“Thirteen Original Colonies” Special Event Operation, July 1-5, 2009

13 Colonies special event certificateAn Amateur Radio special event station in Massachusetts in conjunction with other special event stations from each of the original thirteen colonies will be QRV for a “Fourth of July Thirteen Original Colonies” celebration on July 1-5, 2009.

A handsome commemorative certificate will be issued to amateurs who contact one or more of the special events stations, including a “clean sweep” endorsement for those working all 13 stations, designated K2A through K2M. Details are available via the Thirteen Colonies web site.

The Police Amateur Radio Team of Westford has agreed to represent the Massachusetts colony for this event using the call sign “K2H.” PART member Charlie Learoyd, K1PUB is organizing the activity. He is currently seeking volunteers within PART to participate.

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Special SKYWARN Announcement for Field Day Sites

EMA ARRL FD 'logo'From: SkyWarn Announcement List <SkyWarn-list@oak.powersrvcs.net>
To: Skywarn-list@oak.powersrvcs.net <Skywarn-list@oak.powersrvcs.net>
Sent: Thu Jun 25 09:02:13 2009
Subject: Severe Weather/Amateur Radio Field Day Coordination Message #1

Hello to all..

..The following is the first in a series of messages on Amateur Radio Field Day Weekend. Amateur Radio Field Day Weekend is an annual event where Ham Operators across the United States setup at Emergency Operations Centers, field locations, home locations etc. to operate and test their equipment and skills and make as many radio contacts as possible during the weekend. Many locations can be visited by the public and Amateur Radio Field Day can be a form of outreach to Ham and non-Ham Operators. It is both a fun/preparatory event for Ham Radio Operators for Emergency Communications scenarios..
..As have been done over the past 10 years, this will be the first in a series of Severe Weather/Amateur Radio Field Day Coordination Messages to pass instructions to Amateur Radio Field Day sites on what to do if threatening weather approaches and to have Field Day sites guard their SKYWARN repeaters as required if threatening weather approaches..
..Field Day Weekend is expected to have better weather than what we have seen in the past several days, however, there will be the threat of Severe Thunderstorms with Damaging winds and large hail the primary threats across much of Southern New England Friday as SPC and NWS Taunton are in agreement on a Slight Risk for Severe Thunderstorms on Friday. There are additional risks for thunderstorms over the weekend. The threat of those thunderstorms over the weekend is uncertain and it is noted that overall the weather will be drier this weekend than the past 4 days, however, thunderstorms even if non-severe can contain dangerous lightning and that is a threat to any outdoor Amateur Radio Field Day sites in the region..
..This Week is also Lightning Awareness Week and safety information on lightning gets propagated during this period and has coincidentally coincided with Amateur Radio Field Day weekend and that information is included in this coordination message..
..SKYWARN Activation with Ops at NWS Taunton is likely on Friday. SKYWARN monitoring for even non-severe thunderstorms will be done over the weekend to protect Amateur Radio Field Day sites as best as possible..

There are a large number of Amateur Radio Field Day sites across the NWS Taunton County Warning Area and adjacent NWS County Warning Areas. Here are some links to information on these Amateur Radio Field Day Sites from across the region:

Amateur Radio Field Day National Announcement: http://www.arrl.org/contests/announcements/fd/
Amateur Radio Field Day National Locator: http://www.arrl.org/contests/announcements/fd/locator.php
Eastern Massachusetts Field Day Home Page: http://fd.ema.arrl.org/
Connecticut Section Field Day Information: http://ct.arrl.org/
New Hampshire Field Day Home Page: http://www.arrl-nh.org/fd2009.html
Western Massachusetts Field Day Information: http://wma.arrl.org/announce.php?id=163
Rhode Island Field Day Information: http://www.arrl.org/sections/RI.html

If there is additional Amateur Radio Field Day information that you would like to appear in these coordination messages, please contact me and I will add it to this section of the Amateur Radio Field Day Coordination Message.

On Friday, the dreary cool weather will abate completely and lead to warmer conditions. A Cold Front/trough will approach Southern New England and this will be the triggering mechanism for showers and thunderstorms. Some thunderstorms will have the potential to become severe with damaging winds and large hail the primary threats and all thunderstorms have the threat of lightning. The threat timeframe will be in the mid-late afternoon and early evening hours. Key items that will affect the severe potential is the timing of the trough/cold front into the region and the amount of sunshine that will lead to heating and destablization along and ahead of the front. At the time of this coordination message, SPC has placed the region in a Slight Risk for Severe Thunderstorms and NWS Taunton is in agreement with this assessment. Further details on the Friday potential for severe weather will be posted in the Thursday Evening coordination message. Amateur Radio Field Day sites setting up on Friday should use caution and keep an eye to the sky and monitor their local SKYWARN Repeater, NOAA Weather Radio or weather information via Internet and media resources to guard against safety issues if thunderstorms, even if they are non-severe, occur in the region due to the potential lightning risk on radio equipment and antennas. Below is the NWS Taunton Hazardous Weather Outlook and SPC Day-2 Convective Outlook:

NWS Taunton Hazardous Weather Outlook: http://kamala.cod.edu/ma/latest.flus41.KBOX.html
SPC Day-1 Convective Outlook: http://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/outlook/day2otlk.html

SKYWARN Activation with Ops at NWS Taunton is likely on Friday. SKYWARN monitoring for non-severe thunderstorms and their lightning risk will be done throughout the weekend to protect Amateur Radio Field Day sites.

For the weekend, there will be the potential for isolated to scattered showers and thunderstorms on Saturday with lesser chances for this activity on Sunday. Details on how the weekend will evolve are still not certain. As stated previously, the weekend is not expected to be a washout and conditions away from the immediate coastal areas should be better than the past 4 days or so with warmer and more summer like conditions but there will be the potential for an isolated to scattered shower or thunderstorm activity. Future coordination messages will better define the activity for this weekend.

Remember that non-severe thunderstorms can pose a threat to Amateur Radio Field Day sites due to the threat of lightning. Please keep this in mind if you have an outdoor Field Day site. This week is Lightning Awareness Week and the National Weather Service in Taunton has posted information on Lightning Safety Awareness Week. See links below for this information:

NWS Taunton Latest Lightning Safety Awareness Week Statement: http://kamala.cod.edu/ma/latest.nous41.KBOX.html
NWS Taunton Wednesday 6/24/09 Lightning Safety Awareness Week Statement: http://kamala.cod.edu/offs/KBOX/0906241320.nous41.html
NWS Taunton Tuesday 6/23/09 Lightning Safety Awareness Week Statement: http://kamala.cod.edu/offs/KBOX/0906231724.nous41.html
NWS Taunton Monday 6/22/09 Lightning Safety Awareness Week Statement: http://kamala.cod.edu/offs/KBOX/0906221445.nous41.html
NWS Lightning Safety Awareness Home Page: http://www.lightningsafety.noaa.gov/

Field Day sites are encouraged to bring a NOAA All-Hazards Weather Radio and a dedicated Ham Radio that can monitor their local SKYWARN Frequency for their area or if they have mobile Internet capability, that is also a way to monitor for weather information if thunderstorms, even that are non-severe, approach your area. Please see the link below for the latest SKYWARN Frequency information for the region:

The next coordination message will be posted by 1130 PM this evening.

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Macedo (KD1CY)
ARES SKYWARN Coordinator
Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator
Pager #: (508) 354-3142
Home Phone #: (508) 994-1875 (After 6 PM)
Home/Data #: (508) 997-4503 (After 6 PM)
Work Phone #: 1-800-445-2588 Ext.: 72929 (8 AM-5 PM)
Email Address: rmacedo@rcn.com


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BCRA Field Day To Welcome Scouts

BCRA/FRARA logoRoland Daignault, N1JOY writes on BCRA-Club list:

…I have confirmation that we will be having Boy Scout Troop 100 from Westport joining [the Bristol County Repeater Association/Fall River ARC] for a few hours on Saturday afternoon. They have a hike planned that morning and should be finishing up right around the same time the Field Day event begins, which is 2:00 PM. I hope we can have a couple of people available to be good ambassadors for Ham Radio. We have the GOTA station planned, so hopefully we can get a few kids on the air.

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New Winlink2000 Node In S.E. Mass.

Winlink 2k For Dummies book coverDavid Neal, W2DAN writes on BCRA-club list:

I want to let everybody know that there is a new Winlink 2000 Radio Message Server Node (RMS) W2DAN-10 on VHF at 145.010 It is time to dust of those tnc’s and check out Winlink2000. There are some good lessons online that will help you understand Winlink 2000 at http://www.winlink.org and joining the Winlink 2000 Yahoo group.

Winlink 2000 is a worldwide radio messaging system that takes advantage of the Internet where possible. It does this in order to allow the end-user more radio spectrum on the crowded spectrum. Winlink 2000 has an interesting history that may be worth reviewing. Currently, there are more than 15,000 radio users on all the classes of users and approximately 100,000 Internet recipients. Monthly traffic averages over 150,000 messages or 280,000 minutes. Each message has an average duration of approximately 3.4 minutes and each message averages approximately 3,200 bytes. The Pactor 1, 2 and 3 protocols are used on HF, and AX.25 Packet, D-Star and 802.11 are used on VHF/UHF. Growth of the system is dependent on the various classes of users, including normal Amateur use, emergency communications organizations such as the ARRL ARES® and RACES, the UK Cadet forces, the three MARS branches, and others. Most recently there has been an increasing interest in emergency communications, and the Winlink 2000 development team has responded by adding features and functions that make the system more reliable, flexible and redundant. The role of Winlink 2000 in emergency communications is to supplement existing methodologies to add another tool in the toolkit of the volunteer services deploying emergency communications in their communities.

I will be installing a Kam + into the HAMCOW which will be used for APRS, VHF Winlink 2000 Airmail, and HF Winlink 2000 Airmail.. We will have this setup for FD and I will be happy to demonstrate and answer any question. If you are interested in setting up you station to receive Airmail let me know and I will do what I can help and answer any questions.


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Amateurs Receive Praise From MEMA

MEMA logoThe June 18, 2009 issue of MEMA Reports carried a story praising Amateur Radio’s efforts associated with the recent annual hurricane drill:

“On June 1st, MA Amateur Radio emergency communicators, in conjunction with MEMA Region II Office in Bridgewater and the State Emergency Operations Center in Framingham, participated in their annual Hurricane Drill. Local Hams and their Emergency Management Director counterparts from 52 communities performed simulated damage assessments from ‘Hurricane Madison’ using the exercise scenario and local criteria. The results of the drill were universally praised, which bodes well if the region experiences the next ‘real thing’.”

MEMA Reports is distributed as a monthly newsletter produced by the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) to help keep the Public Safety Community of Massachusetts better informed about the day’s Emergency Management issues. MEMA Reports also appears on the MEMA website: <http://www.mass.gov/mema>.

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KY1N List of Volunteer Exam Sessions, 06/19/09

                          The KY1N Memorial List
Scheduled Amateur Radio Volunteer Examinations - CT MA ME NH RI VT
Jim, WW1Y, Editor
Date Time Contact Location Phone
06/20/09 09:00 William D Wilson, K1IN Bloomfield CT 860-869-1059
06/20/09 09:00 Bill Wade, K1IJ Marlborough MA 617-699-3670
06/20/09 09:00 Jim Heedles, WW1Y Nashua NH 603-673-7395
06/20/09 09:00 Thomas Jaworski, WA1MJE Pittsfield MA 413-528-9002
06/21/09 13:00 *Michael Murphy Manchester NH 603-819-1849
06/24/09 19:00 *Paul Upham, KD1YH Lunenburg MA 978-597-6535
06/24/09 19:00 *Paul Upham, KD1YH Shirley MA 978-597-6535
06/26/09 18:00 David Cote, W1FAB Holyoke MA 413-575-2950
06/27/09 09:00 William D Wilson, K1IN Bloomfield CT 860-869-1059
06/27/09 09:00 Kenneth Carr, KB1AWV Cranston RI 401-828-1665
06/27/09 12:00 +Daniel Lee, W1DFL Danvers MA 978-352-4513
06/27/09 13:00 Russ Appleyard, WA2MHY Plymouth MA 508-746-9240
06/28/09 10:00 Bob Quinn, WV1A Gloucester MA 978-282-7645
06/28/09 10:00 Richard Williamson, WA1YQE Milford CT 203-877-5020
07/08/09 19:15 *James Weckback, W1EQW Framingham MA 508-435-6487
07/09/09 19:00 Louis Mester, W1CH Providence RI 401-263-6045
07/09/09 19:00 Ivan Lazure, N1OXA South Paris ME 207-784-0350
07/10/09 18:30 Ralph T Stetson III, KD1R Burlington VT 802-878-6454
07/11/09 08:45 *William J Needham, K1WN Braintree MA 781-843-4400
07/11/09 09:00 Ben Fleck, K2LYE Falmouth MA 508-540-2583
07/11/09 09:30 Ernest Laug, KA1NGG Stamford CT 203-348-3993
07/12/09 12:00 Bob Quinn, WV1A Gloucester MA 978-283-4660
07/12/09 19:00 Kevin Cellini, N1KGM Trumbull CT 203-268-5015
07/13/09 19:00 Jim Clogher, N1ICN Brookline MA 617-364-4658
07/14/09 19:00 Lawrence Polowy, KU1L Thomaston CT 860-283-4089
07/15/09 19:00 Robert E Moreland, KA1ZMF Milford CT 203-934-4059
07/16/09 19:30 Louis Harris, N1UEC Canton MA 508-668-0858
07/16/09 18:00 Bryce Rumery, K1GAX South Portland ME 207-799-1116
07/16/09 18:30 John Ruggiero, N2YHK Worcester MA 508-982-0617
07/17/09 19:00 Walter Styslo, KA1DFH Farmington CT 860-529-8474
07/19/09 10:00 William Mcgarvey, AA1ZR Machias ME 207-853-2951

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NET         SES   QTC   QNI   QTR   NM
EM2MN       30    364   179   477   N1TPU
EMRIPN      26    129   66    249   WA1FNM
WARPSN      05    10    113   NA    NI1X

QTC=Traffic  QNI=Checkins  QTR=Minutes

CALL        TOTAL       PSHR
N1IQI       1237        110
W1GMF       1018        120
KW1U        751         120
N1UMJ       635         160
N1LKJ       362         116
KD1LE       74          165
KK1X        22          194
WA1FNM      03          NA

Congratulations on a job WELL DONE.

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The annual Traffic Handlers Picnic for EMA will be held August 2, 2008 at the Raynham

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