Is there any business for the repeater before we begin the Cape and Islands Traffic Net? (Pause to check for activity on the repeater)

Calling the Cape and Islands traffic net, Calling the Cape and Islands traffic net. This is (YOUR CALL) Net Control for tonight’s Net.

My name is (YOUR NAME) and I am located in the town of (YOUR TOWN). This is a directed Net that meets at 1930 hours local time Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday on the Falmouth 147.375 Repeater with a PL of 110.9.

The purpose of this net is to pass formal written NTS traffic into and out of the coverage area of this repeater, and to where ever third party traffic is allowed by law. This net is affiliated with the National Traffic System of the ARRL. Any priority or emergency traffic will be given priority over any net business at any time.

When calling the net please say HERE IS followed by a carrier drop – to check for doubling, then give your call sign, name and state whether you have traffic or not for the net.

The first calls are for stations that have formal traffic and traffic only. Stations with traffic please call now.

(Have stations list their traffic then tell checked stations to please stand by)

Calling the Cape and Islands traffic net, Calling the Cape and Islands traffic net. The net now holds traffic for (LIST ANY TRAFFIC), any stations that can help with this traffic or stations with or without traffic please call now.

(Make arrangements to pass traffic at this point)

(After all traffic has been passed, it is acceptable to have a comment round)


Is there any further business, comments, or checkins for the net before I close tonight’s session of the Cape and Islands Traffic Net?

Hearing none, this is (YOUR CALL) closing tonight’s session of the Cape and Islands Traffic Net.

I would like to thank all those that participated in the net, especially those that brought and took traffic and those that stood by ready and willing to take traffic if any came their way. I would also like to thank the trustees of the N1YHS repeater for its use.

The Cape and Islands Traffic Net will return (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) night at 1930 hours local time.

Please check our website at EMA.ARRL.ORG.

The repeater is now returned to regular amateur use.

73s and good night to all from (YOUR CALL).

__________________________________________________________________________Net session report template:

NR 121 R W1XXX 17 Capetown MA Sep 25
W1TCD (Break)
CITN Monday Sep 27 stations 5 traffic 2 W1XXX/NCS N1ILZ W1AW KC1MUC
N1CAK time 12 minutes 73 (Break)