Ham Help Needed For Jimmy Fund Walk, 9/12/2010

Jimmy Fund logoSteve Schwarm, W3EVE writes:

Hams are needed for the Jimmy Fund Marathon Walk. It will be on Sunday, Sept 12. There are hams needed at the medical station, at each “refueling station” and on the medical buses. It is a whole day event but there is some flexibility in start and end times for medical stations. You will need a 2 meter HT with extra batteries. This is a low key event and a good first public service event for a new ham.

If you can help or have a question, send an email. Make sure it has Jimmy Fund in the subject. Feel free to call me if you would like to talk about it.

Steve, W3EVE
cell: 508-922-9688
w3eve at earthlink dot net

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MEMA Training Classes Offered in Late August through October 2010

Please see the MEMA Training Classes being offered as forwarded by Massachusetts State RACES Radio Officer, Tom Kinahan, N1CPE.

The following new courses have been added to the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency’s
training calendar:

Incident Command System 200 at 911 Public Safety Academy on August 31, 2010

Incident Command System 200 at Agawam Training Room on September 9, 2010

Incident Command System 200 at Mema Region I on September 29, 2010

Incident Command System 300 at Plymouth Cty. Sheriff’s Dept. Regional Training Center on September
14, 2010

Incident Command System 300 at Agawam Training Room on September 20, 2010

Incident Command System 400 at Plymouth Cty. Sheriff’s Dept. Regional Training Center on October 5, 2010

Incident Command System 400 at Lanesborough Fire Station on October 28, 2010

Small Animal Handling & First Aid (3:00pm – 5:00pm) at Paxton Public Safety Complex on September 24,

Small Animal Handling & First Aid (6:00pm – 8:00pm) at Paxton Public Safety Complex on September 24,

Visit our web site at
for more details.


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Nantucket Lighthouse Operation Featured in Boston Globe

Nantucket/N1N Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend operationToday’s Boston Globe carried a feature story about Amateur Radio and the Nantucket Lightship operation in conjuction with the International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend. Globe correspondent Sydney Lupkin quoted Mike Rioux, W1USN of Boxford, MA, along with Robert Mannino of South Hampton, NH, who acquired the lightship for $1 in October 2009 from the National Lighthouse Museum.

Amateurs from the USS Cassin Young Amateur Radio Club staffed the lightship for the special event operation, using the callsign N1N.

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Boxboro Hamfest/New England ARRL Division Convention Features ARES/RACES/SKYWARN Booth/Presentations

Hello to all..

The Boxboro Hamfest and New England ARRL Division Convention will be held Friday August 27th-29th at the Holiday Inn in Boxboro Massachusetts. General information on the Hamfest/Convention including the complete forum program, schedule, dinners, vendors and other events can be seen via the following link:


There will be a RACES/ARES/SKYWARN booth at the Boxboro Hamfest/New England Division Convention staffed by Eastern Massachusetts ARES, RACES, SKYWARN personnel who can answer questions on the various EMCOMM programs in Massachusetts and direct folks within the New England Division to resources within their section. Please stop by and visit the booth during the convention/hamfest. Sign-ups for ARES and SKYWARN and various email lists will be taken at the booth throughout the convention timeframe. Additional booths by other organizations will be present and see boxboro.org for more information.

The Hamfest and New England Division Convention will feature the following in regards to SKYWARN/ARES/RACES/MARS/EMCOMM related items:

-SKYWARN Training on Friday August 27th, 2010 from 1-4 PM in the Cotillion Room at the Holiday Inn in Boxboro. The session is open to anyone wishing to receive SKYWARN training

-ICS-100 Training Class on Friday August 27th, 2010 from 9 AM-4:30 PM in the Seminar Room

Emergency Communications/SKYWARN Presentations on Saturday August 28th, 2010 in the Seminar Conference Room:

-Winlink 2000/Winmor presentation by Massacusetts State RACES Radio Officer Tom Kinahan-N1CPE from 9-10 AM.

-Vermont RACES by Rob Schnell-W1RVT, John Borichevesky-N1TOX and Ray Machell-KC1BT from 10-11 AM.

-SKYWARN Overview presented by Rob Macedo-KD1CY from 11 AM-Noon.

-ARES SEC Forum moderated by Rob Macedo-KD1CY with presentations from various ARES Section Emergency Coordinators and their designees Noon-1 PM.

Emeregency Communications Presentations on Sunday August 29th, 2010:

-Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines MARS Joint Meeting moderated by Bob Veth-K1RJV/NNN0FCC in the Cotillion Conference Room from 10 AM-Noon. Open to all Amateur Radio Operators

Once again, a complete forum schedule, vendors and other information on the Boxboro Hamfest/New England Division Convention are available via their web site at http://www.boxboro.org

We look forward to seeing many folks at the convention!

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Macedo (KD1CY)
ARES SKYWARN Coordinator
Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator   
Home Phone #: (508) 994-1875 (After 6 PM)
Home/Data #: (508) 997-4503 (After 6 PM)
Work Phone #: 508-346-2929 (8 AM-5 PM)
Email Address: rmacedo@rcn.com

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Nashoba Valley ARC’s “Lantern Battery Challenge” Begins in October

W1XP lantern battery setupThe Nashoba Valley Amateur Radio Club is continuing a neat tradition that encourages on-air activity by its members: the second annual NVARC Lantern Battery Challenge. This operating event begins at the end of the October meeting and runs until March 1, 2011. The goal is to contact as many stations as possible using a pack of lantern batteries as the sole power source. An entry fee is charged to cover the cost of the batteries. Complete rules and an entry blank will be available at the September NVARC meeting.

According to NVARC’s Bob Reif, W1XP, the Lantern Battery Challenge “is primarily a QRP event but the actual power is not specified.” There are several classes of entry, including: CW, SSB, digital, and mixed modes. Additionally, participants are restricted to using wire antennas or verticals no more than 50 feet in height. But, says Reif, “there is an unlimited category that you can compete in with your big antenna farm if you desire. The main purpose of this event is to have fun. And everyone that entered last year said they did.”

Participants operate for the event duration from October to March, or until his or her lantern battery is exhausted. They can run as much or little power as they wish, but all sending and receiving must be powered by the battery, comprised of ten lantern battery cells.

Logs will be due at the March meeting. Awards will be given out at the April NVARC meeting. Spreadsheets, computer logs or even paper logs on ARRL log book format are acceptable. A summery sheet is required and the exact form will be provided. QSLs are not required but verification by the judging committee is possible.

The idea is to have the period of operation cover the usually good HF conditions of fall and winter. All contacts must be made on the normal “contest” bands of 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters. Work any station only once per band, per mode.

Good luck in the “contest!”

Thanks, Nashoba Valley ARC Signal, August 2010, Volume 19, Number 8

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Boxboro 2010 is Coming!

Boxboro 2010 logo

ARRL New England Division Convention Chairman Mike Reisbeck, K1TWF writes:

The ARRL New England Convention, “Boxboro!”, is around the corner!! It’s at the Holiday Inn Boxborough, in Boxborough, MA. There are ICS and Skywarn courses on Friday, August 27 (signup will be required). The Flea Market and Exhibits run Saturday, August 28 and Sunday, August 29. There’s the Friday night Contesting Dinner, the Saturday Night Banquet with keynote speaker ARRL CEO Dave Sumner, K1ZZ and the ARRL Wouff Hong Ceremony on Saturday at midnight. Go to www.boxboro.org to see the latest details.

There’s still time to order your tickets. Visit www.boxboro.org and click on BUY TICKETS. Remember, tickets for the Friday Contesting dinner and Saturday Banquet must be preordered.

We’ll see you there!

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Chatham Marconi Maritime Center Dedicated


Amateur Radio and wireless history are proudly on display on Cape Cod with the dedication on August 1, 2010 of the Chatham Marconi Maritime Center (CMCC) in Chatham.

CMMC will be open this year for a preview of its exhibits until just before Labor Day. The Grand Opening will be in 2011.

The Center, situated on the receiving site of former Marconi/RCA coast station WCC features “numerous exhibits of radio receivers, teletype machines, a directional antenna, and a diorama” of radio station WCC. Morse code keys for interactives, videos and slide shows are being integrated into the exhibits.

During its heyday, the receiving station used six rhombic antennas supported by poles on 18 acres of land to communicate to and from ships all over the world. In addition to its commercial value, WCC was used by the military to intercept German communications during World War II. The station was the subject of the Mooncusser Films documentary Chatham Radio: WCC the Untold Story, narrated by Walter Cronkite, KB2GSD (Silent Key).

Amateur radio figures prominently at the Marconi Maritime Center. “Since Amateur Radio is the link between the station’s past and the present, it can show visitors what communication via radio was like in the midst of artifacts from the station’s past,” comments WCC Amateur Radio Association’s Rob Leiden, K1UI.

Prior to the Center’s renovation/rededication this month, WA1WCC was an active enterprise. “WA1WCC operated during the 100th anniversary of Marconi’s first transatlantic transmission. We’ve also been on the air for special anniversaries, like Marconi’s birthday,” adds Leiden.

WA1WCC features two complete HF stations, including a linear amplifier. At present, it sports a 70-foot loaded zepp and a 40 meter dipole, and more antennas are planned. Although the station isn’t regularly accessible to the public during business hours, Leiden says it is open to visitors “by appointment.”

Many local hams have contributed to the station’s efforts through their labor and donations of equipment. Membership in the WCC ARA currently numbers around a dozen members–many of whom are former WCC operators.

–Thanks, K1UI

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ICS-100 Training At Boxboro

MEMATom Kinahan, N1CPE writes on mras-general list:

We’ve asked MEMA to hold a special ICS-100 training class for any and all ham radio operators during the Boxboro ARRL New England Ham radio convention.

On Friday August 27 from 9am to 4pm, we will be offering an in person ICS-100 training class. If you are involved or want to be involved in emergency communications or emergency management with any government or non-government agency, they will require you to have taken this class, and some others. The training class is Free, and you will need to bring your lunch, or buy it there. On Saturday and Sunday August 28 and 29 there will be many other seminars and events including a flea market.

In order to attend this ICS-100 class, you will need to pre-register. Convention tickets will not required for this class. (but will be available)

Go to http://www.boxboro.org for details.

Download the registration form at: http://www.boxboro.org/Boxborough_ICS100_App.pdf

and either fax it, or email it to James.Mcloughlin@state.ma.us

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MMRA Fox On The Air At Boxboro Convention

MMRA logoThe Minuteman Repeater Association Foxbox will be hidden and activated at the ARRL New England Division Convention in Boxboro on August on August 27, 2010 before 6 PM. It will continue to operate during the Convention.

According to a special edition of the organization’s newsletter, the device will periodically transmit on 145.630, PL 146.2. It will be moved on Saturday at around 5 PM to a new location. MMRA will publish a list of those who find the box on Friday and Saturday at their booth by noon on Sunday. The successful foxhunters’ identities will also be announced in the MMRA September newsletter.

The organization wants to assist those newcomers who desire a little help in getting started in fox hunting. “Let us know if you would like to have an experienced fox hunter give you tips or even potentially lead you on a fox hunt.”




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NET         SES   QTC   QNI   QTR   NM
EM2MN       30    557   176   432   KB1ENV
EMRIPN      23    120   58    130   WA1FNM
HHTN        14    50    43    191   K1YCQ
WARPSN      04    07    55    NA    NI1X

QTC=Traffic QNI=Checkins  QTR=Minutes

CALL        TOTAL       PSHR
N1IQI       1613        110
W1GMF       1240        120
KW1U        1101        120
N1LKJ       532         120
N1UMJ       343         150
K1YCQ       265         110
KD1LE       104         265
W1PLK       45          84
KK1X        28          253
WA1FNM      02          NA

Congratulations on a job WELL DONE.

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South Shore Hospital Amateur Radio Open House Tuesday August 24th, 2010 from 5-7 PM

Hello to all..

The following information was provided by ARES Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator, Carl Aveni, N1FY, on Amateur Radio volunteer communication opportunities at the South Shore Hospital where an Open House for Amateur Radio Operators has been scheduled. The text of the press release and the flyer are listed below:

Based on recent FCC data, there are 91 active Amateur Radio licenses in the town of Weymouth and many more in surrounding communities. If you are an experienced Amateur Radio Operator and you are interested in becoming a Radio Communications Volunteer for South Shore Hospital, please join us at an open house on Tuesday, August 24, 2010, from 5:00pm – 7:00pm in the Private Dining Room on the second floor of the Emerson Building.

For more information, please call Joan Cooper-Zack, RN, Emergency Preparedness Manager, (781)-624-4366

Or email

Joan_Cooper-Zack at sshosp.org

John_O’Neill at sshosp.org

South Shore Hospital Open House Flyer: http://ares.ema.arrl.org/local/Ham_Radio_Flyer_8-24.pdf

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St. Columbkille Summer Campers Learn About Ham Radio

K9HI and K1NUN present about ham radio at St. Columbkille Summer Camp #1Boston College – On Thursday, August 5, students from the St. Columbkille Summer Camp at Boston College participated in a unique demonstration of an old technology that is still new today – Amateur Radio.

Phil Temples, K9HI, a staff member in the Boston College Computer Science Department, and Eric Falkof, K1NUN, an employee of the Hewlett-Packard Company explained some basic principles of radio theory to the 5th, 6th and 7th graders in attendance. The presentation was one of several activities comprising the Camp’s Science & Technology curriculum.

Falkof used a Slinky toy to demonstrate the basic concepts of frequency and wavelength. He also demonstrated an operational shortwave station complete with a vertical antenna mounted on a stepladder, and Morse code telegraph keys made from paper clips, a doorknob, and a block of wood. The campers then completed a fun quiz in the Morse code and the international spelling alphabet.

Several lucky campers had the opportunity to speak directly over the radio by voice to a local ham operator in the Boston area. Later, the group spoke with an individual who was driving in his car near Huntsville, Alabama.

K9HI and K1NUN present about ham radio at St. Columbkille Summer Camp #2

Although ham radio is as old as radio itself, amateurs have made great strides in modernizing the hobby service. Temples described and demonstrated how computers and the Internet are reshaping what we define as radio. Temples connected – by radio linked via the Internet – with nodes in the Midwest and Ireland.

The campers were excited to learn the Morse code, and talking to a stranger a thousand miles away seemed a bit weird, but the excitement of a practical use of science for personal fun is a memory that will not fade quickly. They learned about the many aspects and uses of ham radio – including first-hand that it’s a party line of excitement, learning, and friendships over the air.

For information about teaching Amateur Radio in the classroom, see <http://www.arrl.org/amateur-radio-in-the-classroom>. Information about the St. Columbkille Summer Camp can be obtained by contacting the Boston College Office of Governmental & Community Affairs at (617) 552-4787.

[See also: St. Columbkille Summer Campers Explore Amateur Radio as Part of Sci-Tech Curriculum]


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Hurricane Hudson Drill Garners Statewide Participation

Phil McLaughlin, KB1CYO; Steve Schwarm, W3EVE; Rob Macedo, KD1CY; Jim Tynan, KC1JET at the National Weather Service in TauntonAmateurs across Massachusetts participated in the “Hurricane Hudson” emergency exercise on August 2, 2010. The two hour exercise involved members of the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES), Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) members from both Western and Eastern Massachusetts, the Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS), Emergency Management Agencies (EMAs) in towns and cities, as well as the National Weather Service in Taunton.

The exercise scenario, designed by Eastern MA Section Emergency Coordinator Rob Macedo, KD1CY, and other MRAS leaders, called for significant infrastructure damage to landline and cellular telephone, and loss of commercial power. EMAs were encouraged to report damage assessments to state and federal authorities as well as practicing simulated recovery operations at their discretion as a training opportunity.

The exercise utilized a wide variety of communications modes, including: RACES nets, the Echolink *NEW-ENG* conference node, the IRLP Reflector, the MEMA VHF Radio system on non-amateur frequencies for cities, towns and agencies, the MA Web EOC, and the MA Health and Homeland Alert Network. At various times during the drill, RACES nets were forced to reconvene to simplex frequencies due to simulated repeater outages.

Tom Kinahan, N1CPE and a team of Amateurs staffed the Massachusetts State EOC. Terry Stader, KA8SCP and a team of Amateurs staffed the MEMA Region 1 Tewksbury office. Bob Mims, WA1OEZ and a team of operators staffed the MEMA Region 2 office. Steve Rodowicz, N1SR, and others staffed the MEMA Region 3 office, while John Ruggerio, N2YHK and a team of amateurs staffed the Worcester City Emergency Operations Center which supports the MEMA Region 3 office. The National Weather Service in Taunton was staffed by Rob Macedo, KD1CY along with four other amateurs. Many local city and town Emergency Operation Centers were also staffed. ARES Command Centers were staffed at the local town of Bridgewater EOC, local town of Acushnet EOC and the Clay Center Observatory in Brookline, Massachusetts through the efforts of Carl Aveni, N1FY in Bridgewater; Ed Caron, KA1RSY in Acushnet; and Marek Kozubal, KB1NCG in Brookline.

Frank O'Laughlin, WQ1O operating from the Hyannis American Red Cross station, K1PBO

Several Amateur operators from neighboring states, including Connecticut and New Hampshire participated in the exercise as well as hams from the Maritime provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Canada. In addition, Amateur Radio Coordinators from WX4NHC, the Amateur Radio Station at the National Hurricane Center checked in and montiored drill operations from their home locations. They extended their thanks and support to the region for conducting hurricane drill operations.

Thanks, KD1CY

Photos: top, right: Phil McLaughlin, KB1CYO; Steve Schwarm, W3EVE; Rob Macedo, KD1CY; Jim Tynan, KC1JET at the National Weather Service in Taunton; bottom left: Frank O’Laughlin, WQ1O operates the Barnstable ARC’s club station, K1PBO at Hyannis American Red Cross Hq.

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W1T Thatchers Island On The Air

CAARA logoThe Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association will conduct a special events operation this weekend using the call sign W1T from Thatchers Island, off of coast of Rockport. Club members will be on the air making contacts beginning late on the afternoon of Friday, August 6, continuing until the afternoon of Sunday, August 8. No QSL details are known at this time.

A national historic landmark, Thatchers Island is unique in that it features twin lighthouses situated on each end of the island. It is the very first lighthouse to mark a “dangerous spot” along the coast–all previous lights were built to only mark harbor entrances.

This is the third activation by radio of the Island by the Cape Ann ARA.

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New England Area Flea Markets, August 1, 2010

New England Area   Ham - Electronic  Flea Market  ***  DATES  *** 2010 P 1 of 2
All events are Ham Radio/ Electronic related except ~_____~ 

2010                                                    Contact          Source
14 Aug Gales Ferry CT RASON @FireHs $4@9 $15/T       Chip N1MIE 860 376 0888  

14 Aug Swanton VT StAARC @RavenIndPk                  Arn N1ARN 802 309 0666 A

14 Aug St Albans ME PARC @Snowmobile Club         George WA1JMM 207 441 6112 A 

15 August    Cambridge MA        FLEA at MIT               Nick 617 253 3776  
                   Third Sunday April thru October      

22 Aug Adams MA NoBarc @ AggieFG $5@@8 $10Sell        Tim KE3HT 413 822 7075 F+

27,29 Aug Boxboro MA FEMARA NE Conv                  Mike K1TWF 978 250 1235 A

11 Sept Windsor ME AARA @FG $5@8                     Bill K1NIT 207 623 9075  

11 Sept Windsor CT VR+C Mus 115 Pierson LN @8AM Tailgate   John 860 673 0518 W

11 Sept Ballston Spa NY SCRACES @FG @7                Al KA1IEG 518 677 3316 W

12 Sept Newtown CT CARA @TownHall $6@8:30 $15/T       Joe AB1DO 203 938 4880 W

18 Sept Alton NH MASONS @Lodge @7:30 Tg$10 $20/insidT Bob W1GWU 603 776 0086  +

18 Sep Forestdale RI RIFMARS @VFW $5/SP@8 Auction@11 Rick K1KYI 401 864 9611  +

18 Sept Omeaux PQ WIARC @Shriner's $5@9 $15/T@8      Ken VE2KLF              W+

19 Sept      Cambridge MA        FLEA at MIT               Nick 617 253 3776  
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Cranberry TriFest – Aug 28 & 29, Volunteers Needed!

Hello to all..

Please see the notice below on the Cranberry Trifest from Roland Daignault-N1JOY. Please also note that this is the same weekend as the New England ARRL Division Convention and Hamfest in Boxboro, Massachusetts:

*_Cranberry Trifest Aug. 28th & 29th_*

* Volunters Needed!

Team HAMCOW will again be supporting the Cranberry Trifest on both days.

*Cranberry Trifest offers a terrific weekend of racing including a sprint distance triathlon, a kids duathlon and the “classic” olympic
distance triathlon which has been selected as the 2010 USAT Northeast Regional Club Championship.

*Event Dates, Times and Location:

*Saturday, August 28, 2010: Sprint triathlon (9:00AM start) and kids duathlon (12:00PM start).
Sunday, August 29, 2010: Olympic triathlon (8:00AM start). The site of  the Cranberry Trifest is the Ted Williams Camp in Lakeville, MA with
entrances off Precinct Street and Rte 18.
*Ted Williams Camp, 44-47 Precinct St., Lakeville, MA

Beneficiaries of the 2010 Cranberry Trifest:*
A portion of the proceeds from the Cranberry Trifest will be donated to the Ted Williams Camp. Other beneficiaries include the Kiwanis of
Bridgewater, West Bridgewater Drama Club and the Freetown-Lakeville Aquatic Program.

Many racers participate in the DetermiNation program to raise funds for the National Cancer Society and the fight against cancer. We all
know somebody touched by cancer, so this is a good opportunity to have some fun and fight back by supporting those who are donating their efforts to fund research.

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