Wellesley ARS Field Day 2024

WARS Field Day 2023 group photoFIELD DAY IS JUNE 22-23, 2024!

Lots of info on Field Day is at https://www.arrl.org/field-day

Our club has a long tradition of doing Field Day, from the days of putting a dozen or more stations on the air with Rohn towers and tents, to our much less elaborate setup now. Perhaps we’re embodying the spirit of Field Day more now then before. We demonstrate how to (reasonably) quickly put stations on the air on short notice using what we have in our shacks, basements, and closets. We set up wire and vertical antennas and patch together rigs and accessories. We use trees, buildings, and other structures as supports. Isn’t that what we’d do in a real emergency?

What does this mean to you? Maybe you’ll need to ready your equipment for Field Day. Maybe you’ll want to brush up on operating techniques or update your logging software on the laptop you’ll bring along. Maybe you have an idea for a different sort of antenna. (If so, share it with us!) Whatever it is, Field Day is coming up, so get ready!

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Scott WA1TEW