KD1D Fox Hiding out in LIttleton, June 15, 2024

Alan, KD1D, writes on the NEMassFoxHunters list on June 15, 2024:

The KD1D Fox is once again at the Prouty Woods conservation area in Littleton, MA.  The official entry point to the trail is at the end of Wilderness Road, which starts just past the Police Station Parking lot.  Follow the semi-paved road (Speed Limit 10 mph), keeping an eye out for the resident chickens.  You can park near the barn and gate.  

The KD1D Fox is a 55 mW beacon transmitter, repeating a 25 second voice message every 60 seconds on 146.565 MHz FM simplex.

You probably won’t be able to hear the transmitter until you get behond utility pole # 22, so be patient and enjoy the woods and critters.  

I plan to leave the Fox out until noon on Tuesday.   If you can’t make it on the weekend, it should still be transmitting after work hours on Monday evening.

When you find it, please enter Callsign, Name, Date and Time in the logbook.

Best of luck! 73 DE KD1D Alan

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