba as two TV and one FM station again need to go dark for RF safety reasons. The will be to install the gear that went up in climb #1.

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