PART of Westford Field Day Invitation

2023 Field Day logoGeorge Allison, K1IG, writes on the PART of Westford mailing list:

To All PART Members and Friends,

It’s only two weeks until Field Day, and this year should be a good one! Propagation conditions are improving, the weather shouldn’t be too hot, and best of all, we’re going to have a lot of food. 

To refresh you memory, here is the essential information: 

   Location: Concord Rod & Gun Club, 74 Strawberry Hill Road, Concord, MA
   Dates: Saturday, June 24, to Sunday, June 25. Antenna setup will be on Friday, June 23, starting at 11:00 AM (you can show up any time after 11).

   Operating Time: Field Day operating runs from 2:00 PM (Local) on Saturday until 2:00 PM on Sunday. We usually start setting up around 9:00 AM on Saturday. We start tear-down on Sunday at 2:00, and it usually takes about 2 hours to get everything packed up.

More info:

–  This is a public event, so family, friends, and neighbors are all invited. This is an opportunity for those with no knowledge of ham radio to find out what it is… invite everybody! People without licenses can make contacts at our Get-On-The-Air (GOTA) station.
–  You can operate from your home station and have your score added to the club score. If you intend doing this, be sure to read the Field Day rules here.
–  Antenna setup is on Friday and we need about 12 -16 participants. No experience necessary! Send me an email ( if you can help.
–  Meals: We’ll be providing four meals: Saturday lunch (cold cut sandwiches and drinks); Saturday dinner: Lasagna; Sunday breakfast (pancakes); Sunday lunch: Cold cuts. As usual, we’ll have lots of coffee.
–  This could be a bad year for ticks, so be sure to treat your clothing with Permethrin. This week is a good time to do it.
–  We can get bonus points for sending radiograms via ham radio. If there’s a friend or relative that you want to notify of your Field Day exploits, you’ll be able to fill out a radiogram form at the June 20 PART meeting.
–  We need some large coolers for sodas and water. If you can provide one, send me an email (
–  On Friday night, June 24, the Rod & Gun club is having a Comfort Food Friday; featuring not-too-spicy Creole Jambalaya, starting at 6:00.

Cost is $15 per person. If you want to participate, notify Dale, KB1ZKD (

Full Field Day details will be presented at the June 20 PART meeting. See you there and see you at Field Day 2023!

George, K1IG
President, PART of Westford

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