W1MJ “Fox 2” On the Air, Waltham, July 30, 2023

Eliot Mayer, W1MJ, writes on the NEMassFoxHunters list on July 30, 2023 at 10:09 AM:

The updated W1MJ fox is on the air from Beaver Brook Reservation North in Waltham, MA. It makes a transmission on 147.54 MHz every 60 seconds between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00PM daily.

Parking is available at Rock Meadow on Mill St in Belmont and at Elsie Turner Field in Waltham.

This second-generation fox is still running a Baofeng UV-5R at full power (4 watts), but has a few new features:

It conserves battery power by only transmitting during scheduled daytime hours (above).
It periodically announces its battery voltage, and will stop transmitting if the battery goes too low.
The messages start to repeat every 20 minutes (vs. 10 minutes in original fox)

I plan to retrieve the fox after 5 PM on Wednesday (August 2).


Eliot, W1MJ

Introduction to the Massachusetts Rhode Island Digital NTS Net (MARIDN)

The Massachusetts Rhode Island Digital NTS Net (MARIDN) is a Section-Level net of the National Traffic System (NTS) of the ARRL. MARIDN meets weekly for the purpose of passing NTS messages within, into, and out of the sections of Eastern and Western MA and RI. MARIDN is supplemental to the Massachusetts Rhode Island Phone Net (MARIPN) and Massachusetts Rhode Island CW Net (MARICW). MARIDN uses digital modes rather than voice or CW, particularly the fldigi suite of software.

How to Participate in MARIDN

Participants in MARIDN use the fldigi software suite, particularly fldigi and flmsg. This introduction assumes the user has downloaded, installed and configured fldigi to run in their environment, and has a basic understanding of how to use the software, including the ability to receive and send using  fldigi, and send a message using flmsg. There are countless YouTube videos and other helpful documents to assist a new user with downloading and configuring fldigi; how to install and configure one’s fldigi setup is beyond the scope of this introduction.

MARIDN meets at 1800 local time every Tuesday. MARIDN may run additional sessions as needed, e.g., during declared emergencies and for ARES exercises.

To get started, set your system as follows:


3583 kHz, USB (or USB-Data); Squelch off; AGC fast; Noise Reduction off; Noise Blanker off; Audio (Speech) Processing off;

fldigi: Mode: THOR22; center-point 1500 Hz; AFC off; RsID on for receive and transmit;

flmsg: application running; open the “Received Messages” window (Utilities -> Received Messages) and position the window to be easily visible

The Net Control Station (NCS) will call the net, including instructions for checking in. All stations are encouraged to check in, whether or not they have traffic.

When a station sends a message, fldigi will decode the message and pass it to flmsg for display. Each received message will create a new row in the Received Messages window. Select (click on) a row, then click the View button to see that message in flmsg and also in a browser window.

Other Thoughts

MARIDN participants run a Zoom call simultaneous with the net, to help with coordination. We encourage stations to connect to the Zoom, especially the first few times they check in to the net. For more information about MARIDN, including the Zoom link, please contact Net Manager Jon N1ILZ at n1ilz@arrl.org.


MARIDN is an officially sanctioned net within the National Traffic System (NTS). Operators use the fldigi software suite to pass messages. In addition to traditional Radiograms, flmsg can natively send a wide variety of other forms, including ICS-213. We believe this can and will be an important part of NTS going forward. We encourage stations from all over Massachusetts and Rhode Island to join the fun!

HamXposition is Less Than 30 Days Away!

HamXposition logo

HamXposition 2023 (a.k.a. ARRL New England Division Convention) is coming August 25-26-27 – less than 30 days away. 

Our forum schedule is now available!    Come visit our website to browse over 100 forums, seminars, and workshops available at the convention.

Two new additions on Friday – an AREDN mesh networking workshop where you will be building your own working MESH node and a NanoVNA seminar – learn to use this small but powerful device to analyze antennas and other RF devices.

Our Friday  DXCC dinner will feature Don Greenbaum, N1DG. Don will present “DXpeditioning with a RIB”. Don will describe the genesis of the “Rig in a Box” (RIB) from the 2018 Baker Island expedition to implementation on C6AGU, FO/N1DG and the recently completed VP6A DXpedition to Ducie Island.

Our Saturday grand banquet features special guest “Chip” Cohen, W1YW, an inventor, scientist, and retired professor. Chip will talk about his amusing background, ‘ham-genuity’, and some the pitfalls and pleasures along that tortuous path of invention.

Come meet some old or new friends and maybe learn something new about our hobby!

Do you know someone who really should get their license?  Bill, WZ1L is back this year with his “Tech-in-a-Day” study course, and as always, VE exams are available.

If you wish to stay overnight, discounted hotel rates are available through August 1st – so there are only a few days left to grab the discounted rate.

Visit our website for all details and to purchase tickets in advance:


Dinner ticket purchasing closes August 20th.

All online ticketing closes August 23rd.


Bob – K1IW
HamXposition 2023

Forums Fri-Sat-Sun
Flea Market Hours: Fri 12-5, Sat 9-5, Sun 9-1
Exhibit Hall Hours: Sat 9-5, Sun 9-1

“An ARRL Membership Challenge”

ARRL logoMost of you have already heard of the ARRL board’s decision to increase membership dues and make changes in the way we receive magazines, such as QST. If not, I invite you to read ARRL President Rick Roderick’s (K5UR) letter dated July 23, 2023, in an ARRL bulletin. It is available on the ARRL web site.

For the past year or so, our division director and other League officials have been warning us about the serious financial situation that the ARRL has been in the past few years caused primarily by inflation, especially the rampant cost increases of print media such as QST. In May, members were asked to take the membership dues survey. About 20% of ARRL membership answered that call and the Board has taken the results of that survey and made the tough choices.

Like many of you, I do not relish the idea of a dues increase, and I especially do not like that the print magazines will no longer be part of the membership benefits (you still get the digital versions of all the magazines free with membership). Now, to receive a printed QST, On The Air, NCJ, or QEX magazine, you will have to subscribe separately. I am one of those that still likes to hold onto a paper book or magazine.

But then, I think how much the ARRL, ham radio clubs (most of them ARRL-affiliated) and my fellow amateur radio operators mean to me. It boils down to people, to friendship, and camaraderie. If not for the ARRL and for all the clubs and ham radio events, I would miss out on the great friendships forged through the past 30+ years. My relationship with the League, affiliated clubs and all the individuals I have met through them has had a tremendous positive impact on my life. I love the coffee meets, hamfest gatherings, convention get-togethers, club suppers, and all the ham radio nets where we get to chat, laugh, innovate, maybe even instigate, and otherwise socialize.

There is no doubt in my mind that this amazing hobby and service would not exist as it is today without the ARRL. The League’s advocacy and lobbying is why we have so many amateur radio bands and modes. Many commercial entities want some of our spectrum; it is a constant battle that continues today. What chance would we have to keep our frequency privileges without the ARRL’s effort? Very little in my opinion.

The ARRL is much, much more than “just” a magazine subscription. For instance, New England Division Director Fred Kemmerer, AB1OC, reminds us that the ARRL provides:

• Spectrum Defense
• Advocacy in local, national, and international regulation and policymaking
• Support from restrictive antenna regulation & zoning
• Volunteer Monitor Program
• Promoting amateur radio to the public
• ARRL Teacher’s Institute programs to promote STEM learning through amateur radio

There are dozens of additional services and programs available to members. ARRL VEC program, Logbook Of The World, ARRL Learning Center, Training, Webinars, National Traffic System, EmComm and the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®), and ARRL lab and technical support/RFI. In January the Board passed a motion to create an ARRL Ham Bootcamp, and the League is also working to promote six- and ten-meter operation for Technician class amateurs. The list goes on!

The last membership rate hike was in 2016, and before that, 2001. For our more senior members (age 70+) who might be stressed financially due to fixed incomes, the ARRL is planning a monthly payment option.

Instead of seeing these dues increases and other changes at the ARRL as a negative, let’s instead support the League even further. Last year the ARRL lost about a million dollars. This year that figure is expected to more than double. Dues increases alone will not make up for all of that.

If you can afford it, I challenge you to do one or more of the following:

Become a Diamond Club member. The additional financial support will help close the gap and get the League into better financial health.

Donate to one of the ARRL funds, such as Spectrum Defense, Education & Technology, W1AW Endowment, or the General fund. See https://home.arrl.org/action/Donate

If you are a Life Member, consider making a monthly or annual donation.

Some may think the ARRL has not been a good steward of our membership money. While any business, including the League, can benefit from frequent analysis of expenditures and “tightening of the belt,” I do not believe the ARRL is wasting our money. As Eastern MA section manager, I have met and continue to meet many League officials in person and on-line and they are doing their best in a difficult inflationary time.

When my membership expiration nears, I will renew AND join the Diamond Club. I will adapt and get used to reading QST on my iPad. I appreciate all that the League continues to do, and I am thankful for all the friendships I have made because of the ARRL and affiliated clubs and nets. Please, if you can afford to do so, accept my challenge. Turn a negative into a positive!


ARRL Eastern Massachusetts Section
Section Manager: Jon W McCombie, N1ILZ

YouKanRun Triple Threat Half Marathon and 5K, Rockport, August 6, 2023

Christopher Winczewski, K1TAT, writes on the CAARA list:

We are looking for operators to staff the YuKanRun Triple Threat Half Marathon and 5K on Sunday, August 6, 2023, Please be on Location at your Check Point by 8:00. Starts At Rockport High School. 24 Jerdens Lane. Rockport, MA 01966

Please let us know if you can staff a communications checkpoint for the event so we can plan staffing positions for the event.

While CAARA’s repeater performance has greatly improved the northern regions of this course may still experience some difficulty with communications especially with low-powered HTs, so we’ll be looking for higher powered equipment to staff those areas

Please let us know what type of equipment you plan to use (ie: Mobile; HT; ¼-Wave Mag-Mount; OEM Rubber-Duck; etc.) so we have a better idea of where to locate you along the event course per the potential of your equipment.

The course will be open and supported By CAARA. for Four hours We do not cover the one-mile event on this day. Runner safety is everyone’s top priority.

Local EMT crews and ambulances will be available for three hours to help.

Thank you in advance for your participation!


5K Race
An aid station with water will be available near mile 2. Water and refreshments will be served at the finish as well.

Half Marathon

There will be six aid stations with water approximately every two miles. RiteFuel sports drink and energy gel will be available on course as well. A portable restroom will be available along the course near miles 4.5 & 8.


YuKanRun Triple Threat Communications Team.  
Rockport, Mass  
Last Updated: July 27/2023 1:05 am  
Event date: Sunday, August 6, 2023  
On Location: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm  
Starts: 5K Run = 8:00 am Half Marathon Run = 9:00 am  
Frq: W1GLO Repeaters 145.130 – PL:107.2 Back up: 443.700 + PL:107.2  

Massachusetts STM Report for June 2023

The Massachusetts STM Report for June 2023 can be found at  https://ema.arrl.org/massachusetts-stm-report-for-june-2023/ . Especially Note: Traffic Handlers Picnic Sunday August 6 beginning at noon at 44 Raymond Rd Concord MA. Anyone interested in traffic handling throughout the region is welcome. Hamburgers, hot dogs and Italian sausages will be provided along with a big shade tree. Bring your beverage of choice and a lawn chair. Please RSVP to KW1U@comcast.net so we have enough food. Also note upcoming HamXposition and NTS events, new field appointments and reporting clarification.


VE Session Announcement, Gardner MA, August 5, 2023

From Western MA ARRL Members List:

The Western Mass Train and Test Team will be having a VE session on Saturday August 5 at 10 AM at the Gardner Police Station, 200 Main St. Please have positive ID, 15 dollars, and FRN number from the FCC. Bring copy of license if upgrading. Please pass this along to those interested in taking the test.

Any questions contact aa1se@arrl.org. Thanks.

ARRL Western Massachusetts Section
Section Manager: Raymond P Lajoie, AA1SE

AB6A: “Satellite Tracking Using Astronomy Telescope Mounts” at New England Sci-Tech Hybrid Meeting, July 25, 2023

New England Sci Tech logoThe New England Sci-Tech Amateur Radio Society will meet on-line and in-person on July 25, 2023 at 7 PM and feature: “Satellite Tracking Using Astronomy Telescope Mounts” by Dwayne Sinclair, AB6A.

Description: Dwayne’s presentation will cover the use of amateur astronomy GOTO mounts as amateur radio satellite and EME “rotators.” Such astronomy mounts provide both “off the shelf” and portable solutions for satellite and EME operations.

Bio: Dwayne is a passionate amateur radio enthusiast, beginning in high school in New Zealand where he became an active member of the “Radio Club,” deepening his knowledge and skills in radio and electronics. Dwayne’s professional background as an IT Infrastructure Specialist, together with hobbies including astronomy, have allowed him to bring a unique perspective to the amateur radio community. Dwayne’s interests in the hobby include HF DXing, balloons, satellite operations, battleships (NI6BB), and EME. These diverse interests keep him engaged and constantly exploring the endless possibilities of amateur radio.

KD1D Fox On The Air in Acton, July 21, 2023

Alan Hicks, KD1D, writes on the NEMassFoxHunters list on July 21, 2023 at 6:40 PM:

The KD1D Fox is OTA in Acton,  Massachusetts, on conservation land in the vicinity of where the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail crosses Route 2A.
More information on the area can be found at:


Another clue:  parking for the site is off a road named after the commanding officer of the Acton Minuteman on April 19, 1775 (The shot heard round the world).

As before, this Fox operates at about 50 milliwatts into a quarter wave antenna with a ground plane built into its case.  It repeats a 25 second voice message once every minute,  Barring unforeseen circumstances, this Fox will be operating onsite until mid-afternoon on Monday, July 24.

The KD1D Fox will be transmitting on 146.565 MHz FM.

HABGab and StratoScience Balloon Launch, Natick, July 2023

Seth Kendall, KC1PZY, writes on July 22, 2023 at 6:27 AM:

HABGab 2023 is officially on for today.  We will be launching from:

Tantasqua Vocational Regional High School

319 Brookfield Rd, Fiskdale, MA 01518

Frequencies, tracking information, updated countdown, etc:

We will be starting on site set up at 9am.  Launch scheduled for 1pm.  We’d love to see you there or hear you on the air!



HABGab banner
Seth Kendall, KC1PZY, writes:
Enjoy making rare contacts and participating in experimental projects?  The New England Weather Balloon Society, in partnership with the Sci-Tech Amateur Radio Society, is launching a special event high altitude balloon (HAB) repeater this July in Eastern Massachusetts. 
We would like to welcome all amateur radio operators in New England to participate in this experimental flight by calling into the repeater as it flies over 30 km high.  We will be issuing QSL cards to all confirmed contacts.
This flight will also be transmitting live video from the payload on 1.2 GHz, and live streaming to YouTube from our ground station at New England Sci-Tech.

Also traveling onboard will be a number of student projects by members of the StratoScience Lab class at New England Sci-Tech and BFCCPS school in Franklin, MA.

Please be aware that the date of the event is highly dependent on weather and readiness, so make sure to regularly check the HABGab Launch Page for up to date information about the date and instructions for making contact: https://nescitech.org/habgab.

Cape Cod Ham Clubs Team Up At MA Maritime Summer Camp

From nediv.arrl.org:

The Falmouth Amateur Radio Association (FARA) and the Barnstable Amateur Radio Club (BARC) teamed up to present an overview of amateur radio to 200 junior high school boys and girls at a two week summer camp held at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy in Bourne on Monday, July 17.  The two hour evening program included a demonstration of HF and VHF operation, a cube sat demonstrator, a discussion of the use of amateur radio for public service and emergency operation and an opportunity for the participants to get on the air themselves.  The benefit of  amateur radio for anyone pursuing an engineering career was highlighted.  Local opportunities to get their technician license were offered including mentoring and donations of equipment to get started.  Antennas and other on-air club members were  pre-staged to provide the attendees with an enjoyable on-air experience.

Presenters Norm, WA1NLG (BARC President), Bruce, WA3SWJ and Chris, WA1CMR (FARA President) with support by club members Ralph, N1YHS, Rob K1UI and Lem, W1LEM (taking photo) answered questions following the presentation and helped get some of the attendees on the air. 

Many of the attendees expressed an interest in learning more about amateur radio and obtaining a license. 

The evening continues an initiative being pursued by the clubs to work together on projects that benefit amateur radio on the Cape and especially EmComm.  The two clubs together have a membership of 300 hams.  Cape District Emergency Coordinator, Frank, WQ1O, has recognized the need for the Cape to be self-sufficient for an extended period of time following a natural or man-made disaster.  This makes this cooperation between clubs essential to support emergency operations anywhere on the Cape, regardless of any club affiliation.

New Manager for Heavy Hitters Traffic Net (HHTN)

The Heavy Hitters Traffic Net will have a new manager effective August 1, 2023. Bob Sparkes KC1KVY has agreed to assume management of the net. Bob has been very active on HHTN as well as EM2MN and MARIPN, and has served as liaison to First Region Net and Eastern Area net. Bob has also been involved in training new traffic handlers while in his spare time generating confirmation radiograms to those he has worked in Parks on the Air. Bob is certainly well qualified and I know he will do a great job guiding HHTN. Thanks to Bob for taking on this responsibility.
We also thank Joe Weiss W1HAI for all he has done for HHTN in increasing activity to seven nights a week and expanding coverage to nearly statewide for the net. Joe assures us he will continue to be available to help with technical matters such as repeater and Echolink linking. Many thanks again to Joe for years of service to HHTN.
73, Marcia KW1U  STM

Field Day Wrap-Up, Minecraft Project Report at PART of Westford Hybrid Meeting, July 18, 2023

PART of Westford logoGeorge Allison, K1IG, writes on the PART of Westford mailing list:

To All PART Members and Friends,

The July [PART of Westford] meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 18, 2023, beginning at 7:30 PM at the Cameron Senior Center, 20 Pleasant Street, Westford, MA, and via Webex video conference.  For those attending via video conference, a meeting link is below; just click on the green button to join in.  You can join the conference any time after 7:00 PM to check out your gear or just rag chew until the meeting starts. Bear in mind that internet connectivity from the senior center may be unreliable.

The main topic is a big wrap-up report on Field Day, with maps and awards. How many states did we contact? Who got the longest DX? Come to the meeting and find out. 

The Minecraft project is accelerating, and we’ll have a progress report and announcement of a forthcoming public release.

The auction for an Icom ID-51A+2 HT and Diamond SX-400 SWR/power meter ends tonight (Sunday), so there’s still time to put in your bids. Winners will be announced at the Tuesday meeting.

All attendees are encouraged to bring donations of non-perishable food for the Westford Food Pantry.

See you Tuesday!

George, K1IG
President, PART of Westford

Commercial Interests Petition FCC for High Power Allocation on Shortwave Spectrum

FCC logoFrom ARRL News, 07/11/2023:

The ad hoc group “Shortwave Modernization Coalition” petitioned the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to allow data communications on multiple bands within the HF 2 – 25 MHz range with up to 20 KW, including in bands immediately adjacent to spectrum allocated to the Amateur Radio Service. This group appears to represent high-speed stock trading interests. The FCC has assigned it RM-11953. Comments are due by July 31, 2023, and reply comments by August 15. While the petitioners exclude the amateur bands, high power operations on immediately adjacent bands are proposed. ARRL  The National Association for Amateur Radio® is reviewing the petition. A copy of the petition is at: https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/document/1042840187330/1 (PDF).

BCRA Club Fox Hunt, July 15, 2023

Bristol Co. RA club bannerWhen:
Saturday, July 15, 2023
10:00am to 2:00pm
(UTC-04:00) America/New York

The Foxes will be within a 5-mile radius of a location of 120 President AVE, Fall River MA.

Organizer: Skip Denault kb1cnb@bcra.club 774-644-3469

View Event

The next BCRA Fox Hunt has been scheduled!

Saturday, July 15, 2023

10:00 am to 2:00 pm

5-mile radius from 120 President AVE Fall River MA.

Radius map of BCRA Fox Hunt

Organizer: Skip Denault kb1cnb@bcra.club 774-644-3469

The radius is only 5 miles from the center point.

* Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm — Check-in starts at 9:45 am on the BCRA repeater, 145.150 MHz PL 123

* Location: The Foxes will be within a 5-mile radius of a location of 120 President AVE, Fall River MA.

* Fox1 will activate at 10:00 am on 146.565 MHz FM

Fox2 will activate at 10:02:30 am on 146.430 MHz FM.

Communications with “Fox Control” can all be done over the BCRA repeater, including checking in when you have found the fox. You may also speak with us in the control vehicle using physical distancing if you wish.

There will be TWO foxes – one manned by KB1CNB, Skip, and the second manned by N1KJS, Kevin’s Blue Toyota pickup, MA reg S196.

Check-ins will begin at 9:45 am on the BCRA repeater, 145.150 MHz PL 123. Chat and help on the repeater also.

The Fox1 will activate at 10:00 am on 146.565 MHz FM, and Fox2 at 10:02:30 on 146.430 MHz FM with a 5-watt signal, and both will transmit 1 minute of tone followed by Morse Code ID and 4 minutes of silence. The hunt will last until 2:00 pm or until all checked-in participants have found the transmitters, whichever comes first.

The Fox1 (in Skip’s vehicle, a blue/grey Jeep Commander marked BCRA) will be in a public place and be manned at all times. When you have found the fox, your time and order of arrival will be recorded, and a personalized certificate will be emailed to each participant.

The Fox2 (in Kevin’s vehicle, Blue Toyota Picket, MA reg S196 has a BCRA sign) will be in a public place and will be manned. When you find the fox, Kevin will record the time and your call sign and report that to Skip.

Participants are encouraged to work in teams and are asked to drive carefully and observe all applicable guidelines, both from the FCC and the state & local governments. Since participants are receiving only (except for radio check-ins), an amateur radio license is not required.

Email questions to Skip at kb1cnb@bcra.club or text to 774-644-3469. After the hunt, your comments, impressions, and suggestions will be welcome!

Join us and have some good amateur radio fun!

VA6MPM, VE6FPV: “SOTA and POTA while Traveling Abroad” at Sci-Tech ARS Hybrid Meeting, July 18, 2023

New England Sci Tech logoTuesday, July 18 at 7 PM: “SOTA and POTA while Traveling Abroad” by Paul Mower, VA6MPM and Peter Shmerko, VE6FPV.

Description: Traveling abroad is a great way to explore new and unique destinations as well as to embrace different cultures. As an amateur radio operator, traveling abroad can become much more interesting. Paul and Peter will share their experiences and techniques after operating SOTA abroad in Japan and Switzerland, respectively. They will also provide advice on what they recommend preparing before travelling, since certain countries require intricate procedures before they allow you to operate. Furthermore, Peter will conclude the presentation with an introduction and brief overview of his team’s CubeSat project (CalgaryToSpace) at the University of Calgary.

Bio for Peter VE6FPV: Peter started flying radio-controlled model aircraft at the age of 12 and started to develop an interest in first-person-view (FPV) and long range aerial systems. This prompted him to get his Basic amateur radio license to operate model aircraft on UHF radio systems. After joining the CalgaryToSpace CubeSat team in 2021 as the radio-communications lead, he received his Advanced amateur radio license to start developing the CubeSat’s ground station. Lacking a home station, Peter became curious about SOTA since it could combine his interests of amateur radio and mountaineering. Peter has been an active SOTA operator since 2022.

Bio for Paul VA6MPM: Paul’s interest in radio began while growing up in Kenya, listening to the BBC on a shortwave radio. However, the desire to become a licensed HAM came with the necessity to communicate from the remote backcountry hut network operated by the Alpine Club of Canada. From a very young age, mountaineering pursuits have been a large part of Paul’s life. Living in North America, Africa and Asia created a curiosity about mountain culture in various parts of the world. Traveling and operating SOTA has become one of the most rewarding aspects of the hobby for Paul.

HamXposition 2023: Call for Volunteers!

HamXposition logo

HamXposition 2023 is coming to the Best Western Hotel and Conference Center in Marlborough, Mass on August 25, 26 and 27. We are actively looking for volunteers to help keep the convention running smoothly. Among the duties –

  • Setup on August 24 Ticketing,
  • Flea Market and Forum Speaker Help on 25, 26, and 27
  • Take Down on August 27

All volunteers are scheduled into two-hour shifts. Those that work two or more shift receive free admission. If you are interested in helping, please visit: https://hamxposition.org/volunteer.html to register.

HamXposition to Offer Tech-In-A-Day, August 26, 2023

HamXposition logo

Do you have a friend or family member who needs that extra little “push” to obtain their Tech ticket?

The Northeast HamXposition is holding Technician Study course at the convention on Saturday, August 26, 2023. Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. at the Convention in Marlboro, MA.

The course includes: (6) 45-minute “Study” segments, with 15 minute breaks between sessions and also includes an hour and 15 minute Lunch Break. (9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.)

The examination for Technician Class will be conducted 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Cost and Requirements: ($30.00)

  • Fees: $15 (Includes materials and snacks)
  • Test Cost: $15 (Required by FCC) Students under age 18 $5.00
  • Bring Photo ID & Federal Registration Number (FRN) (Obtained by registration at fcc.gov/CORES) https://apps.fcc.gov/coresWeb/publicHome.do

Contact Bill Poulin, WZ1L, techinaday@hamxposition.org, to register of if you have any questions about the Tech-In-A-Day study course.