Additional Call for Boston Marathon Volunteers

The Boston Athletic Association still needs Amateur Radio volunteers for the 120th Boston Marathon on April 18, 2016.

Radio team members provide communications linking the Hopkinton-based locations, net control, various course locations, including: first aid and water stations, observation points, supply vehicles, MEMA, sweep buses, and medical operations.

If interested, visit to signup.

Boy Scout Radio Badge Instructor Sought

Dave Pascoe, KM3T writes on the YCCC reflector:

The wife of a former colleague and friend of mine is leading a Boy Scout STEM Merit Badge college in April. Her instructor for Radio Merit Badge did not pan out. Does anyone here know anyone who might be interested in teaching basic radio knowledge to teenage boys?

Previous experience is not required – just an understanding of the material. The curriculum is predetermined:

The STEM University is being held at Assabet Valley Regional Technical HS in Marlborough MA on 2 Saturdays (4/9 and 4/30) from 9:00 to 2:30. Scouts are expected to attend both weekends. Each day will consist of 3 one and half hour sessions and a lunch break, you will have the same scouts both weekends.

If you can help please call me on (978) 843-4104 or pass this information along to someone you think might be able to help.

Framingham ARA Spring Flea Market April 10, 2016

The Framingham ARA Spring Flea Market will take place on April 10, 2016 at the Keefe Technical School, 750 Winter St. in Framingham. Admission for buyers is $5, and under 12 is free. Tables are $20 in advance and $25 at the door if available. There will be refreshments, a VE session and door prizes. Also, the Yankee Clipper Contest Club will hold an open meeting at the flea from 12:30-4:00 PM.

For complete information, visit





Last month I talked about copying a message on a net.  After delivering the message you might need to send a message back to the originator.  Anytime a message is undeliverable a service message is required.  If the message you delivered had a handling instruction HXC the originator requests a message back with date and time of delivery. If a handling instruction is HXE the originator requests a reply from the recipient.  Or you might just want to send a message to a family member, a friend or another ham. How do you go about it?

First, have your radiogram form in front of you and fill it out appropriately, including the boxes in the preamble, the full address and phone number if available, the text and signature.  If sending a service message, ARRL Numbered radiograms can be used, ie ARL FORTY SEVEN if a message was successfully delivered, or ARL SIXTY SEVEN if you were unable to make a delivery.  A list of ARRL numbered radiograms can be found on our website. When using one of these texts don’t forget to fill in the blanks.  For example:
When using these ARRL numbered radiograms add ARL to the check in the preamble, ie ARL 8, and spell out the ARL numbers in the text, ie ARL FORTY SEVEN, not ARL 47.  10 digit phone numbers in the text are sent in three word groups, ie 555 321 4566 is three word groups in the check.

When you check into a net, list traffic, and are directed by NCS to send your traffic, remember to read the message at a speed the recipient can copy.  Imagine writing the words yourself as you read.  Read all parts in the order of your radiogram form, using proper prowords where appropriate.  Prowords introduce certain parts of your message and are used for clarity and to help assure accuracy in copying.

In the preamble the only proword we use is the word “NUMBER” at the very beginning.  It is not necessary to say “station of origin is”, “check is”, etc. as the station copying the message is already anticipating the order of the preamble. Following the preamble go immediately into the name, address and phone number, spelling uncommon proper names using proper phonetics as listed on our website. Prior to reading the text, say “BREAK” and pause a few seconds to give the receiving station an opportunity to ask for fills.  If no response, continue on to the text.  NO need to say “how copy”, “text follows” etc.  If the receiving station isn’t copying, he/she will ask for fills as needed.

When reading the texts, spell uncommon words or letter groups, introducing with “I SPELL”.  Introduce number groups with “FIGURES” to distinguish from numbers spelled out. ie “FIGURES 678”.  Introduce an alphanumeric group with “MIXED GROUP”, ie 0230Z”, or for callsigns, “AMATEUR CALL”, ie AMATEUR CALL KW1U”.  At the end of the text, say “BREAK” again, pausing a few seconds to listen for any fills.  If no response, continue to signature followed by “END NO MORE”, or “END MORE” if appropriate.  Again, NO need to say “how copy”.  Receiving station will ask for fills if needed, or say “ROGER”. 

That’s it.  Sound complicated?  Not really.  Just remember we have all made mistakes, including your section traffic manager, and we’re all here to learn to do better.  We follow these guidelines since this has proven to lead to better accuracy and efficienty.



EM2MN 29 54 167 542 N1SYC 145.23 8 PM Daily
MARIPN 11 7 40 133 N1LAH 3978 Khz 6PM Tu,Th,Sa

HHTN 12 9 74 199 W1HAI MMRA Rptrs 10PM M,W,F
CITN No Report

N2JWW 147.375 7:30PM Daily
MARI 29 73 98 412 KW1U 3565 Khz 7PM Daily
CM2MN 26 17 176 236 KK1X 146.97 9PM Daily
WMTN C1 26 6 286 390 N1QOV 146.91 10AM Daily
WMTN C2 16 4 121 129 N1YCW 146.91 1PM M-F
WMEN 4 124 1 NA W1JWN 3944 Khz 8:30AM Su
NEPN No Report

N2JWW 3945 Khz 8:45 Su
KW1U 0 219 193 4 416
N1IQI 0 163 209 0 372
N1TF 2 82 98 14 196
KB1WXC 1 32 42 1 76
N1LKJ 1 27 36 0 64
KC1CIC 0 15 33 11 59
W1PLK 0 5 3 3 11
N1LAH 0 0 0 0 0
AC7RB Inactive


PSHR 1 2 3 4 5 6 TOTAL
KW1U 40 40 30 10 0 20 140
KC1CIC 40 40 30 15 0 0 125
N1IQI 40 40 10 10 0 10 110
N1TF 40 40 20 5 0 0 105
KB1WXC 40 40 20 0 0 0 100
N1LKJ 28 40 10 5 0 0 83



Falmouth ARA on Community TV

Brent Putnam writes on the Falmouth ARA Facebook page:

“Falmouth in Focus” is a news magazine style production of Falmouth Community Television (Comcast Channel 13), our local public access station. They will be at the club shack on the Joint Base Cape Cod on Thursday, March 10 at 5:30pm to film the shack and interview some members of FARA. Anyone interested is welcome to attend – to watch or to participate if you’re so inclined.”





March 5,2016 Eastern MA Hospital Net

Hello Everyone, 

Net Control for the March 5, 2016 Eastern MA Hospital Net will be the South Shore Hospital Amateur Radio Club. The net will commence at the usual time of 10am using the following repeaters in the order listed.


1. Plymouth 146.685 tone 82.5

2. Marshfield 145.390 tone 67.0

3. Fall River 146.805 tone 67.0

4. Simplex 147.42

The Net will than return to the Plymouth Repeater for final comments and Net closing.




I have been informed that the Genesis Amateur Radio Society has recently worked on their repeater and they believe performance should be improved.


The South Shore Hospital’s repeater 147.345 tone 110.9 recently had improvements completed as well. We would like to test it this month after the regular net to determine the ability of net participants to communicate with it. If the test proves successful we will place this repeater into the regular monthly rotation.


We Hope to hear you all Saturday @10am

John O’ – K1JRO

South Shore Hospital Amateur Radio Club – W1SSH
c/o Volunteer Services
55 Fogg Road,
South Weymouth, MA 02190

New England Area Flea Markets, March 1, 2016

New England Area   Ham - Electronic Flea Market  ***  DATES ***    2016 P 1 of 2

All events are Ham Radio/ Electronic related except ~_____~

2016                                                    Contact          Source     

5 Mar Chicopee MA MtTomARA @MooseLdge @8:30 S@6:30 Brian KC1BDF 860 478 6790  + 
6 Mar Westford MA Radio    @Regency   Antique             Bruce 603 772 7516       

13 Mar Henniker NH CVRC @Comm Sch                  Donald N1ZIH 603 707 7996 A+
19 Mar Dayville CT ECARA @StJosephCh $3@8A $10/T    Peter K1LNX 401 603 1485    

20 Mar Southington CT @HS $5@8 $20/T                John WA1JKR 860 621 8791    
25,26 Mar Lewiston ME AARC ME Conv @Ramada @8        Ivan N1OXA 207 784 0350       

2 Ap Newton MA PHSNE Photographica Sat Only @AmLegion @9A  John 781 592 2553  +
9 Ap Windsor CT VR+C Mus 115 Pierson LN @8AM Indoor/Out    John 860 673 0518  +

9 Ap Hampton NH PCARC @MasonLdg $5@8 $10/T@7          Mark K1RX 603 775 0220 F+

9 Ap LaSalle PQ MARC @RC Legion $5@9 $10/T@8:15             Jim 514 990 1965 W+

10 April Framingham MA FARA @KeefeTech @9 $25/T     Eric KB1PJN 508 310 5913   

16 April Gails Ferry CT RASON Auction $5@9 S@8       Stan KT1SS 860 376 3770  

16 Ap S Portland ME PAWA @Am Legion $6@8 $10/T@6:30 Bryce K1GAX 207 415 0498 W+

17 Apr Cambridge MA             Flea at  MIT              Mitch 617 253 3776     
                     Third Sunday April thru October  

24 Ap Middletown NY OCARC                          Bruce K2ULZ  845 391 3620 A+  

29,30 Apr Deerfield NH NEARfest XIX   @FG            Mike K1TWF 978 250 1235    

14 May E Greenbush NY EGARA @FireCo $6@8 $6/T@6      Tom KC2FCP 518 272 1494 

LAST UPDATE 3-1-16 de W1GSL                    P 1    
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New England Area  Ham - Electronic  Flea Market  ***  DATES  *** 2016  P2 of 2  

2016                                                    Contact          Source  

15 May Cambridge MA             Flea at  MIT              Mitch 617 253 3776  
                       Third Sunday April thru October

21 May Goshen CT  SoBARC  $5@8  @FG                 Stan W2VID  518 398 7003  W+

4 June Hermon ME PSARA @8 @HS TG@6:30               Jerry K1GUP 207 848 3400  

5 June Bethpage NY LIMARC @Briercliff             Richard K2KNB 516 694 4937 A+

5 June Fishkill NY MtBARC @CorrectionalQWL $5@8     Adam KC2DAA 845 849 3666 W+

11 June Windsor CT VR+C Mus 115 Pierson LN @8AM Outdoor    John 860 673 0518  +

19 June Cambridge MA           Flea at  MIT               Mitch 617 253 3776  

17 July Cambridge MA           Flea at  MIT               Mitch 617 253 3776  

13 Aug St Albans VT STARC @VFW $5@8                   Arn N1ARN 802 309 0666    

21 Aug Cambridge MA             Flea at  MIT              Mitch 617 253 3776  +

28 Aug Adams MA NoBARC @BoweFld 6:30sell 7:30buy    Eric KA1SUN 413 743 9975  

17 Sept Forestdale RI RIAFMRS @VFW $5/Sp@8           Pete AA1PL 401 639 4484  

9,11 Sept Boxboro MA FEMARA NE Conv   *NEW DATE *    Mike K1TWF 978 250 1235  +      
10 Sept Windsor CT VR+C Mus 115 Pierson LN @8AM Outdoor    John 860 673 0518  +

18 Sep Cambridge MA             Flea at  MIT              Mitch 617 253 3776  

14,15 Oct Deerfield NH NEARfest XX    @FG            Mike K1TWF 978 250 1235  +

16 Oct Cambridge MA             Flea at  MIT              Mitch 617 253 3776  

30 Oct Hicksville NY LIMARC @Levitt Hall          Richard K2KNB 516 694 4937 A+

12 Nov Bourne MA FARA @UpperCC VoTech $5@9 $10/S@7  Ralph N1YHS 508 548 0422  

3 Dec Windsor CT VR+C Mus 115 Pierson LN @8AM Indoor       John 860 673 0518  +
LAST UPDATE 3-1-16 de W1GSL               P 2 of 2    
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Source    F+= Flyer  T= tentative early info     + = new info this month           
A= ARRL R= RAC list  W= web         WR NV CQ QST = Mags 
This list has been compiled from many sources.  
While we believe the info to be accurate the author can not be responsible for 
changes or errors. Check with the sponsoring organizations for more details.   
This list will be posted monthly to USENET.     
Mailed copies are sent when additions are made. 
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New England Area  Ham - Electronic  Flea Market  ***  DATES  *** 2016 -> ***
Page 3 Electronic distribution only.  This page has the overflow if any 
from the paper version.

2016                                                    Contact          Source

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                             73 Steve F

New England Area  Ham - Electronic  Flea Market  ***  DATES  ***     P4
Links to New England Hamfest Web Sites                (c) 2016 W1GSL
This section is only included in the electronic distribution.

Cambridge MA    Flea at MIT

Hopkinton NH    Hosstraders   RIP

Boxborough MA   NE ARRL Conv

Adams MA        N BerkshireARC

Dartmouth MA    SEMARA

Falmouth MA     FARA  

FeedingHills MA MTARA 

Framingham MA   FARA  

Marlboro MA     AARC                    +

Newton MA       Waltham ARA Auction

Rockport MA     CAARA 

S Dartmouth MA  SEMARA

Wakefield MA    Photographica

Westford MA     NEAntiqueRC

Whately MA      FranklinCARC

Worcester MA    WPI ACM

Dayville CT     ECARA 

Gales Ferry CT  RASON 

Gales Ferry CT  TCARC               +

Goshen CT       SBARC 

Hartford CT     ARRL 100th  

Manchester CT   VHF/UHF Conf             
         was Enfield

Manchester CT   PVRA                   

Meriden CT      Nutmeg CT Conv
        was Wallingford

Newington CT    NARL  

Newtown CT      CARA                +

North Haven CT        

Southington CT  SARA  

Vernon CT       NARC  

Wallingford CT  Nutmeg CT Conv
         moved to Meriden CT

Windsor CT      Vintage R Mus

Agusta ME       AARA  

Alexander ME    StCVARC

Hermon ME       PSARC 

Lewiston ME     AARC       +      
S. Portland ME  PAWA  

St. Albans ME   PARC  

Thomaston ME    PBARC 

Windsor ME      AARA  

Brookline NH    NEAntiqueRC

Deerfield NH    NEAR-Fest

Hampton NH      PCARC          +

Henniker NH     CVRC  

Londonderry NH  IRS   

Manchester NH   NEAntiqueRC
        Moved to Westford MA
        Moved to Brookline NH

N Conway NH     WMARC 

Rochester NH    GBRA  

Bergen NJ       BARA  

Sussex NJ       SCARC

Ballston Spa NY SCRACES

E Greenbush NY  E Greenbush ARA           +

Fishkill NY     MtBARC          +
   was LaGrangeville
Lake Placid NY  NNY ARA

Lindenhurst NY  ToB ARES

Lindenhurst NY  GSB ARA

Long Island NY  LIMARC

Middletown NY   OCARC 

Queens NY       Hall of Science

Rochester NY    AWA   

Rochester NY    RARA  

Wallkill NY     OCARC 

Greenwich RI    Fidelity ARC

Forestdale RI   RIFMRS

Woonsocket RI   BVARC 

Colchester VT   HAM-CON VT Conv
   Moved to S Burlington

St. Albans VT   STARC 

Springfield VT  CVFMA 

Moncton NB      TCARC 

Quispamsis NB   LCARC 

Greenwood NS    GARC  

Drummondville PQ  leCRdeD

Greenwood PQ    GARC  

Laval PQ        CRALL 

Montreal PQ     MARC  

Montreal PQ     WIARC 

Montreal PQ     MS-SARC

Montreal PQ     UMS   

Sorel-Tracy PQ  CRAS-T

St Romuald PQ   ARESdQ

St Therese PQ   CRALL 

Summerside PEI  SPARC

Greenwood NS    GARC  

Halifax NS      HARC  

Timonium MD     GBHC  

Montreal Area   MARC List

Canada          RAC List

Phila. Area     VARA List

USA             ARRL List

P4 LAST UPDATE 1-14-16 de W1GSL                                          P 4
Additions/ Corrections via Internet
                           US Mail  W1GSL POB 397082 MIT Br Cambridge MA 02139
(c)2016 W1GSL        SASE for updated copy as issued.
unlimited reproduction permitted in entirety

Reminder: Monthly EMA ARES Net 3/7 8:30pm

Hello to all….

A reminder that the monthly ARES Net for March is rapidly approaching. The monthly ARES Net for March is Monday the 7th, at 8:30 PM on the MMRA Repeater system. This is after the MEMA Nets earlier in the evening. For frequencies that will be linked into the ARES Net on the MMRA Network, please see the following link from the MMRA web site detailing the repeaters that will be linked in through Hub 1:

Make this first Monday of the month, “Emergency Communications Night” and check into your local RACES Net and then check into the ARES Net on the MMRA Repeater System. We look forward to your participation and remember, we are always looking for Net Controls to run the ARES Net.

We will have several interesting announcements for the net that evening and we look forward to everyone’s participation. Updates will be posted via email and on the Eastern Massachusetts ARES Web Site at

Thanks for your continued support of ARES!

Marek Kozubal, KB1NCG
EMA Section Emergency Coordinator

MS Walk Boston, April 3, 2016

Brett Smith, writes:

Throughout the year, the National MS Society organizes walks to raise funds for multiple sclerosis research and patient advocacy. The Boston-area walks have long relied on hams to help ensure everyone’s safety.

This year’s MS Walk Boston is on Sunday, April 3rd. It starts and ends at Boston University’s Nickerson Field in Boston, and runs along the Commonwealth Ave and Charles River. Volunteers will check in at 8:00 AM, and stay until the early afternoon. Lunch is available at the finish.

Rick Savage, KB1LYJ, is organizing the hams for this event. To volunteer, please write him with the following information:

Your call sign, full name, and name you prefer on the air
Contact information: your e-mail address, postal address, and phone numbers where you can be reached (cell, home, office)
Your shirt size
The transmit band(s) of your radio(s), and other equipment you could bring
Do you have any needs or requests we should consider when making your assignment?
In addition to contacting Rick all volunteers must register online. This is a requirement of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Rick can also answer any questions you have about the event.

Thanks for volunteering, and 73,

Brett Smith, AB1RL
Public Service Coordinator, Boston Amateur Radio Club