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Field Day Tourists, 2006

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Club-Site list and Scores for 2006
Cross-reference of Club and Site listings, with QST results for FD2006. xx
Analysis 2006
Graphical Analysis of scores for Sections, Divisions, Classes.
Site Map only
Front page map without tour line clutter
Land-use satelite basemap
Infrared satellite image, red=foliage, blue is settled/pavement; shows I95/Rt24 corridors and metro areas clearly.
Zoom-back to all of New England Division
Colored elvations basemap, showing FD2004 club reports in other sections, Now with FD2004 site information and a few 2006 listings

Map Legend

Red Antenna Tower: Field Day site.

OGreen/OYellow/ORed Circle: highlighted FD Sites are shown with a circle (solid, or outlining a Square).

This highlights New Participants and New Sites -- or (latest) confirmations. Reason(s) for highlights are included in the "hover text" / alt-tag.

O Green (go) High prirority to visit -- Confirmed and New/changed location, or new team, or back from hiatus, or missed by staff last year.
O Yellow Confirmed -- visited last year.
O Red Not visited last year, not yet confirmed. Hover to see why. Good to visit, if active.

Squares: A square is a staff base QTH, either home or FD if with red tower; labeled with callsign to upper left. Solid color means base location of a touring staff member, should have line of same color going out. Black center means not known to be touring FD sites (will be removed if you say you're not touring, will change to solid color if you give me plans) or home QTH of a touring staffer who is BASED at a site (color background square behind the site).
Colors are by ARRL Badge scheme (modified for distinguishing a bit): Red, Elected SM or Other Section, or VDir (BrickRed). Green, ASM and other Cabinet appointees w/o specific colors. (Dark Green for ACC.) Orange for SEC/DEC (Dark Orange, DEC/EC/EOC; Light Orange, SEC).

Note on location: FD sites are plotted on as exact an NAD27 Lat-lon as is available. Home QTHs for staff are usually plotted at the center of 6-char Grid-Square (e.g., FN42ho) computed from FCC mailing address or QRZ listing, not from an exact street address -- sometimes plotted on 8-char MH Grid square center for perturbation.

List of Touring Leadership and Staff

Our touring officials -- distinguished by badge colors and shades thereof.

ARRL Leadership

Only entries marked "2006" are updated from 2005 forecast.

EMA Staff

EMA ARES Leadership & Staff

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Massasoit ARA Inc+SSSW @ Bridgwater EOC. Confirmed! First Class F Waltham ARA @ WB5JMJ. Confirmed! Returned: NH Southeastern Mass ARA @ Clubhouse. Confirmed! 2D cookout Mansfield Emergency Mgt / RACES @ Mansfield Emergency Mgt. Confirmed! Class F, repeat Mystic Valley Amateur Group @ Milton Town Green. Confirmed! Reloc. Off 2005 Massachusetts National Guard Amateur Radio Club @ National Guard Joint Force Headquarters. Likely? WMA as EMA; Cl.F MIT Radio Society @ Stratton Student Center, MIT. Confirmed! Braintree Emergency Management Agency @ BEMA Sunset Lake Annex, Sunset Lake, Braintree. Confirmed! No visit 2005;RACES North Shore RA @ Endicott Park Danvers. Confirmed! Whitman ARC @ Ames Nowell State Park Abington. Confirmed! Phillips Medical Amateur Radio Club (PARC)+PRA @ Phillips Medical. Confirmed! Return after off Harvard Wireless @ K1TTT in WMA. Confirmed! Returned: WMA Quannapowitt RA @ Water Tower at Bates Accelarator. Confirmed! Bristol County Repeater Association (+ FR ARC) @ Freetown State Forest. Confirmed! Nashoba Valley ARC @ Pepperell Conservation land. Confirmed! Nantucket Amateur Radio Association @ Tom Nevers Beach, Nantucket. Confirmed! RACES van; Island Falmouth FARA Inc+Barns @ Barnstable County Fair Grounds. Confirmed! Police Amateur Radio Team of Westford @ Westford Rogers Fire Station. Confirmed! Rain site Billerica Emergency Management / RACES @ Billerica EOC. Confirmed! Class F LtdHrs Algonquin ARC @ Marlboro EOC/CFS. Confirmed! Class F, 2 years off Mass Salvation Army SATERN+BARC @ Salvation Army HQ. Confirmed! First Class F MITRE-Bedford ARC+BARS @ 202 Burlington RD RT 62 off Rt 3 Bedford. Confirmed! Sturdy Memorial Hospital ARC @ No.Attleboro WWI Mem.Pk off US 1. Confirmed! Wellesley ARS+Fram @ Needham War Memorial Park Gazebo. Confirmed! FARA Joint W1BD Site W1MOO Site W1OKY Site W1BRS Site W1IM Site W1ORS Site W1QI Site eCTara Site k1ki DIR iv EOC W1CWA Site k1twf VD WA1WA Site W1EDH Site K1FS Site wq1o DEC W1KOO EOC OKX EOC/OtherSection N1EG EOC Princeton OtherSection w1mpn SM BVARC Site W1FZ Site box DEC/SW newpcty Site n1vux ED CAR EOC/OtherSection W1SK Site W1LEE Site W1EE Site k9hi xSM ka1ncf DEC w1plw PIC CMara Site GYX EOC/OtherSection N1ME Site n1fy DEC jfhq EOC W1NVT Site PortCty Site Henniker Site W1BCG EOC N1QS Site n1bda DEC wc1sq EOC W1KVI Site N1VT Site W1TU Site iii EOC kb1ekn ASM w3eve DEC hq EOC W1LAS EOC qvarc Site wc1leo EOC/OtherSection ac1l Site fidarc Site W1PBR Site ka8scp DEC/R W1RRC Site hcra Site K1BCI EOC W1NRG Site WT1B Site N1EV Site N1XG Site pvarc Site NA1RC Site W1JY Site K1PV Site WE1CT EOC/OtherSection ii EOC W1BST Site K1PQ Site n1ist BM N1NH-FD Site k1bth DEC CXX EOC/OtherSection kd1cy SEC watatic Site ENX EOC/OtherSection i EOC k1ljn OOC provbt Site WA1ARC EOC w1fn Site GrBay Site OSARG Site nobarc Site