N1NS: “A Little Bit About Forest Fires” at North Shore RA Hybrid Meeting, October 17, 2022

North Shore Radio Association logoThe North Shore Radio Association will meet at the Peabody Municipal Light Plant auditorium, 201 Warren St Extension, in Peabody and online on October 17, 2022 at 7:00 PM.  We are going to try and do both on Zoom in person. This also allows us to have a speaker over Zoom.
This month: Barbara Dougan, N1NS, will be giving a talk on “A Little Bit About Forest Fires.” This presentation is a glimpse of the vast knowledge, skills, equipment and technology involved in wild land fire management. She gave this talk at HamXposition.   
[Zoom conference information will be sent via the NSRA groups.io mailing list.  Contact Eric, KA1NCF, at ka1ncf -at- nsradio -dot- org to be added to the groups.io list.]

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