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Prior Scores
Year Site CallSign Score Categ QSOs xPower GOTA_NT Folk
2017 CAARA W1GLO 622 3D 77 2 25
2016 CAARA W1GLO 960 3D 118 2 45
2015 FullerSch W1GLO 1268 3A 69 2 34
2014 FullerSch W1GLO 2928 3A 591 2 65
2013 FullerSch W1GLO 1710 3A 313 2 KB1PGH 35
2012 FullerSch W1GLO 1908 3A 207 2 45
2011 FullerSch W1GLO 3002 3A 699 2 KB1PGH 57
2010 BabsonHist W1GLO 2934 3A 466 2 KB1PGH 41
2009 BabsonHist W1GLO 2842 3A 547 2 KB1PGH 72
2008 BabsonHist W1GLO 1762 2A 380 2 KB1PGH 30
2007 BabsonHist W1GLO 1592 2A 289 2 30
2004 Pign W1RK 1146 1A 217 2 3
2003 BabsonHist W1GLO 1268 2A 240 2 20
2002 BabsonHist W1GLO 1248 2A 315 2 17
2001 BabsonHist W1RK 1512 2A 353 2 7
2000 BabsonHist W1RK 1192 2A 11
1999 BabsonHist W1RK 1212 2A 274 2 14
1998 unrecorded W1RK 1704 2A 324 2 27
1997 unrecorded W1RK 1784 3A 403 2 N1VTY 27
1992 HospHill W1RK 2042 3A 329 2 KA1ZLN 45

Notes and Links

CAARA Contact FD2004-Coordinator Bob Quinn|WV1A|bquinn (at)
CAARA Contact FD2008 Jim Mondello|W1DDX|508. 265.6593|Slvrspur1(at)comcast(dot)net
CAARA Contact FD2010 Chair Jim Mondello | W1DDX | slvrspur1 (at) | deputy Stan Stone | W4HIX | stan (at)
CAARA Contact FD2011 Chair Stan Stone , W4HIX , stan (at);
CAARA Contact FD2012 Chair Stan Stone W4HIX stan (at)
CAARA Contact FD2017 Chair Tony Sarracino AB1XK
CAARA Contact PIO (PR contact) CAARA PR Officer Dean Burgess KB1PGH,e-mail at dburg101 (at) aol(dot)com
CAARA Contact VE Liaison Bob Quinn|WV1A|bquinn32(at)comcast(dot)net|(978)281-1408, |Talk in 145.130MHz(-)
CAARA Page ARRL Affiliation
CAARA Page Brochure PDF 2015
CAARA Page FD2002 FD pix by Phil K9HI/SM
CAARA Page Home
CAARA Page Twitter
CAARA Map ClubHouse
CAARA Note Email-Fails both addrs
CAARA Note FD2005 Tenatative plans are to operate field day from Club House using emergency equipment and a generator part time
CAARA Note FD2006 ...At its (sic) last meeting, the board formally decided to not try and hold an official field day this year based on the lack of interest and participation the last couple of years. Anyone wishing to do some field day work this year is encouraged to work with the North Shore Repeater Assn. at their site.
CAARA Note FD2011-VE On Sunday June 26th at 10 AM to 12 PM we will be holding an FCC Amateur radio License ARRL VE Exam test session at the field day site for anyone who is interested in taking an exam.If they plan to take a test they must bring two forms of ID,one must be a picture ID and the other their Social Security number,plus $15.00 for the testing fee.
CAARA Note FD2014-VE VE Exam testing will be held on Sunday, June 29th, from 10:00am-12:00 noon. If they plan to take a test they must bring two forms of ID,one must be a picture ID and the other their Social Security number,plus cash for the testing fee.
CAARA Note Repeater 145.13- PL ?67?
CAARA Note VE exam 2012 We are going to hold a FCC amateur radio license / VE test session on sunday June 24th from 10 AM to noon on the Fuller School field day site.If people want to register before hand they can e-mail Bob Quinn WV1A at and we will take walk ins as well.
CAARA Note VESession 2007 Having a test session associated with the Field Day event with an adequate number of VE's available. There is plenty of parking space. No pre-registration required. Talk in 145.130MHz(-)
CAARA Note VESession 2013 There will be a VE test session on sunday June 23rd form 10AM to noon at the field day site,contact VE leader Bob Quinn at bquinn32(at)comcast(dot)net to reserve a spot,walk in`s are welcome.Please bring two forms of ID,social security number and $15.00 testing fee.
CAARA Note VESession 2016 There will be a VE test session on SATURDAY 10AM to noon at the clubhouse.
CAARA Note VESession 2019 There will be a VE test session on SATURDAY 11AM at the clubhouse.

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