Phil Temples, K9HI

Phil Temples, K9HI
Contact Information

Phillip E. Temples, K9HI
125 Coolidge Avenue
Suite 803
Watertown, MA 02472-2875
Tel: 617-331-0183

Biographical Information

Phil Temples was first licensed as WN9EAY in Bloomington, Indiana. A ham for over 46 years, he holds an Amateur Extra class license. Phil is a QST author and an ARRL Life Member. He has also contributed on-line articles for the ARRLWeb site. In the 90s, K9HI served for multiple terms as President and Vice President in the Boston Amateur Radio Club.

At present, K9HI is an Assistant Section Manager for the Eastern Massachusetts Section. He also serves as a Public Information Officer, and as an Assistant Director in the New England ARRL Division. Previously, Phil served terms as Section Manager from 1994-1996, 2001-2004, and 2011-2014. K9HI also held an Affiliated Club Coordinator appointment.

In the early 70s, Phil was active in Indiana Navy-Marine Corps MARS, serving as the state training officer. He also served as Emergency Coordinator for Monroe County, Indiana. Phil participated in the National Traffic System at the section, region and area levels. He was also an avid contester at that time, competing in numerous Sweepstakes, CD Parties, and ARRL DX contests. While earning an Electrical Engineering degree from Purdue University in the late 70s, Phil was active with the Purdue Amateur Radio Club, W9YB.

Phil would much rather use a keyer than a microphone. During the 80s and 90s, he ran HF mobile with a Yaesu FT-757 and an Outbacker on cw. Most recently, he participated as a WRTC test station op in Pepperell, MA in 2014 and 2015. During commuting hours, K9HI can be found on many of the greater Boston area 2-meter and 440 MHz repeaters.

Phil is a member of the Boston ARC, K1USN Radio Club (Quincy, MA), the Harvard Wireless Club, the Purdue ARC, the Quarter Century Wireless Association, and the Old Old Timers Club. He’s also an honorary member of the Pilgrim ARC (Provincetown, MA).

During his Amateur Radio career, Phil has actively promoted instruction and licensing. For over 10 years, he served as a volunteer instructor with the Courage Kenny Handiham program in Golden Valley, Minnesota. He is a Volunteer Examiner under the ARRL and W5YI VEC programs. He was formerly a VE under the Greater Los Angeles ARG VEC. In the past, K9HI has served as a team liaison for the Boston ARC’s VE team.

Phil works at Boston College as a computer systems administrator. He is a member of the Advanced Computing Systems Association and the USENIX Special Interest Group for system administration, LISA. He is also a member of the League of Professional System Administrators. In 2007, Boston College awarded Phil Temples its prestigious Community Service Award for his work with Handihams, along with his participation in a volunteer reading program in the Boston public schools.

Phil has been married to his life-partner, Dr. Barb Ariel Cohen, K9ERA, for over 38 years. They reside in Watertown, MA.

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