Volunteers Needed for Halloween Watch, Marlborough, October 31, 2019

Joe Reynolds, KA1GDQ, writes on the Algonquin ARC list:
As you know, Halloween Watch is around the corner.  I am going to need 15 volunteers (including a Net Control). 
School Minimum
Hihgh School 4
Middle School 3
Hildreth School * 2
Kane School 1
Richer School 1
Jaworek School 1
Bigalow School 1
Senior Center 1
If you are available, school watch is from 7pm – 11pm. We do this to help the school system out, who donates the cafes at the middle school for the Flea Market and the Library for our meetings.  The club saves a couple of grand a year or more by volunteering every year.  
Please email me with what school you would like to volunteer for.  If you want to be teamed up with another club member I will do my best to keep you and your buddy assigned at the same school if possible.  I need 4 for the High School, 3 for the Middle School and AT LEAST 1 for each of the others.  The Hildreth School should have 2 but we can bring it to one.  
Note:  The minimum means Locations at the school  have 3 in one vehicle can’t help.  However if your spouse wants to join you to keep you company, please have them come. 
Thank you very much 
Joe Reynolds

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