Fresh Air, Outdoor Fun: Crow Island ARA; Field Day Operation Planned

Ed Fitzgerald, K1DIN, writes on the Algonquin ARA list:

Ron Lahti, N1CNG, will be inviting interested hams to enjoy some fresh air radio fun at Crow Island, a beautiful private island airport surrounded by the Assabet river in Stow. The Airport presently hosts a few organizations such as a flying club, a model airplane club, and a trapeze training group, each assigned to segments of the island. The Crow Island owner has given Ron, a member of the model airplane club, permission to use a selected area for Ham Radio and Emergency Management radio activities. With help of some interested hams, Ron has been putting together the organization, planning the management, and purchasing site equipment, such as a tent, generator, lights, antennas, and military type guyed poles.

As you might imagine, Crow, as a privately-owned entity hosting organizations with various safety concerns, must insist on observance of some reasonable regulations and keyed access to the property. The rules simply keep the place workable, fun, and safe for all the groups. The simple procedures and regulations will be on the website.

Our choices of activities may include contesting (even all night – porta potty on site), testing equipment, experimenting, MEMA exercises, and, on the less technical side, barbecuing, enjoying the clear spring water (hand pump), swimming in the island pond (no life guards), and simply being outside in an amazing New England setting.

Ron is developing a website which should be up within a few days. We will announce the website availability here in the AARClist email.

Ron plans to be at Project Night and will take questions.

[Ed. note: the Crow Island QTH has been registered on the ARRL Locator page as the site of a proposed Field Day operation.]

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