Harvard Wireless Club QRV For California QSO Party

HWC shieldBill Collins, W1PL writes on the Harvard Wireless Club reflector:

Hello all,

The Harvard Wireless Club will be participating in the 51st run of the California QSO Party next weekend, starting from Saturday 10/1 12 Noon until Sunday 10/2 6 PM. Any HWC licensed ham wishing to participate please let me know. No experience necessary. Those participating in this contest will be provided with a CQP t-shirt. One of our new members, Benjamin Lee ’20 K7JS, has expressed interest in operating Sunday afternoon. Benjamin comes to Harvard and the HWC already with his extra class ticket! Welcome to the HWC, Benjamin. So let me know if you desire to do the CQP, and when you would be available. Plenty of time slots open!

Thanks again,

Bill Collins




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