Sector 2B (Plymouth County) RACES Repeater Frequency Change – 145.250/145.390 Frequency Swap (& PL Change)

The following is from Jeff Lehmann-N1ZZN:

Time to reprogram your 2 meter radios and get on the air!

Last night, KC1HO and myself swapped the frequencies of the 145.250 and 145.390 repeaters.

145.390 (AC1M/R) will now be the Norwell repeater, with all of the features and links previously available on 145.250. 145.390 is a much cleaner frequency that does not suffer from the cable leakage that we have experienced in many areas on 145.250. Several months back, W1QWT moved the repeater out of his garage, and we were testing it at a lower coverage site in Norwell. We all thank W1QWT for maintaining the 39 machine for MANY years! You will now need a PL of 67.0 Hz to get into the 145.390 repeater in Norwell. The tone is on the input and output, so tone squelch can be used. The reason the tone was changed from 88.5, is because for some reason the Mt. Equinox repeater in Vermont would come through on many radios programmed with 88.5, even though their tone is 100.0… doesn’t make much sense, but 67.0 takes care of this problem.

145.390 is linked 90% of the time with 443.600, and can be accessed via EchoLink at NS1N-R and IRLP node 4320. 39 will now be the repeater used for the RACES nets on the 1st Monday of each month at 8 PM as well as the ARES net (linked with the MMRA) at 8:30. 39 will also link up with the MMRA each weeknight between 9:55 and 11 for the Heavy Hitters Traffic Net. 145.390 is also now the repeater with the IDAS digital repeater, for those of you using IDAS/NXDN, as it was previously on 145.250 the RAN is 1. For analog users, it’s a good idea to program the tone squelch so you don’t hear the digital noise.

145.250 (W1QWT/R) is now at the test site, also in Norwell, now with a PL of 77.0 in and out. Please do program tone squelch on your radios if you have it, as it will eliminate listening to all the cable leakage as you drive around. The 77.0 was chosen because 67.0 is on the output of one of the WB2BQW repeaters in NY. We have plans to move this repeater to a new, better location, TBA.

Any questions, feel free to ask, and signal reports would be appreciated! 39 will soon have an amplifier, so things will only be getting better, but it’s working well now.

So remember it’s now 145.390 (PL 67.0) in Norwell and 145.250 (PL 77.0) still in Norwell, new location TBA.


Jeff N1ZZN

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