Field Day Scoring Analysis

Eastern Mass ARRL

Treemaps of Field Day Scores, 2005-2019

In the following charts, the area of each box is proportional to the reported score. Public Club "A" stations are bordered Orange; EOC "F" stations are Bordered red; 1-2 Op "B" field stations are bordered blue or black.

EMA stations highlighted in cyan, other NEDiv stations in yellow.


Where   Year   Grouping

In the above charts, the area of each box is proportional to the (total) reported score that year. Thus, Box size is not comparable between charts. Club stations in Public are Class "A" stations, and are bordered Orange; Emergency Management Agency Operations Centers (EOC) operating as class "F" stations are Bordered red; 1-2 Operator "B" field stations are bordered blue or black, on those that show Class or Category.

Eastern Mass Section (EMA) stations highlighted in cyan, other New England Division (NEDiv) stations in yellow.

Use pull-down selectors to choose range of coverage, year, and cluster-order.

Prepared from ARRL Contest Branch data published to Members section of the website annually, using, by N1VUX, EMA Field Day Directory editor, as documented at the Perl Advent Calendar.

A statistical analysis for this same data sliced by Power, QSOs Transmitters/Class/Category may also be updated annually.

Disclaimer - since the data only include clubs and individuals who submitted scores to Contest Branch, some significant number of clubs and individual operators who enjoy operating in the field but don't do contest paperwork are omitted. E.g., EMA section historical score reporting shows significant number of 0=N/A (no score reported) annually for clubs or EOCs known to be active.

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