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Club Details

PART Police Amateur Radio Team of Westford K1IG/WB1GOF

ARRL Affiliation

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Prior Scores
Year Site CallSign Score Categ QSOs xPower GOTA_NT Folk
2019 CRGC K1IG 5746 4A 1296 2 KB1OIQ 75
2018 CRGC K1IG 6684 3A 1536 2 KB1OIQ 64
2017 CRGC K1IG 5820 3A 1307 2 KB1OIQ 74
2016 CRGC K1IG 5834 3A 1319 2 KB1OIQ 74
2015 CRGC K1IG 4212 3A 932 2 KB1OIQ 50
2014 CRGC W1IS 6212 3A 1670 2 40
2013 CRGC W1IS 7355 3AB 722 5 40
2012 CRGC W1IS 6345 3AB 587 5 50
2011 CRGC 0
2010 K1ALL WB1GOF/AG1F 0
2009 K1ALL WB1GOF 1746 4D 375 2 47
2008 K1ALL WB1GOF 1102 4D 251 2 31
2007 WstfdHwy 0 2F
2006 WfdFD KD1D 2478 2A 575 2 WB1GOF 35
2005 Abbot 0
2004 Abbot K1EJ 3246 2A 670 2 WB1GOF 19
2003 Abbot AG1I 3172 2A 777 2 15
2002 Abbot K1EJ 3570 2A 795 2 WB1GOF 34
2001 Abbot KD1D 2312 2A 465 2 18
2000 Abbot KD1D 2450 2A 20
1999 Abbot 0
1997 unrecorded K1CL 2398 2A 507 2 N1GRC 9
1992 WestfHist W1XH 3210 3A 870 2 N1GRC 17

Notes and Links

PART Contact FD2008 Steven W Telsey,|N1BDA|n1bda(at)arrl(dot)net
PART Contact FD2010 Andy Stewart | 978-251-4511 | kb1oiq(at)arrl(dot)net
PART Contact FD2013-Chair Bob Glorioso|W1IS|Field_Day_2013(at)WB1GOF(dot)Org
PART Page ARRL Affiliation
FDatHome Page EMA COVID-19 notes
PART Page FB-Event-2019
PART Page FD-2019-plans
PART Page FD2002 FD pix by Phil K9HI/SM
PART Page FD2003 FD pix by Phil K9HI/SM
PART Page FD2004-pixhttp://
PART Page FD2005 PIC Pix
PART Page FD2006 Pix
PART Page FD2006 PIX 2
PART Page FD2006-PR
PART Page FD2006-soapbox-1
PART Page FD2007 PART Toolbox Talk Schedul
PART Page FD2007 PARTs "Tool Box Talks" To
PART Page FD2010-Pix-K9HI
FDatHome Page FD2020 at home
PART Page Home
PART Note FD2006-Call KD1D with WB1GOF GOTA
PART Note FD2006-Rain In view of our forthcoming weather event,the PART Field Day Site has been moved to the Rogers Fire Station at the corner of Town Farm Road and North Main Street. Please use the lower level and mid level parking lots. The upper parking lot MUST be kept clear for fire personnel and fire apparatus. NO EXCEPTIONS! We will use part of the Fire Station as our operating space. The EOC van will provide a second dry location for a station (probably the VHF/UHF Station.) We will still operate on emergency power (100 points!).
PART Note FD2007-Hours Saturday 9 AM -7 PM Sunday 9 AM - 2 PM + breakdown
PART Note FD2008-Sched Both days daytime but overnight ops TBD.
PART Note FD2008-Talks Toolbox talks throughout the weekend and a schedule will be posted on the site.
PART Note FD2012-plan 2A or 3A QRP Battery - HF VHF Satellite RTTY PSK31Circular Polarization Demo, Fox Hunt
PART Note Talkin 146.955 (74.4) or 442.45 (88.5)

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