Boy Scouts Klondike Derby Ham Radio Demo, Milton, March 12, 2022


Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in participating in this weekend’s radio demo at the Milton Klondike Derby. Because of the forecast, I’ve pulled the plug (word choice intended) on the demo. It’s supposed to rain all day, which 1) won’t be fun for the operators, and 2) means that there will be a lot of cold, wet Scouts who will likely be more interested in getting warm and dry than in engaging with us.

I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for other opportunities to hold similar demo events for Scouts in the future.


Tom Ulrich, KC1OCY, writes:

The Scouts BSA Great Blue Hill district has expressed interest in having a few hams on hand to provide a demonstration of amateur radio during their Klondike Derby event at New England Base Camp in Milton on March 12, 2022.

We will be operating under the special event callsign W1BSA. (Thank you to Pi K1RV for use of the callsign.)

The base camp is in the Blue Hills State Reserve (K-8402); as such this event could count as a POTA activation.

If you’re interested in participating, please fill out this sign up sheet, including whether you’d like to attend and operate in person or monitor the airwaves for calls from the event. Details are still being worked out with the derby organizers, including the number of operators that they’d like to have attend; please don’t be offended if in the end we have more hams interested than can be hosted.

If you have questions, send them my way.

Thomas R.M. Ulrich
+1 (617) 571-8650

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