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History and Purpose

EMA ARES has continued an EMA tradition of touring Club Field Day sites in the Class A encampments (and lately Class F EOC's too) in the Section since 1999. Senior ARES leadership & staff participate, both to encourage the drill&demonstration aspect of Field Day and to meet&greet. In this undertaking, ARES joined with the longer tradition of NE Div Director Tom K1KI and ViceDir Mike K1TWF (who have an unofficial most miles contest, which we can rarely top within one section) and prior EMA SM's and ASM's. In some recent years, ARES staff have been joined by EMA SM, ASM, ACC on tour.

In support of these touring leadership & staff, since 1999 EMA ARES has maintained a section Field Day Directory that is also usable by hams or the public seeking a FD near them. Since 2003 this has been hosted on the EMA Section web as a distinct section. Planned tours are collected to encourage complete coverage. The plan map can help identify opportunities to pick up one more on the way by -- with a goal of at least evey affiliated club, preferably every club, getting at least one visit - especially if missed last year, or a new site/club. This is a great opportunity to pitch ARRL Affiliation (or SSC) to a club. Staff in residence at their club's FD operation have been included in the Tour Plan. Staff home base(s) and itineraries are color coded by ARRL standard badge colors (with a little extra shading for differentiation).

The interactive Directory is at , which includes explanatory information, safety hints, and commentary on possible ARES roles in Field Day.

Prior years tour plan/results are logged in the History section - e.g. 2006

Staff who might be Section Tourists or Staff in residence this year are plotted at .

Changes to both FD site data and Touring Staff status can be directed to the Directory Editor n1vux(at) via email.

A tabular form suitable for downloading to print offline (for reference driving or for loading GPS waypoints) is included under the Site List: Details (Lat,Lon) Option.

This page was originally prepared as a private page for the Field Day 1999 Section Staff Tour at It was revived for 2001 and 2002 at the now defunct website. After the closure of that site, it was revived again for FD2003 with PHP technology at and is now being being updated for FD2021.


Thanks to K9HI, KB1CVH, N1XTB, N1UEC for Unix sys-admin support & hosting over the decades.

Updates & Changes

Any notes on site changes for FD2022 would be appreciated. Updates on club email and www contacts also appreciated -- only for non-ARRL affiliates -- see note to club officers below. - n1vux]











2011-2013 CHANGES

Changes for 2011-2013 may be backfilled from change logs but not much format wise.








After the closure of the site, the Directory and Tour page was revived again for FD2003 with PHP technology at


Second and then third now annual editions, using Perl and JHUAPL maps at the now defunct website.


The page was in abeyayance for planning purposes, but History Section has retro data.


private page for the Field Day 1999 Section Staff Tour plan at, using collage of MapQuest


Click a club in menu or summary map to go to their details, which include links to Topo and street maps. Hover over an icon to see what it is.

Map Legend for the static and historic maps

Red Antenna Tower: Field Day site.

OGreen/OYellow/ORed Circle: highlighted FD Sites are shown with a circle (solid, or outlining a Square).

This highlights New Participants and New Sites -- or (latest) confirmations. Reason(s) for highlights are included in the "hover text" / alt-tag.

O Green (go) High prirority to visit -- Confirmed and New/changed location, or new team, or back from hiatus, or missed by staff last year.
O Yellow Confirmed -- visited last year.
O Red Not visited last year, not yet confirmed. Hover to see why. Good to visit, if active.

Squares: A square is a staff base QTH, either home or FD if with red tower; labeled with callsign to upper left. Solid color means touring, should have line of same color going out. Black center means not known to be touring FD sites (will be removed if you say you're not touring, will change to solid color if you give me plans).
Colors are by ARRL Badge scheme (modified for distinguishing a bit): Red, Elected SM or Other Section, or VDir (BrickRed). Green, ASM and other Cabinet appointees w/o specific colors. (Dark Green for ACC.) Orange for SEC/DEC (Dark Orange, DEC/EC/EOC; Light Orange, SEC).

Note on location: Note on location: Field Day sites are plotted on as exact a WGS84/NAD83 Lat-lon (NAD27 if from Topo) as is available. Home QTHs for staff are usually plotted at the center of 6-char Grid-Square (e.g., FN42ho) computed from FCC mailing address or QRZ listing, rather than a Lat-Lon from an exact street address, for minor privacy. QTHs are sometimes plotted on 8-char MH Grid square center for perturbation, but it's not the real value. NWS WFOs, Non-FD EOCs, and out of area FD sites will be 6-char or 8-char Grid-Squars per available precision.

In the menu, Clubs with "!" are confirmed, or "+"/"@" are (usually or confirmed) with another club. ARRL Affiliates and Special Service Clubs are denoted by * and ** respectively.

Note For GPS & APRS users

Most Lat/Long coords by now WGS84/NAD83 Lat/Lon (native mode for GPSs), but some may still be either Topo NAD27 or unknown. This site mostly uses Decimal degrees, with West being Negative.

Updates to n1vux

Map Credits

Overview basemap from Color Landform Atlas of the States which are Copyright by and used by special permission of Ray Sterner, JHU/APL.

Overview data overlay coded in Perl with Lincoln Stein's and the libgd library.

Street Address to Latitude/Longitude conversion by (new 2004).

Street Maps links and embeded maps (new 2008) courtesy of OpenStreet Map project OSM.ORG and TOPOSM.ORG which use MASSgis data, using the OpenLayers slippymap JS lib; also US Census Bureau Tiger (new 2005,dropped 2009 since Offline) and/or GoogleMaps (new 2005, JavaScript & recent browser required; with Keyhole satellite photography as well!).

Topomap links courtesy of Topozone.

GridSquare conversion: Links to Inline conversion Lat-Lon->Maidenhead by Perl or PHP -- I transliterated Matti Aarnio - OH2MQK's PHP toolkit into normal Perl. (Simple really)

Graphical analytics using and XML::Simple, by N1VUX, EMA Field Day Directory editor, as documented at the Perl Advent Calendar.

To Club Officers and FD Chairs:

Please review the information I have on your radio club on the EMA ARRL Field Day website. In particular, please


Bill Ricker N1VUX

Pages in FD web: EMA FD Home! § Directory! § Site List § Tour Plans
§ FD and ICS/NIMS ! § FD Planning,Rules, Scoring, & ARES § Safety: Safety Officer, Lightning, Heat, Resources!
EMA FD History 1999-2021 § About (Notes, Credits)

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