Search Dogs Northeast (Non-Profit Organization) Seeking Amateur Radio/ARES Support

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The following announcement is about the Search Dogs of Northeast Non-Profit organization seeking Amateur Radio/ARES support for communications in search and rescue exercises and real events. See announcement below:

A non-profit search dog organization in MA and RI is looking for communication
support.  They may need to conduct large area searches beyond the
capabilities of their existing radio’s.

Volunteers would work directly with the search dog teams – and would be
on short notice call- which is the current practice with the dog
handlers now.

Volunteers must be in good health – able to handle lengthy walks in
rough terrain in all weather conditions.

The teams have standards for support personnel that need to be met:
-CPR, and First responder first aid, or EMT, or higher EMS.
(Arrangements will be made to provide the first responder training
through fire department volunteers)
-You will have to pass each states courses for Navigation and Search.
-You will have to pass Massachusetts and Rhodes Island State police
criminal records checks

Volunteers will need to provide their own go-kit with food, water, or
other items.

Job will include tasks to relieve the dog-handler of distractions i.e.
Navigation support (personal GPS and skill using it desirable), map
reading,  and radio communication via ham radio and other frequencies
allocated to the dog teams.

You will also be used as a subject for training searches, asked to hide
in remote places during training sessions.

Support may also include operating the search dog team base station.

Volunteers are expected to attend 9 training exercises with the dog
teams to get familiar with typical operations and the teams.

Interested hams please contact:
Phil McNamara N1XTB N1XTB at
Carl Aveni N1FY caave at
Joe Krisnosky N1IXC joek54 at

Phil McNamara (N1XTB) – South Shore ARES District Emergency Coordinator

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