Operators/volunteers needed for W1S, May 12-13 at Watch City Festival

W1S is currently seeking operators and loggers for the station, as well as volunteers to help with the setup. Technician class licensees may operate under supervision of higher class licensees. Advice on antennas, etc. also appreciated. We need your presence, your ideas, and your expertise.

On May 12-13, 2012, the City of Waltham, Massachusetts and the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation host “Watch City Festival, Waltham: the Original Steampunk City,” with a projected attendance of 15,000. More information on the festival is available at:



W1S, sponsored by the Waltham ARA, will be part of the festival, showcasing ham radio to the public and local emergency management.

For more information or to volunteer, Contact:

Bill McIninch, KA1MOM/E



All volunteers are asked to include which day and what hours they will be available; minimum time requested is 2 hours. Victorian/steampunk attire not required, but some appropriate items will be made available for station staff.

Tentative details of the operation:

Transceiver will be disguised in a simulated sparkgap station based on the Massie station at the New England Wireless and Steam Museum. Operations on SSB on 14.280 MHz (locked in due to deadline for listing in CQ)

SCHEDULE: 1300-2300Z (0900-1900 EDT) May 12 and 13..

ANTENNA: zepp or fat dipole.


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