Gov. Patrick Declares Amateur Radio Week in MA

2010 Amateur Radio Week Proclamation in MAMembers of the Hampden County Radio Association successfully campaigned a state legislator to obtain from Governor Deval Patrick’s office a proclamation of “Amateur Radio Week” coinciding with the 2010 annual ARRL Field Day event.

According to HCRA’s Marty Bowen, W1MJB, the govenor’s proclamation was obtained through State Representative Angelo Puppolo. Bowen sent Puppolo an invitation to join the HCRA Field Day “in order to acquaint him with the HCRA and give him the opportunity to see amateur radio enthusiasts utilize ARRL field day to hone their emergency communication skills.” Several weeks later, Bowen received a phone call from Puppolo’s aide informing Bowen that the representative was unable to attend Field Day this year, but was interested in learning more about the HCRA and ARRL Field Day. During a series of e-mails and phone conversation with his Western Mass office, Bowen asked for Puppolo’s help in obtaining a proclamation from the Govenor Patrick “honoring the community and emergency communication service performed by Massachusetts amateur radio operators.”

The HCRA through Bowen was also successful in obtaining a citation from the Massachusetts House of Representatives acknowledging the Hampden County Radio Association for their “voluntary contributions through emergency communications to the towns and cities in Hampden County.”

“It is a welcome reinforcement of the govenor’s proclamation and a timely acknowledgement that the Massachusetts legislature is aware of the important emergency communication services provided to the Commonwealth and the many non government emergency relief providers by the amateur radio operators of Massachusetts,” remarked Bowen.

Kudos to the HCRA and W1MJB for this achievement on behalf of all licensed amateurs in Massachusetts.


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