Cape Ann ARA To Hold License In A Day Course March 7, 2009

The Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association will conduct a Technician Class License in a Day course on Saturday, March 7, 2009 from 8:30 am until 4 pm. The course, led by Stan Stone, W4HIX, will be held at the Lanesville Community Center on 8 Vulcan Street in Gloucester, MA.

Anyone interested may register by e-mailing Stan at <>. The course is free; however, the exam fee is $15.00.

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MIT Radio Society (W1MX) Turns 100!

MIT Radio Society QSL/logoThe MIT Radio Society (W1MX) will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding this April 30th, 2009. In commemoration, the Society will be operating a special event station, W1MX/100, for a two week period beginning on April 30th and issuing a special QSL card.            

Additionally, the Society will be holding two events for Radio Society alumni at MIT during reunion week in June. Details are available on our website – Please spread the word! And if you are an alum, PLEASE get in touch with us at



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Eastern MA ARRL Web Of The Past

EMA ARRL web site, circa 1998Shown here is a snapshot of the old Eastern MA ARRL web site circa December, 1998. At the time, our site was hosted by QSL.NET. The site consisted of static HTML pages. Elaine Chase, N1GTB a former ACC for EMA, served for many years as the site’s webmaster.

Today’s EMA ARRL web site content is served up via a Drupal content management system from a MySQL database.

One may view archives from other dates of this site–or any other internet site–by visiting

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Marconi Day, Special “Old and New” Communications, Kids’ Activities, April 25, 2009

KM1CC QSL cardOn April 25, 2009 the Cape Cod National Seashore will have a full day of special old and new “communication” activities and programs to celebrate both International Marconi Day and National Junior Ranger Day. The event is free. A free shuttle bus will run between the sites in Eastham from 9:30 AM- 2 PM.

In celebration of International Marconi Day, the Marconi Cape Cod Radio Club, KM1CC, will operate from the Coast Guard Station, Eastham from 9 AM-4 PM.  This is a global event, radio operators from around the world will make contact with KM1CC to honor the birthday of the “Wizard of Wireless,” Guglielmo Marconi, on his birth date, April 25, 1874.  Morse code or continuous wave (CW), and voice operations will be used.


KM1CC Operating Plan for International Marconi Day, April 25, 2009  UTC

CW and Phone on the following bands (General and Extra Class allocations):

17M   18.160 SSB           18.080 CW        40M   7.130-7.260 SSB         7.035  CW
20M   14.260 SSB           14.035 CW        80M   3.660-3.860 SSB         3.535  CW 

From 10 AM-1 PM, to expand the celebration of communication history on Cape Cod beyond Marconi, additional park sites in Eastham and the Marconi Station Site, Wellfleet that relate to communication history will be open.  Eastham sites include: Nauset Lighthouse, Three Sisters Lighthouses, and the French Cable Hut at Nauset Light Beach.  Kids can participate in a variety of activities at each site as part of a Kids’ Signal Jam:  Talking and Texting with Wires and Without.” Activities will include:   keys to practice sending Morse Code messages, walkie-talkies, rescue with signals, lighthouse flashing activities, signal flags, and testing wired equipment related to the early French Cable that sent telegraph messages from the Eastham and Orleans area to France for 80 years, 1879-1959.

At 2 PM at the Salt Pond Visitor Center, NASA space educator Rick Varner will revisit the recent space communications advances and offer speculation on visions for the future.  Recently, NASA announced successful tests of software and satellite hardware that could essentially create an interplanetary internet.  Such a communication network will open the gateway to the development of more complex missions and reliable communications for astronauts living and working upon the surface of the moon.

For more information see the enclosed press release, kid’s schedule, or contact Barbara Dougan, KB1GSO at 508-255-3421 x16.

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Enhancing Club Membership

Is your club membership dropping off?  Do you have fewer and fewer members attending club meetings?  Do meetings seem dull and contentious?  One of the sure fire signs that your club is not meeting the needs of your members and the local ham radio community is a slowly declining character of your club meeting.   But, alas, there is a sure fired way of  reversing these trends and making your monthly club meetings more exciting!  . 


Make sure you always have a speaker for your meetings!   Is it as simple as that…..well not quite  but close!   You say you do this already?   Well OK, but there are some good guidelines for choosing speakers.  First, you should plan to always have a speaker at your monthly meetings.  Get your members used to the fact that each meeting will have a speaker.  Speakers or presenters often provide one of the real needs of local ham radio operators.  Our hobby is a highly technical one with many different facets. A speaker who talks on a technical subject will have a bigger draw than no speaker at all. 


A club should have a designated person who has the job of securing speakers for future meetings.  They should be asked to speak often months in advance.  I have found that potential speakers are more willing to speak if approached by the president of a club.  Not only should you secure a speaker in advance but also publicize the subject and the speaker in advance of your meeting.


You say you are having trouble locating club meeting speakers?  Well there are many sources.  I have found that you can look within your club.  The key is to be in tune with the interests of the members and convince them they should speak on a topic that has high interest to them.  This almost always works…..but it takes effort !   There is also the ARRL EMA Speakers list posted and updated on this web site.  This is a fine list of potential speakers who have already given a talk at least once.  Use this list!   From a speakers standpoint giving the same talk to another ham radio club is easy.  You will seldom get turned down.  Your members can also be a great source of information and contact points for speakers from other local clubs.  The speakers are out there and willing to talk….its your job to make sure you always have one as the centerpoint of your monthly meeting.


Bo Budinger





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Hams Needed – Two Multiple Sclerosis Walks

Boston ARC logoThe Multiple Sclerosis Society has again organized two local events this year, but no longer on the same day. The “Boston MS Walk” will be on Sunday, 4 April, organized as it has been for the past several years. The “MS Journey of Hope,” will start and finish in Newton on Saturday, 5 April.

We have been asked to support communications for both. The “Boston MS Walk” will start and finish at the Harvard athletic facility on North Harvard St near Soldiers Field Rd in Brighton. The route of the walk will be on both sides of the river in Cambridge and Boston.

The “MS Journey of Hope” starts and finishes at Newton South High School with a 7.5 mile course. There will be several checkpoints, vehicles and medical coverage for us to support.

Each will be managed by a Net Control station, using both VHF and UHF repeaters. Your help is vital for these worthy causes. If you can lend a hand, contact Rick, KB1LYJ, at or 781.289.7364.

–Thanks, Boston ARC’s The SPARC, February, 2009

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ARRL Mobile Amateur Radio Policy Statement & SGL’s Response

ban cell phone logoOn January 30, 2009, the ARRL’s Executive Committee released its Mobile Amateur Radio Operation Policy Statement in response to proposed legislation springing up across the country regarding the use of cellular telephones while driving.

The full text of the Policy Statement, along with a response from EMA/WMA State Government Liaison Shawn O’Donnell, K3HI can be found on the EMA/WMA SGL web site.

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KY1N List of Volunteer Exam Sessions, 02/14/09

                          The KY1N Memorial List
Scheduled Amateur Radio Volunteer Examinations - CT MA ME NH RI VT
Jim, WW1Y, Editor
Date Time Contact Location Phone
02/16/09 19:00 Skip Denault, KB1CNB Fall River MA 774-644-3469
02/16/09 18:30 Francis D'auria, W1AD Pittsford VT 802-775-3033
02/17/09 19:00 Paul Lux, K1PL Portland CT 860-635-1742
02/18/09 19:30 Nick Altenbernd, KA1MQX Cambridge MA 617-253-3776
02/19/09 19:30 Louis Harris, N1UEC Canton MA 508-668-0858
02/23/09 09:00 William D Wilson, K1IN Bloomfield CT 860-869-1059
02/23/09 19:00 Walton G Congdon, W1ZPB Northfield MA 413-498-2729
02/25/09 19:00 *Paul Upham, KD1YH Shirley MA 978-597-6535
02/27/09 18:00 David Cote, W1FAB Holyoke MA 413-575-2950
02/28/09 12:30 Mitch Stern, W1SJ Colchester VT 802-879-6589
02/28/09 09:00 Kenneth Carr, KB1AWV Cranston RI 401-828-1665
02/28/09 12:00 +Daniel Lee, W1DFL Danvers MA 978-352-4513
02/28/09 09:00 Jim Heedles, WW1Y Nashua NH 603-673-7395
03/08/09 12:00 Bob Quinn, WV1A Gloucester MA 978-283-4660
03/09/09 19:00 Jim Clogher, N1ICN Brookline MA 617-364-4658
03/10/09 19:00 Lawrence Polowy, KU1L Thomaston CT 860-283-4089
03/11/09 19:00 Bruce Anderson, W1LUS Billerica MA 978-851-2886
03/12/09 19:00 Louis Mester, W1CH Providence RI 401-263-6045
03/13/09 18:30 Ralph T Stetson III, KD1R Burlington VT 802-878-6454
03/14/09 08:45 *William J Needham, K1WN Braintree MA 781-843-4400
03/14/09 09:00 Ben Fleck, K2LYE Falmouth MA 508-540-2583

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ARRL Mobile Amateur Radio Policy Statement & SGL’s Response

On January 30, 2009, the ARRL’s Executive Committee released its Mobile Amateur Radio Operation Policy Statement in response to proposed legislation springing up across the country regarding the use of cellular telephones while driving. Follows is a response from EMA/WMA State Government Liaison Shawn O’Donnell, K3HI:   QST MASSACHUSETTS AMATEUR RADIO OPERATORS The ARRL’s January 30, 2009 policy statement on mobile amateur radio operation is a timely contribution to the national debate over the safe use of communications devices by operators of motor vehicles. Several states have already enacted laws limiting the use of mobile telephones and other communications devices while driving.  …

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Updates on FEMA ICS Training Classes

IS-700 National Incident Command System (NIMS), An Introduction will expire on Friday, February 13, 2009If you previously started the IS-700 course and need to take the final exam, you must complete the exam and obtain a passing score before February 13, 2009.  

FEMA/EMI Courses that have expired are:
IS-800 (expired)
IS-700 (expires on February 13, 2009)
S-200 (expired)
IS-100 (expired)
IS-100.LE (expired)

They have been replaced by:
IS-800.b (Course ID# 1011882)
IS-700.a (Course ID# 1016070)
IS-200.a (Course ID# 1016063)
IS-100.a (Course ID# 1016067)
IS-100.LEa (Course ID# 1016068) 

If you have previously completed one of the expired courses, you do NOT have to register and complete the updated courses.

For more information regarding FEMA/EMI course updates, visit .  There, you may sign
up to receive updates via their free e-mail subscription service.

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NET         SES   QTC   QNI   QTR   NM
EM2MN       28    637   195   501   N1TPU
HHTN        22    105   88    351   K1YCQ
EMRIPN      22    006   76    125   WA1FNM
WAPSN       04    07    62    NA    NI1X

QTC=Traffic  QNI=Checkins  QTR=Minutes

CALL        TOTAL       PSHR
N1IQI       1674        110
W1GMF       1607        120
KW1U        908         120
N1UMJ       816         160
N1LKJ       358         120
K1YCQ       302         NA
N1XLO       115         NA
KK1X        18          105
WA1FNM      02          NA
K1LCQ       NA          120
KD1LE       81          105

Congratulations on a job WELL DONE.

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Eastern Area NTS Digital Report Jan 2009

Eastern Area NTS Digital Report January 2009
Station Received Forwarded TOTAL Function
W1GMF   3246     3246      6492  1RN DRS
WX4J    737      968       1705  4RN MBO
N2LTC   818      803       1621  2RN MBO
KW1U    404      648       1052  1RN MBO
W8UL    359      358       717   8RN MBO
W4UEF   257      275       532   NC  DRS
WA4ZXV  212      180       392   4RN MBO
WB2FTX  183      189       372   2RN MBO EADC
NM1K    127      131       258   1RN DRS
N1UMJ   69       168       237   1RN DRS
W4NBF   100      141       241   FL  DRS
N3SW    97       74        171   3RN DRS
KA4FZI  133      0         133   FL  DRS
VE3GT   1        53        54    EC  DRS
N2GS    40       6         46    NJ  DRS
VA3PM   20       20        40    EC  DRS
N1JX    1        14        15    NJ  DRS
W2MGT   1        4         5     NJ  DRS
KC8FWD  1        1         2     8RN DRS
TOTAL 14085

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Cape Ann ARA Flea Market, March 14, 2009

Cape Ann ARA logoThe Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association will be holding an Amateur Radio flea market on Saturday, March 14, 2009 at the Pigeon Cove Circle Center. The Center is located at 6 Breakwater Avenue off of Route 127 North in Rockport Massachusetts, on the north side of the old tool and die factory.

The doors will open at 7:30 AM for sellers and 9:00 AM for everyone else. Vendors can reserve a table for $10.00 the day of the flea market or for $8.00 in advance. There will be a $3.00 admission fee for buyers. There will be door prizes and coffee and food will be available on-site.

Additionally there will be a club-run consignment table and donations will be negotiated.

Amateur Radio license testing will be available on-site during the flea market.

We ask that this flea market content be limited to Amateur Radio equipment and accesories only. We will not sell TV`s or orphan CRT monitors.

For contact information please e-mail Dick at or call 1-508-269-4941. We will have talk-in on the CAARA repeater for the flea market on 145.13 MHz. There is no PL tone on the repeater.

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Clarification on DTV Conversion Program

ARRL flag

Steve Ewald, WV1X, ARRL Field Organization Team Supervisor writes to all ARRL Section Managers:

In early December, the ARRL was contacted by Mr. George Dillon of the FCC and asked to aid in the DTV conversion program by providing technical education for communities.  We liked the idea and opportunities it presented.  But it has come to our attention that there is now some misunderstanding on the part of a few FCC field offices, state broadcaster’s associations, and other broadcast industry representatives about the scope of the ARRL/FCC program to assist in the digital television conversion. The issue is whether or not individual radio amateurs should or will do actual DTV converter box installation and programming. The installation and programming of DTV converter boxes in people’s homes is not, repeat not, part of the ARRL program.

As proposed to ARRL by FCC staff in Washington, the nature of the assistance to be provided by Amateur Radio clubs was that of information dissemination to individuals and groups. The FCC and ARRL believe that the well-known technical skill of radio amateurs is a valuable community resource that can help non-technical people get ready for the DTV conversion (the deadline for which is still not firm -it may be either February 17, 2009 or some time in June of 2009). When the FCC contacted ARRL about this program, they proposed that ham clubs might invite the public from their communities to their meetings, or sponsor a public gathering, to provide information about the program, answer questions, and perhaps offer a demonstration. ARRL views this program as beneficial in several respects. It helps the community; it introduces the public to the benefits of Amateur Radio; and it brings new people to Amateur club meetings who may wish to become licensed once they see what a great avocation we have. Finally, it provides a good topic for a program at a club meeting.

But no part of the program we agreed upon involves having hams going into people’s homes to hook up converter boxes, and ARRL is not asking hams or clubs to do so.

Recently, based on an apparent misunderstanding about the scope of the program, some FCC district offices have asked ham clubs to do DTV converter box installations. So have state broadcaster’s association representatives and some network or station affiliates. If an individual radio amateur wishes to volunteer to do a DTV converter box installation or program the device for a neighbor or friend, or for any member of their community, that is a decision that the individual radio amateur must make for himself or herself, but it is not part of the ARRL/FCC program.

Please also note, there are some state laws regulating low voltage electrical and electronic installations that might prohibit unlicensed individuals from doing this, even as a volunteer. There are also liability issues that should be considered. For that reason, the FCC in Washington specifically assured ARRL that no part of the ARRL’s assistance by radio amateurs in the DTV conversion process involves converter box installations or programming. The ARRL/FCC program is strictly in the nature of an educational effort in a public setting.

Meanwhile, many clubs and groups have been getting excellent publicity in their communities and on regional TV by discussing and showing information about the conversion.  >From community meetings to “information nights,” mall displays and daily spots on television (usually with the weather reports), the hams are being seen as technologically savvy and helpful people.

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Pilgrim ARC License Class Produces New Hams

Pilgrim ARC logoThe Pilgrim Amateur Radio Club reported that a recent licensing class enrolled six youths and one adult.  According to  Dana Henrique, WA1KYU, “Three students passed the technician examination, and three students were scheduled to retake the exam at a later date. On the same date, two people plan to take the examination for the Amateur Extra class license.” Henrique exhibited some pictures of the class to club members at the meeting.

The Pilgrim ARC was founded in 1976. An ARRL affiliated club, it is dedicated to the maintenance and upgrading of the Provincetown Emergency Management Office communications system. The club meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. at the Council on Aging (COA) building, 26 Alden Street, Provincetown, MA.




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Reminder: Eastern Massachusetts ARES Net for February 2009

Hello to all… 

A reminder that the monthly ARES Net for February is rapidly approaching. The monthly ARES Net for February is Monday Ferbuary 2nd, 2009, at 8:30 PM on the MMRA Repeater system. This is after the RACES Nets earlier in the evening. For frequencies that will be linked into the ARES Net on the MMRA Network, please see the following link from the MMRA web site and the repeaters that will be linked in will be through Hub 1: 

In addition, if the Echo-IRLP node on the MMRA hub is available, we will likely link that to the New England Reflector system on IRLP 9123/Echolink Conference *NEW-ENG* Node: 9123.

Make the first Monday of the month, “Emergency Communications Night” and check into your local RACES Net and then check into the ARES Net on the MMRA Repeater System. We look forward to your participation and remember, we are always looking for Net Controls to run the ARES Net.

We will have several interesting announcements for the net that evening and we look forward to everyone’s participation. Updates will be posted via email and on the Eastern Massachusetts ARES Web Site at

Thanks for your continued support of ARES!

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Macedo (KD1CY)
ARES SKYWARN Coordinator
Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator
Pager #: (508) 354-3142
Home Phone #: (508) 994-1875 (After 6 PM)
Home/Data #: (508) 997-4503 (After 6 PM)
Work Phone #: 1-800-445-2588 Ext.: 72929 (8 AM-5 PM)
Email Address: 


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Emergency Power Discussion At PART Of Westford, 2/17/09

Police Amateur Radio Team of Westford logoThe Police Amateur Radio Team of Westford will present a panel discussion on Emergency Power at its February Monthly Meeting. This panel discussion is a result of the numerous questions and comments that resulted from the ice storm in December and the extensive power outages (up to 5 days) that resulted. Many hams were well equipped to handle this power outage while some were not.

The panelists are: Ernie (N1AEW), Allison (KB1GMX), John (G3BVU) and Hugh (N1QGE). PART’s Vice President Andy (KB1OIQ) will moderate this panel. The panelists will focus mainly on generator backup power for the home but will also include emergency battery backup power for rigs. They will relate their experiences in dealing with the loss of conventional power. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers.

This meeting will be held at the Westford Police Station on Tuesday, February 17th at 7:30 PM. Directions to this meeting can be found on the PART web page at:

Bo Budinger, WA1QYM
President: PART of Westford
Eastern MA ARRL Affiliated Club Coordinator

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