WC1MA 53.31 6-Meter Mount Wachusett Repeater Is Back On the Air

Bruce Fant-KA1TZY Auburn RACES Officer – COMT/COML writes:

WC1MA It’s my pleasure to announce that the WC1MA 6 meter repeater 53.31 is back up and on the Air at Mt Wachusett with PL of 71.9. PL 162.2 will not work take note and change your PL if needed. The new repeater was donated in memory of Dale Thomas WA1RJC by John W1GPO. The Custom built antenna and tower work was donated by Clark N1PAH. After years of personally keeping it on the air then the Lightning strike over a year ago,  myself and fellow coworker Alex-AB1FC started talking and looking at ways to bring it back. We had some help from some other volunteers on install day Mike Girard from MEMA and our intern Joe-KC1EGK.

I’m getting reports from stations that it’s working great around the state. Give it a try and report back please.

Bruce Fant / KA1TZY
Auburn RACES officer
ComT / ComL

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