The Ham Radio Breakfast for the Month of September

Jim Whelan, KX1M writes on the Framingham ARA mailing list:
Where:           IHOP
Location:   4102 Shops Way Northborough, Ma 508-393-1222 
When:  Sat September 5th 2020 … The Breakfast starts at 7:00 AM
Talk-in: Many going to the breakfast as well as those at the
             the breakfast may be listening on the following repeaters: 
 W1BIM – Paxton, 2 m repeater (146.970, PL 114.8)
 W1MRA – Marlborough, 2 m Repeater (147.2700, PL 146.2)
 AE1C – Southborough, 2 m DMR Repeater (145.27, Timeslot 2,  
            TG # 3125 Mass State Wide, Color Code 7 )
 AE1C – Southborough, 70 cm DMR Repeater (448.375, Timeslot
            2, TG # 3125 Mass State Wide, Color Code 1 )
 W1WNS – Westborough, 70 cm Repeater (448.775, DCS 
                   D244, P25 NAC 353)  
 WA1NVC – Framingham, 33 cm Repeater (927.01250, PL  
                  131.8 )
 WB1CTO – Framingham, 1.2 cm repeater (224.24, PL 103.5)
Spread the word to all the ham’s you know. Much fraternalism and friendships to be had! 
The restaurant is now open to the public. We have the choice of eating inside or order curbside as well. If there are those who want to eat outside in the parking lot as we have done in the past, I’m willing to eat with you, while those who want to eat inside can go inside. Just let me know when you get there or before hand on the radio too. I plan to be there at 7:00 AM or before.
On the outside parking, once we order and pick up our food, we can select another parking space where we can park near each other, then we can then hang out on an analog simplex channel of 146.550 (open carrier). If it’s about two or three of us then we can just open our windows and talk across that way too.
Weather is suppose to be good, so hope to see you there! We can get an eyeball on our fellow hams!

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