K1USN Radio Club QRV for “Freeze Your Butt Off”

“Pi” Pugh, K1RV, writes on the K1USN mailing list:
Tomorrow we plan to operate outside at K1USN during the FYBO (Freeze Your Butt Off) [Winter QRP Sprint, 1400Z-2400Z, February 1, 2020]. I plan to bring my KX3 and will connect to one of the regular K1USN antennas. Can someone bring a large thermometer so that we can display the current outside temp?
All are  welcome to participate and to bring along your QRP portable radio/antenna to have some fun. As always, the coffee will be hot inside K1USN!
BTW, we usually keep things really simple and just do paper logging!
FYBO Winter QRP Sprint
  Status: Active
  Mode: CW, SSB, Digital
  Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m
  Classes: Single Op (Home/Field)
Multi-Single (Home/Field)
Multi-Multi (Home/Field)
  Max power: 5 watts
  Exchange: RS(T) + (state/province/country)+ name + power out + temperature(F)
  Work stations: Once per band segment per mode
  QSO Points: 1 point per QSO
100 points per QSO with NQ7RP per mode per band
  Multipliers: state/province/country once per band
Field: x4
Alternative Power: x2
QRPp (<1W): x2
Temperature: 65F=x1, 50-64F=x2, 40-49F=x3, 30-39F=x4, 20-29F=x5,<20F=x6
  Score Calculation: Total score = (total QSO points x spc mults x temp mult x alt pwr mult x field mult x QRPp mult) + NQ7RP QSO points
  E-mail logs to: fybo[at]azscorpions[dot]org
  Upload log at: http://www.qrpcontest.com/
  Mail logs to: Mike Baker, K7DD
8845 W. Diana Ave.
Peoria, AZ 85345
  Find rules at: http://arizonascqrpions.apps-1and1.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/FYBO_General-Near-Forever-Rules.pdf

Logs due: Mar 5

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning for some fun on the air at K1USN! We expect to begin setup around 8:30 AM.

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