Preliminary Storm Response Guidance for RACES from Acting State RACES Radio Officer Mike Neilsen-W1MPN

Hello all Stations:

We now expect the mobilizations for the storm to begin around 1800 today.

RACES will participate in a phased assist mode starting with helping to ensure that the mountain of storm and damage data gets to higher authorities in your local jurisdictions and then to the regional and state MEMA levels.  I desire that you assist in the efforts already requested in EMA and WMA SEC’s storm response guidance promulgated earlier in separate messages.  I have designated SKYWARN Taunton NWS as having tactical command of this phase.  Berkshire should feed reports to NWS Albany as well.

I will promulgate a detailed Operations Plan sometime this afternoon after consulting further with NWS and the SEOC.

I also need two experienced volunteers to assist with relay operations at the SEOC in Framingham.  Please reply to this email for coordination.

Please direct all questions to your RRO and/or ARES SEC/DC.

Please remember that your and your family’s safety is always paramount in any RACES/ARES response action!

I can be reached all day at (below AC) 562.5662


I request the widest possible dissemination of this message.

Regards and 73,

Michael P. Neilsen, W1MPN
State RACES Officer (Acting)
Chairperson, Amateur Radio Working Group
Member of the MA State Interoperability Executive Committee (SIEC), and Policies and Programs subcommittee
Office Answering Service/FAX 978.389.0558

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