Extra Class “Crash” Course Offered By Framingham ARA

The Framingham Amateur Radio Association is offering a “crash course” for those who would like to upgrade to Amateur Extra class. The course is free and open to everyone, not just FARA members.

The dates are the following Saturdays: October 23, October 30, and November 6 and take place at the FARA shack from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. For further information, email Ed Weiss, W1NXC at EdAWeiss at cs dot com or call Ed at 508-881-2301.






BAA Half Marathon Needs Hams


Bob Salow, WA1IDA writes:

With nine years of successful events, the Boston Athletic Association Half Marathon continues as a “Boston Tradition.” Ham radio has established its community value at times like these. We have been asked again to support safety and administrative communications. With a little fine-tuning, including many ideas from hams, the event is expected to be even better than last year.

The park where the start and finish had been located is undergoing a major renovation, so the race starts and finishes at beautiful Franklin Park. Obviously the course must be adjusted. It is for this reason that hams can respond with our personal and communications flexibility. For those who have done this event before, you know the road conditions still call for our best support for the athletes. We need you again, and the Race Director has asked for even more ham help (that’s what happens when we are appreciated).

As this is being written, the new course is still being laid out and qualified to international standards. Much of the original route on the “Emerald Necklace” should be used.

If you are new to ham public service (or don’t have much familiarity with it), this is the way to become familiar without much pressure. For hams, this is an easy introduction and an appreciated community service.

Date: Sunday, 10 October 2010
Ham start: 0600
Ham finish: 0930 to 1130 (depending on location)

Yes, I know it is the day before Columbus Day. The upside is it starts early and ends early, leaving plenty of time to enjoy the long weekend. Your help is greatly needed to continue this as a superb event and to uphold our reputation for dependable support. Our assignments consist of monitoring hazardous and critical locations along the course, and the medical/support stations. As we did in the past, we plan to use a 2-meter repeater and possibly a 70-cm repeater. A hand-held with a good battery and an antenna better than a “rubber duck” is the way to go.

If you can help, please contact the BARC Public Service Office as soon as possible. The assignments and more detail will be sent as soon as they are available. For most assignments, you can go directly to your station. Please send your best email address and a phone number (cell, also). Parking should be available very close to each assignment. Feel free to contact Tom Bertolino, KB1P, to volunteer or if you have any questions at kb1p at arrl dot net or 781.608.6186.

Thanks, Boston ARC’s “The SPARC” Sept. 2010

Taunton ACG, Whitman ARC To Run Joint JOTA Event

JOTA 2010 logoDon Burke, KB1LXH writes:

We are just [a few weeks] from the 53rd Jamboree on the Air. This year’s event will take place on October 16th.

I will be putting together a group of hams from the Taunton Area Communications Group and our friends from the Whitman Amateur Radio Club.

We will operate from Camp Norse in Kingston, MA from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday using the call sign KC1TAC. We will again be using local 2-meter repeaters and Scout HF frequencies.

Last year the 52nd JOTA Group put 238 Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Girls Scouts on air and we hope to continue with that success. These young Scouts will be the life blood of our hobby in the coming years and I need your help to make it as exciting as we can for them.

What do we need this year? Operators at camp, the use of local repeaters, and of course–contacts!

First–if you have helped out in the past or would like to help out this year, please contact me and I will add your name to the 53rd JOTA Group list. I will give you all the information needed to for a day.

Second–are you a trustee of a local repeater? Or do you know someone who is? Please Ask them if we may list their repeater as a place to make contacts during the JOTA events on Saturday, October 16th. The Whitman ARC has already said yes. I will complete a list and pass it along as the date nears. We have had a great response from our friends in the past and because of you we have been able to get every Scout on the air–some 500 boys and girls in just three years. Also, if your repeater has Echolink or IRLP, on the day of JOTA will you add “JOTA” to your station’s name description?

Third–will you be hosting a JOTA event with your Scout Pack/Den or Troop/Crew? I’d like to add your groups to our list of Scout contacts.

Maybe you don’t have a Scout connection and want to help anyway from your QTH? We still want to hear from you! Please mark your calendar for the October 16th.

Feel Free to pass this request on to your club members and ham radio friends. The bigger the list the better the time. With your help and some good weather we will have another great JOTA event in Eastern Massachusetts. Thank you for your assistance; we’ll look for you on the air.

North Middlesex ARES Group

Darrel Mallory, K1EJ writes:

Now that [PART] members have a chance to read about ARES® and its 75 years in QST [see ARES Anniversary], a word is needed about the local organization of ARES which has been in existence for about 8 years. The original motivation was brought about by a visit to the Trade Center on Labor Day of 2001. A week later it became apparent that help was needed in this locality for someone to step up and be counted. The group was formed to bring together hams of like mind to do what hams do in emergencies.

The original thought behind the plan was to form an Umbrella Group in which members could come together for resources and for motivation. Out of this group came at least 3 RACES officers, a RACES operator and many others interested in public safety such as CERT and Medical Reserve Corps.

The members have provided coverage for the Chelmsford July parade with one exception for 5 years working with the Chelmsford emergency manager to keep a safe and orderly environment and to keep the reviewing stand appraised of the parade order announcements.

They are fortunate that they can perform at any time during ice storms, or other events without waiting for the local government to call for volunteers as does RACES. They can work together with RACES as a unit when the need arises.

There are 33 signed members with registered qualifications, but are looking for help from anyone when needed.

The group has a regular meeting each month at the Adams Library in Chelmsford center on the (usually) fourth Monday.

Darrel Mallory, K1EJ – North Middlesex ARES Emergency Coordinator – Assistant Middlesex District Emergency Coordinator via Police Amateur Radio Team PARTicles, September 2010

Massasoit ARA Assists With D.W. Field Park Triathlon

Members of the Massasoit Amateur Radio Association and others provided communication support for the Sixth Annual D. W. Field Park Triathlon on Sunday, September 19, 2010. The weather cooperated wonderfully; 129 participants registered for the triathlon which consisted of a 14 mile bike race followed by 1.7 mile canoe/kayak race, and a 4 mile road race. The event was situated in a beautiful park setting, complete with swans and great blue herons nearby. The park was closed to all but race participants.

Thanks, NI1X and Whitman ARC “Spectrum”

Amateur radio volunteers (L-R): Bob Keene, N1LCY; Paul Moss, KB1MTW; Carl Aveni, N1FY; Paul Burbine, N1VTI, kneeling; Karen Trask, KB1UBX; Bob Loring, K1REL; Phil McNamara, N1XTB with his son Philip, SWL; Roy Logan, KB1CYV; and Bruce Hayden, NI1X. Not present when the picture was taken: Allan Cox, K1VQ and Bob Azanow, KA1KIJ.

Cape Ann ARA Flea Market, 11/20/10

The Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association will hold its Amateur Radio Flea Market on Saturday, November 20th, at the Pigeon Cove Circle Center located at 8 Breakwater Avenue in Rockport

The doors will open to those selling items and renting tables at 8 a.m. The doors will open to all buyers at 9 am. If you would like to rent a table in advance, the cost will be $10.00 and this includes one admission. If you would like to rent a table the day of the flea, it will cost $15.00 including one admission. General admission for all buyers will cost $5.00. There will be no computers or monitors sold at this event. If you have any questions or would like to reserve a table, please contact Dick Copithorne at dick911@yahoo.com or 1-508-269-4941. The talk-in frequency is on the CAARA club repeater on 145.130 Mhz with no pl.

[CAARA Flea Market Flyer]

Chelmsford High School ARC Activities

Dave Steeves, KB1MKW writes:

“The [Chelsmford High School ARC] N1CHS should be on the air after school from 2:00 pm for an hour or so each day if schedules permit. Being on the East Coast we lose out on contacting schools on the West Coast do to the time zones. A possible idea is to have the CHSARC students and parents meet for a couple hours one evening during this contesting week at the school to operate in the [School Club Roundup] to make some contacts to other schools on the west coast and also to meet the Amateur Radio Club adviser and teacher, Dave Steeves, KB1MKW.

“This is a fun event for all kids in the school club to be able to get together and socialize and be able to speak with other students on the air. We have seen an increase in use of PSK31 during this contest, I think the kids like this mode because it is like texting to them. But phone is great just to just to hear the voices of other students. We are hoping that the members of the Police Amateur Radio Team will be able to make a contact with the CHSARC during the contest week. In the past this event has been successful. An operating schedule could be posted on the PART-L list or look for N1CHS on the DX clusters. In the September, 2010 issue of QST, page 62 there is a story about the past School Club Roundup success.

“The school’s radio is a Yaesu FT-897D, 100 watts only, and the antenna is a Cushcraft vertical R6000, 6 through 20 meters. The antenna is mounted on the school’s roof. You can see this antenna from Route 3. At this time we don’t have coax to run to the roof (250ft) to install a VHF antenna. The club room is located on the ground level and there are three stories above to the roof. The club does have one old computer that is connected to the Yaesu FT-897D; it is running Ham Radio Deluxe for PSK31 etc.

“The CHSARC is looking forward to meeting our new members this fall.”

Thanks PART “PARTicles,” September, 2010, and Senior Physics Teacher and CHSARC Adviser Dave Steeves, KB1MKW

K1KP Tower Safety Article Featured in Oct. QST

QST logoA prominent Eastern MA amateur has been published in QST. Tony Brock-Fisher, K1KP’s work on page 43 of the October, 2010 issue entitled, “Is Your Tower Safe?” describes “galvanic corrosion — what it can do to underground structural tower components, and ways the problem can be avoided.”

Brock-Fisher is trustee and treasurer of the Philips Amateur Radio Club in Andover, MA. He’s worked at Hewlett-Packard, Agilent and Philips Electronics for 32 years in the field of diagnostic medical ultrasound. K1KP is an avid contester and DXer.

Boston ARC to Participate In Blue Hill Observatory Fall Open House

Boston ARC logoOn Saturday, 2 October 2010, members of the Boston Amateur Radio Club will participate in the Blue Hill Observatory Fall Open House, helping them to celebrate their 125th anniversary by setting up a HF station to greet and demonstrate for the visiting public. The station will operate from 0900 to 1500 weather permitting. The plan is to send out a CQ announcing the 125th anniversary of the oldest continuous weather recording observatory in the USA. BARC will log each contact and send them a special eQSL card.

The club is asking for volunteers to help set up, staff the station, and tear down. Set up will begin at 0800 and hopefully send out their first CQ at around 0900. Staffing will be for at least three hams at a time: one to log, one to operate and one to answer questions about Amateur Radio for the public visitors. Tear down will be about 1500 for departure no later than 1600. If you can make it for a few hours while your family visits the Open House, let the club know when you can assist. You do not have to sign up for the whole day.

This is a low pressure fun event which offers the opportunity for Technician Class hams to operate under supervision on bands that they are not normally authorized. If you are interested in participating, please contact Tom, KB1P at kb1p@arrl.net or phone 781.608.6186.

Thanks, Boston ARC “The SPARC” and WA1IDA

KY1N List Goes QRT

The KY1N Memorial List, a popular New England resource documenting Volunteer Examinations is no more.

According to Jim Heedles, WW1Y, “with the increased effort and decreased usefulness, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time for the KY1N List to go QRT.” WW1Y explains further: “For the past couple of years the KY1N list has largely duplicated the data located at the ARRL web site. The effort to reconcile the different data sources used to build the list has become less beneficial to the amateur community as the differences between the KY1N list and the ARRL/VEC list grew less and less.”

The list was named in honor of Raymond R. Lussier, KY1N (Silent Key), an active volunteer examiner and team liaison for the Mt. Moriah (Salem, N.H.) VE team.

“When the FCC created the Volunteer Examiner system in 1984, there was a need to provide exam session information to the amateur community and the general public. The KY1N list was started to address that need. Chick Hunt, KC1OX (Silent Key), was the maintainer for many years. Originally, Chick maintained it by hand, using phone calls and the US Postal Service to contact examination teams and gather the exam session data. Copies of the list were distributed to local ham and electronic stores and mailed to interested organizations.

“In the mid 90’s the growth of the internet and electronic mail systems made it feasible to distribute copies of the KY1N list via email to interested individuals. For well over a decade the KY1N list has been hosted by qth.com. Their support has helped many to earn or upgrade their license.”

WW1Y says that individuals interested in finding information about Amateur Radio exam sessions can still go to these sites:



Heedles thanks everyone who has supported the KY1N Memorial List over the years.

–Thanks, WW1Y

New Naval-related Clubs in the Area

Nantuket Lighthouse ShipThere have been some new naval related Amateur Radio Clubs in this area. One is the Nantucket ARC, W1NLS aboard the Nantucket Lightship tied up to a pier in East Boston. The club call trustee is Mike Rioux, W1USN. Mike and a small crew were operating in the International Lightship/Lighthouse Weekend during August. (See Nantucket Lighthouse Operation Featured in Boston Globe.)

The original call for the club was KB1UPQ but was changed to a vanity call as soon as the original license was granted.

Another naval related club recently started is the USS Essex CV-9 Memorial ARC with the call of WW2CV. Club call trustee is Bob Reiser, AA1M. The USS Essex was an aircraft carrier that was sold and scraped many years ago.

Of course, most of you know of the USS Cassin Young DD-793 ARC with the call of WW2DD. USS Cassin Young is a decommissioned US Navy destroyer under the custody of the National Park Service in Charlestown and is currently in the dry dock at the Charlestown Navy Yard being refurbished.

–Thanks, QRA News, Sept. 2010, Volume 50, Issue 1

Red Cross Story: Amateur Radio Operators Provide Vital Communications Links Between Red Cross Shelters During Hurricane Earl

Hello to all..

Cape Cod and Islands ARES received some excellent kudos from the American Red Cross on their efforts during Hurricane Earl. Congratulaitons to Cape Cod ARES DEC, Frank O’Laughlin-WQ1O and the Cape Cod and Islands ARES group on the publicity! Below is an article on their efforts including a link from the Red Cross complete with pictures:


Story: Amateur Radio Operators Provide Vital Communications Links Between Red Cross Shelters During Hurricane Earl

This post is written by American Red Cross disaster volunteer Allen Crabtree.

Friday, September 3. 2010 – HYANNIS, MA – “K1PBO, this is W2BTA with the shelter status report from the Nantucket shelter.”

Amateur Radio Technician Wini Lord Meservey was on duty at the communications room crowded with radios and computers in the basement of the American Red Cross Cape Cod Chapter in Hyannis, MA. She returned the radio call from the amateur radio operator located at the Red Cross shelters on Nantucket Island, one of many regional shelters opened in response to Hurricane Earl.

“W2BTA, this is K1PBO. I copy you,” Meservey replied. “Go ahead with your shelter report.”

One by one, each of the stations at the Red Cross shelters checked in with the count of residents and tourists who had sought shelter from Hurricane Earl. This information, along with current weather and reports of flooding, was gathered and then passed along to the Red Cross as well as the Emergency Operations Center and the nearby military base.

“Amateur radio provides communications to support the disaster relief efforts of the American Red Cross,” said Frank O’Laughlin (WQ1O). “When all other forms of communications go out, we are still on the air to keep vital emergency links open. This is particularly important here at the Cape. We are vulnerable here on our peninsula and on Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard to storms and power outages.”

O’Laughlin is the Director of the local Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES – pronounced A-Rees) and is a veteran ham radio operator and trained Red Cross volunteer with twenty years’ experience. ARES is a program of the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) that provides point to point communications between shelters, assists in recovery efforts, provides weather reports in weather disasters and sends messages where normal communications have failed or are overloaded.

“The ARRL operates under a Memorandum of Understanding with the American Red Cross,” said Keith Robertory, Manager for Disaster Technology at the American Red Cross. “The hams are all volunteers and many of them are also trained Red Cross volunteers. They are our `force on the ground’ that respond when there is a disaster anywhere in the country.”

ARES has been supporting Red Cross disaster relief operations for a very long time and will celebrate its 75th anniversary this month. “We have been working with the Red Cross long before there were cell phones,” said Alan Pitts of the ARRL. “When the Internet, the cell phones and the electricity go out, they call on us, the hams, to get the job done.”

Effective disaster relief operations rely on a number of different skills and trained volunteers, and the dedicated ham radio operators of ARES play an invaluable key role in Red Cross emergency service delivery around the country, wherever disasters occur. Frank O’Laughlin and his crew of 35 committed amateur radio operators on Cape Cod expertly filled that role during Hurricane Earl, and when the next disaster strikes they are trained and ready to respond whenever called upon.

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Macedo (KD1CY)
ARES SKYWARN Coordinator
Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator   
Home Phone #: (508) 994-1875 (After 6 PM)
Home/Data #: (508) 997-4503 (After 6 PM)
Work Phone #: 508-346-2929 (8 AM-5 PM)
Email Address: rmacedo@rcn.com

Eastern Massachusetts ARES Net for September – Next Monday September 13th, 2010

Hello to all…

A reminder that the monthly ARES Net for September is rapidly approaching. The monthly ARES Net for September is Monday September 13th, 2010, at 8:30 PM on the MMRA Repeater system. This is after the RACES Nets earlier in the evening. For frequencies that will be linked into the ARES Net on the MMRA Network, please see the following link from the MMRA web site and the repeaters that will be linked in will be through Hub 1:


In addition, if the Echo-IRLP node on the MMRA hub is available, we will likely link that to the New England Reflector system on IRLP 9123/Echolink Conference *NEW-ENG* Node: 9123.

Due to the holiday, the ARES/RACES Nets were pushed up to the second Monday of the month so for this month, make the second Monday of the month, “Emergency Communications Night” and check into your local RACES Net and then check into the ARES Net on the MMRA Repeater System. We look forward to your participation and remember, we are always looking for Net Controls to run the ARES Net.

We will have several interesting announcements for the net that evening and we look forward to everyone’s participation. Updates will be posted via email and on the Eastern Massachusetts ARES Web Site at http://ares.ema.arrl.org

Thanks for your continued support of ARES!

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Macedo (KD1CY)
ARES SKYWARN Coordinator
Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator   
Home Phone #: (508) 994-1875 (After 6 PM)
Home/Data #: (508) 997-4503 (After 6 PM)
Work Phone #: 508-346-2929 (8 AM-5 PM)
Email Address: rmacedo@rcn.com

Eastern Massachusetts ARES Stand-By Activation Recinded at 1030 AM ET Saturday 9/4/10

Hello to all…

Earl weakened considerably over the past 36 hours resulting in far less impact to Southeastern Massachusetts. Therefore, no further communications needs were required and the Eastern Massachusetts ARES Stand-by Activation is recinded at 1030 AM ET. Complete reports on the events that occurred during Earl are listed below:

NWS Taunton Local Storm Report:

NWS Taunton Public Information Statement:

Special thanks to Amateur Radio Operators across the section who supported operations from various local/city town EOC’s, shelters, gave SKYWARN Criteria Reports and to the RACES folks who staffed the State EOC and Regional Offices. A special thank you to Cape Cod and Nantucket ARES folks who were deployed for much of the night at Red Cross Hyannis, various EOC’s and shelters. This turned into an operational exercise and where the 2010 Atlantic Hurricane Season isn’t over and we have another 4-5 weeks to experience another tropical system before ocean temperatures turn cooler, all are encouraged to continue to monitor events in the Atlantic as they unfold.

Have a great Labor Day Holiday Weekend!!

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Macedo (KD1CY)
ARES SKYWARN Coordinator
Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator   
Home Phone #: (508) 994-1875 (After 6 PM)
Home/Data #: (508) 997-4503 (After 6 PM)
Work Phone #: 508-346-2929 (8 AM-5 PM)
Email Address: rmacedo@rcn.com

Eastern Massachusetts ARES Stand-By for Hurricane Earl to Start Friday 9/3/10 at 7 AM EDT

Hello to all..



Hurricane Earl is projected to track over or just southeast of Nantucket Island. Hurricane Earl is a large hurricane and Earl will likely bring hurricane force conditions to Nantucket Island in particular but also Outer Cape Cod potentially. Sustained tropical storm force winds with hurricane force gusts are possible over the remainder of Cape Cod and Souteast Coastal Massachusetts from Plymouth to Westport. The potential also exists for a further west track bringing stronger winds further inland and along the coast and will need to be monitored closely. 2-4″ of rainfall with isolated higher amounts are expected in Southeast New England with 1-3″ with isolated higher amounts are possible north and west of a Boston/Providence line. Complete details can be seen in the Hurricane Earl Coordination Message link listed below:


We’d like to have ARES personnel assist with SKYWARN reporting of any river, stream, urban flooding, wind damage and measured rainfall/wind/barometric pressure data and by providing damage/flood pictures where possible.   Keep your situational awareness level high for any updates from ARES leadership by checking your email for updates and our ARES web site at http://ares.ema.arrl.org, monitoring local SKYWARN/ARES/RACES frequencies and reporting into the nets and monitor local media on this potentially significant storm.

If you have not already done so, please advise your local EC/DEC/ADEC of your availability to support a potential deployment anytime from now through Monday September 6th. We are creating a list of availability for ARESMAT deployment if needed. The greatest area for potential activation is Cape Cod and the Islands in the form of an ARESMAT for that area.

What is ARES Stand-By mode?

ARES stand-by mode is to alert Amateurs within ARES that a mobilization is possible on a wide-scale and that some localized mobilizations are or could be taking place in isolated areas. It means to take a look at your Go-Kit and have batteries and equipment ready to go and charged up and take care of any requirements at home in case a mobilization is required and you can participate. Do NOT self-deploy. Wait for guidance from leadership for any deployment. It is an honor to be ready even if you don’t deploy for the event. Hopefully, this is just another exercise of our preparedness and capabilities. If not, the ARES leadership looks forward to working with you if any wide scale mobilization is required after the impact of this major storm to the region.

Thanks for your continued support of Eastern Massachusetts ARES!

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Macedo (KD1CY)
ARES SKYWARN Coordinator
Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator   
Home Phone #: (508) 994-1875 (After 6 PM)
Home/Data #: (508) 997-4503 (After 6 PM)
Work Phone #: 508-346-2929 (8 AM-5 PM)
Email Address: rmacedo@rcn.com

D-STAR Update

Terry Stader, KA8SCP writes on PART-L:

[This came in on another mail list; some good stuff for D-STAR users.]

“There are some items of interest to the D-Star user community worth making you aware of.

First and foremost, the 2 meter D-Star machine in Salem NH K1HRO port C has changed frequencies this morning (Wednesday , 8/25/2010 ), to 145.310.

Second, the N1HIT port C repeater has had a tremendous amount of work done, and is performing much better. It remains local only, no internet available yet, but we are checking a possible new source on that too. Please try it as much as possible, there are a few RF issues still, but it is about as good as possible. Reminder of the frequency: 145.320 on Mt Uncanoonuc in Goffstown on the WMUR tower.

Third, the Police Amateur Radio Team of Westford using WB1GOF C on 2 meters is about to go live any day now, hopefully prior to the Convention. Their frequency is 145.330.

Note that this was the frequency K1HRO had been on, and certain radios will attempt to reprogram the RPT 1 and RPT 2 settings automatically, so brush up those programming skills! Also note that this represents fairly close proximity and New England Spectrum Management Council coordination on 10 KHz channel spacing at 145.310, .320 & .330 all within a 30 mile triangle.

The folks at Minuteman Repeater Association are working hard to get the Prudential Boston repeater 145.160 W1MRA C up on their internet gateway server which will broaden their presence.

Finally, there are lots of activities on the experimental side – in Hudson NH Jim WA1SOT has added mixed mode on 449.975 call sign KB1UAP B. This is on a seperate trust server, very active in the Toronto area, and in Europe. N1FCC is close to deploying the KB1TIX B 446.725 and C 145.400 repeaters in Kensington NH.

These are noteworthy because there is a very aggressive trend to add an application on the gateway servers (called ircDDB) that allows full callsign routing and repeater callsign routing like the early days of D-Star (prior to D-Plus) across both the traditional US-Trust/K5TIT in Texas, and the international trust (Multi-Trust network), and even onto IRC, if that is the best path! Both WB1GOF and K1HRO are running the ircDDB addon. (Read more at http://www.ircddb.net)

To summarize:

Look for K1HRO port C now on 145.310;
Try N1HIT port C as much as possible on 145.320 and announce power and location;
Watch for WB1GOF port C on 145.330, and brush up on the programming, callsign routing, repeater to repeater calling if you want to cross trust to trust among those systems that have the ircDDB add-on installed.

CAARA Tech-In-A-Day Class, Oct. 9, 2010

Stan Stone, W4HIX writes on CAARA Mail List:

The next Tech-in-a-Day will be on October 9th at the Lanesville Community Center. If you know of anyone who would like to attend or has questions, have them contact me at stan@lanescove.us.

All Volunteer Examiners are encouraged to help out for the testing phase in the afternoon. Let me know if you are available.


New England Area Flea Markets, Sept. 1, 2010

New England Area   Ham - Electronic  Flea Market  ***  DATES  *** 2010 P 1 of 2
All events are Ham Radio/ Electronic related except ~_____~ 

2010                                                    Contact          Source

11 Sept Windsor ME AARA @FG $5@8                     Bill K1NIT 207 623 9075  

11 Sept Windsor CT VR+C Mus 115 Pierson LN @8AM Tailgate   John 860 673 0518 W

11 Sept Ballston Spa NY SCRACES @FG @7                Al KA1IEG 518 677 3316 W

12 Sept Newtown CT CARA @TownHall $6@8:30 $15/T       Joe AB1DO 203 938 4880 W

18 Sept Alton NH MASONS @Lodge @7:30 Tg$10 $20/insidT Bob W1GWU 603 776 0086  +

18 Sep Forestdale RI RIFMARS @VFW $5/SP@8 Auction@11 Rick K1KYI 401 864 9611  +

18 Sept Omeaux PQ WIARC @Shriner's $5@9 $15/T@8      Ken VE2KLF              W+

19 Sept      Cambridge MA        FLEA at MIT               Nick 617 253 3776  
                   Third Sunday April thru October      

25,26 Sep Wakefield MA Photographica @AmericalCtr ~photo~  John 781 592 2553  

2 Oct Manchester NH NHAntqRC @Bingo $10 @7:30 $3 @8:30  Charlie 603 898 4821  

3 Oct Queens NY HOSARC @HoS $5@9 $10/sp@7:30     Stephen WB2KDG 718 898 5599 W

10 Oct Wallingford CT Nutmeg Conv $20/sp $7@8        John N1GNV 203 440 4468  

15,16 October Deerfield NH Nearfest VIII @FG         Mike K1TWF 978 250 1235 T

16 Oct Greenwood NS GARC @CommCtr $4@10 s@8         Eric VE1CFY              R
LAST UPDATE 9-1-10 de W1GSL         http://swapfest.us                    P 1
   List is normally updated twice a month - look for the latest version       
Additions/ Corrections via e-Mail   w1gsl@mit.edu  <- SUBSCRIBE              
                           US Mail  W1GSL POB 397082 MIT Br Cambridge MA 02139
(c)2010 unlimited reproduction permitted in entirety     

New England Area  Ham - Electronic  Flea Market  ***  DATES  *** 2010  P2 of 2
2010                                                    Contact          Source

17 October   Cambridge MA        FLEA at MIT               Nick 617 253 3776  
                   Third Sunday April thru October      
23 Oct Longueuil PQ MS-SARC $5@9 $10/T@6           David VE2EDF 450 672 9791 W

30 Oct Gales Ferry CT TCARC Auction @FireCo @10    Darryl WA1DD 860 443 7799  

31 Oct Hicksville NY LIMARC @LevitHall            Richard K2KNB 516 694 4937 A

5 Nov Feeding Hills MA HCRA Auction @CongCh @6:30PM    Jim KK1W 413 245 3228  

6 Nov Londonderry NH IRS @Lions                           N1NAZ 603 421 0940  

13 Nov Bourne MA FARA @UpperCC VoTech $5@9 $10/S@7  Ralph N1YHS 508 548 0422  

20 Nov Rockport MA CAARA @PigonCove                Richard KR1G 508 269 4941 A+

4 Dec Windsor CT VR+C Mus 115 Pierson LN @8AM Indoor       John 860 673 0518 W

2011                                                    Contact          Source

26 Feb Colchester VT HAM-CON @Hampton $8@8 $15@6:30  Mitch W1SJ 802 879 6589 T

5 Mar Feeding Hills MA MtTARA @TurnverneinClb        Mary N1TOY 413 967 4008  

14 May E Greenbush NY EGARA @FD $6@8 +$6?sp@6        Tom KC2FCP 518 272 1492  +
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New England Area  Ham - Electronic  Flea Market  ***  DATES  *** 2010 -> ***
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New England Area  Ham - Electronic  Flea Market  ***  DATES  ***     P4
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Cambridge MA    Flea at MIT     http://www.swapfest.us                        

Hopkinton NH    Hosstraders   RIP  :-(     http://www.qsl.net/k1rqg/
Adams MA        N BerkshireARC  http://www.nobarc.org/hamfest.htm

Boxborough MA   NE ARRL Conv    http://www.boxboro.org/

Dartmouth MA    SEMARA          http://www.semara.org/flea.htm             

Falmouth MA     FARA            http://www.falara.org/                       

FeedingHills MA MTARA 		http://www.mtara.org/node/13     

Framingham MA   FARA            http://www.fara.org/                          

Marlboro MA     AARC      http://www.qsl.net/n1em/FleaMarketFlier2008a.pdf   

Newton MA       Waltham ARA Auction    http://www.wara64.org/auction/

Rockport MA     CAARA           www.caara.net                        

S Dartmouth MA  SEMARA          http://www.semara.org/                       
Wakefield MA    Photographica   http://www.phsne.org/                      
Whately MA      FranklinCARC    http://www.fcarc.org/news.htm                

Worcester  MA   WPI ACM         http://acm.wpi.edu/swapmeet/            

Gales Ferry CT  RASON           http://www.rason.org/                   
Goshen CT       SBARC           http://www.w1baa.org/                
Enfield CT      VHF/UHF Conf    http://www.newsvhf.com/vhfconf.html          

Newington CT    NARL            http://www.narlhamfest.org/                  

Newtown CT      CARA            http://www.danbury.org/cara/Hamfest.html    

North Haven CT                  http://www.yankeehamfest.com             

Southington CT  SARA            http://www.chetbacon.com/sara.htm

Wallingford CT  Nutmeg CT Conv  http://www.nutmeghamfest.com                 

Windsor CT      Vintage R Mus   http://vrcmct.org/                        

Chelsea ME      AARA            http://www.w1tlc.com/                     

Hermon ME       PSARC           http://n1me.org/index.php?pr=Hamfest        

Lewiston ME     AARC            http://www.mainearrl.org/convent.htm         

S. Portland ME  PAWA            http://www.pawa-maine.org/                  

St. Albans ME   PARC            http://www.qsl.net/parc/hamfest/hamfest.html  

Thomaston ME    PBARC           http://penbayarc.org/                

Windsor ME      AARA            http://www.w1tlc.com/                      

Deerfield NH    NEAR-Fest       http://www.near-fest.com/                   

Henniker NH     CVRC            http://k1bke.org/                    

Manchester NH   NEAntiqueRC     http://www.nearc.net/                        

Londonderry NH  IRS             www.irs.nhradio.org/                 

Rochester NH    GBRA            http://www.w1fz.org/

Bergen NJ       BARA            http://www.bara.org/

Sussex NJ       SCARC    http://www.scarcnj.org/www.scarcnj.org/flyer_2007.htm

Ballston Spa NY SCRACES         http://wa2umx.net/_Hamfest_2008.html

LaGrangeville NY   MtBARC       http://www.wr2abb.org/                       

Lake Placid NY  NNY ARA	 http://www.northnet.org/nnyham/hamfest_flyer2004.htm 

Lindenhurst NY  ToB ARES        http://www.tobares.org/hamfest.html           

Lindenhurst NY  GSB ARA         http://www.gsbarc.org/Hamfest.htm

Long Island NY  LIMARC          http://www.limarc.org/fest.htm                

Middletown NY   OCARC           http://www.ocarc-ny.org/             

Queens NY       Hall of Science http://www.hosarc.org/               

Rensselaer NY   E Greenbush ARA http://www.w2egb.org/                       

Rochester NY    AWA             http://www.antiquewireless.org/ 

Rochester NY    RARA            http://www.rochesterham.org/hamfest.htm  

Wallkill NY     OCARC           http://www.ocarc-ny.org/               

Greenwich RI    Fidelity ARC    http://users.ids.net/~newsm/dates.html

Colchester VT   HAM-CON VT Conv  http://www.ranv.org/hamcon.html      

Swanton VT      STARC           http://www.starc.org/                    
Windsor VT      CVFMA           http://www.cvfma.org/                  

Moncton NB      TCARC           http://www.ve9tca.org/                 

Quispamsis NB   LCARC           http://www.lcarc.ca/                     

Drummondville PQ  leCRdeD       http://www.raqi.ca/ve2crd/hamfest/index.html  

Greenwood PQ    GARC  http://www3.ns.sympatico.ca/esmith/GARC/activities.htm  

Laval PQ        CRALL           http://www.ve2crl.qc.ca/                   

Montreal PQ     MARC            http://www.marc.qc.ca/fest/fest.html        
Montreal PQ     WIARC           http://www.wiarc.ca/                +

Montreal PQ     MS-SARC         http://www.ve2clm.ca/articles.php?lng=fr&pg=120

Montreal PQ     UMS             http://www.ve2ums.ca/agenda/pub_2007_hamf.pdf 

Sorel-Tracy PQ  CRAS-T          http://www.hamfest.qc.ca/                     

St Romuald PQ   ARES            http://www.aresqc.org/                       

St Therese PQ   CRALL           http://www.ve2crl.qc.ca/hamfest2002.htm       

Summerside PEI  SPARC      http://www.summersidearc.com/fleamarket2009.htm   

Greenwood NS    GARC            http://www.greenwoodarc.org/                

Halifax NS      HARC            http://www.halifax-arc.org/        +

Timonium MD     GBHC            http://www.gbhc.org/                          

Montreal Area   MARC List       http://www.marc.qc.ca/fest/festcal.html      
Canada          RAC List        http://rac.eton.ca/events/upcoming.php    

Phila. Area     VARA List       http://www.qsl.net/w2vtm/hamfest.html         

USA             ARRL List       http://www.arrl.org/hamfests.html

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