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AARC Algonquin ARC N1EM

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Prior Scores
Year Site CallSign Score Categ QSOs xPower GOTA_NT Folk
2019 MarlEOC N1EM 1076 4F 223 2 17
2018 MarlEOC N1EM 666 4F 266 2 17
2017 MarlEOC N1EM 850 4F 323 2 17
2016 MarlEOC N1EM 1480 4F 438 2 15
2015 MarlEOC N1EM 2744 4F 768 2 14
2014 MarlEOC 0
2013 MarlEOC N1EM 3530 5F 977 2 19
2012 MarlEOC N1EM 3554 5F 933 2 18
2011 MarlEOC N1EM 3996 4F 920 2 11
2010 MarlEOC N1M 3438 3F 758 2 25
2009 MarlEOC N1EM 3748 3F 836 2 18
2008 MarlEOC N1EM 1052 3F 300 2 13
2007 MarlEOC N1EM 1130 2F 301 2 14
2006 MarlEOC N1EM 422 2F 126 2 13
2003 MarlEOC N1EM 642 3F 68 2 16
2001 MarlOldCentral 0
1999 MarlOldCentral N1EM 1344 2D 459 2 11
1998 unrecorded WQ1C 1874 2A 410 2 10
1997 unrecorded WQ1C 1784 2A 354 2 13
1992 Ghiloni WB1Y 3060 3A 750 2 N1ICS 10

Notes and Links

AARC Contact FD2006 Ed Fitzgerald|K1DIN|vice-president (at)
AARC Contact FD2008 Tim Ikeda|KA1OS|978.562.1594|KA1OS(at)arrl(dot)net
AARC Contact FD2012 Contact Tim Ikeda|978-562-1594|ka1os(at)n1em(dot)org
8MA4 Page Club-Site
AARC Page FD2020-FB
AARC Page FD2020-FB-2
AARC Page Home
8MA4 Page Lake in an Island
8MA4 Page Wikipedia-8MA4
AARC Note FD2003 The Algonquin ARC station, N1EM will be on the air during Field Day from the Marlborough Emergency Operations Center at the Central First Station at 215 Maple Street (Route 85), according to KD1QS and KV1J. "This will be a joint Algonquin Amateur Radio Club and Marlborough EMA activity highlighting the cooperative relationship between the two groups," said Eric Williams, KV1J. He added, "Our goal is to increase awareness and to give area hams and hams-to-be a chance to get on the air. The club will operate Field Day as a one-day event. Setup begins at 10:00 am Saturday; the station will operate from 2:00 pm until about 6:00 pm in the classroom at the Fire Station where the EOC is located.
AARC Note FD2003-Hours The EOC Ham station will be operating from 2-6 PM Saturday only.
AARC Note FD2006 This year the Club will be operating Class F from the Marlborough EOC on Saturday, June 24th. This will be a one day event. Setup will start at 10am, and will be on the air from approximately 2pm until we are tired. We are to have at least two stations operating in catagory 2F, one HF and one VHF. If you do not have low band privileges control operators will be present. The goal is to increase awarness and give area hams and hams to-be a chance to get on the air. Come on down and join the fun !

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