Harvard Wireless Club QRV in School Club Roundup

Harvard Wireless Club official shieldBill Collins, W1PL, writes on the Harvard Wireless Club mailing list:

The School Club Roundup will run [October 15] from Monday at 9 AM until [October 19] at 8 PM. We will announce through this website when we are operating. I plan on operating Monday 9 or 10 AM to 2 PM. If anybody wants to stop by during our operation the main operator will leave their contact information on this list. Stop by, make at least one contact, and you will be in the log as representing Harvard in this contest, and also receive a certificate of participation. Not sure about Tuesday, but Wednesday and Thursday, President Benjamin Lee should be on.

Station power will be left on throughout the contest, except for the antenna switch turned off and the linear amplifier power turned off (you may have to reboot the computer in the morning).

Most action is usually on 20 meters during the day, at night, 40 meters. Power should be kept down to 500 watts or less. Antenna: Europe might be good in the AM (70 degrees east), will fade in the afternoon. Check 15 and 10 meters periodically, as there *might* be some action there. In the afternoon, I suggest to point 270 degrees west. From Noon to 4 PM there may be 15, 10 meter openings to the west coast. After the sun sets (6 PM), 10 and 15 will be dead, and 20 will follow shortly. Any ops after this, use the 40/80 antenna, keeping the power down 300/350 watts or so.

Hope to see you there! 

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  1. Bill Collins, W1PL, writes at 2 PM on October 15, 2018:

    School Club Roundup so far: 60 QSOs, 6 schools, 3,060 points.

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