Amateur Radio Social Event at Boston IEEE International Microwave Symposium, June 4 6:30pm

Jeffrey Saunders, AB1ZL, writes:

The IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS) is being held the 1st week of June at the BCEC, and a key event is the ham radio social at 6:30 pm in the Weston Hotel Ballroom adjacent to the BCEC.

Our keynote speaker will be the new ARRL CEO Howard Michel.
Note that this Tuesday evening social event is separate and distinct from the ham radio booth on the exhibit floor. [Ed. note: see] 
Prior to Howard’s speech, we would like to have several ham radio demos/displays setup around the ballroom perimeter….and because HF radio reception in the ballroom is non-existent I am asking you and your HR clubs for volunteers to demonstrate internet related HR QSOs, e.g. FT8 or hotspots or JT-65 or other modes that will impress the many worldwide microwave engineers attending the conference but not knowledgeable of ham radio.
Attached is the recent IEEE magazine article announcing the event.
Please note we have room for about half a dozen tables, so early bird gets the prize.
Use this opportunity to create more interest in our hobby, create more hams, and publicize your group in front of our ARRL CEO and international community of microwave engineers.
If interested in bringing your HT/hotspot/RaspberryPi/SDR, or if you have a small Cubesat or other device that you can carry at ease from the convention parking lot into the ballroom, please email me.  The only alternative I can think of is to just have posters on easels showing rigs and antennas and the like.
Thanks and 73,
Jeffrey Saunders, AB1ZL <>

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