Cape Cod ARES Reports Successful 4th Amateur Radio Licensing Class

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The following is a report from Cape Cod ARES District Emergency Coordinator, Frank O’Laughlin-WQ1O on the continued efforts to grow ARES on Cape Cod and increase the number of Amateur Radio Operators on Cape Cod. This is the fourth in a series of Ham Radio Licensing classes being run by Cape Cod ARES over the past 18-24 months. See Frank’s update below:

Licensing class number 4 continues to go well. This Tuesday will be the last review session before the VE test session to be held on September 29th. We expect a total of 22 new licensees. We continue to license new CERT operators, many of which become ARES members. We also continue to attract public safety and NGO personnel. This class breakdown is as follows.

1 Police Officer

1 Police dispatcher

1 Harbor Master

2 Disaster animal rescue team volunteers

3 Red Cross personnel

2 unaffiliated candidates

12 CERT volunteers

A final report on class #4 will be issued after the VE test session. ARES six week training begins the very next week on Tuesday October 6th.

73 Frank WQ1O  

Boston Salvation Army Disaster Services On WBZ Sunday Night and Live Field Exercise Sat 9/26/09

As provided by SATERN Coordinator for Boston Salvation Army, Frank Murphy-N1DHW via the MRAS General email list:

Dear Officers, Staff, Board Members, and EDS Volunteers,

It always is an exciting, delightful opportunity when our programs are extensively promoted to the public. But in this particular occasion, it is time for our Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) Ministries to shine!

On Sunday night – September 13, from11:00 pm – 11:30 pm (“The Jordan Rich Show”), WBZ Radio 1030 will highlight The Salvation Army’s EDS program. Jordan Rich, acclaimed talk show host, will interview Chris Farrand, our Massachusetts EDS Director and Mike Orfitelli, The Salvation Army’s Territorial EDS Coordinator and Trainer,  on-air. The broadcast will not only reach the entire Commonwealth but also 38 states including Michigan, Ohio and Florida. It will also reach portions of Canada.

The interview will highlight:
1) Discussions on The Salvation Army as a reputable, reliable support responder to police, firefighters and all other disaster first responders for any and all disaster events – local, regional and national.
2) The response of The Salvation Army to the 9/11 Tragedy, an event that remains significant in our minds, even as we commemorate it today.
3) EDS Training Programs that will inform and equip our volunteers to provide mass care such as food & hydration, clothing, shelter, emotional & spiritual care, and reconstruction & re-establishment of devastated communities as they rise up from the ashes. The Salvation Army does all of these – depending on the need – both short-term and long-term.

The public can call-in with questions.   It is my sincere hope that we all set aside some time to listen, and even participate when we can to the forum.

       Major William H. Bode
       Divisional Commander

I also wanted to use this opportunity to remind anyone who has not yet responded the invitation to participate in the live EDS field exercise scheduled for Sat. Sept. 26th. This mock disaster drill will train the different response services we provide from feeding to emotional triage to Incident Command operations. The event will be at Camp Wonderland in Sharon, MA and is scheduled to take place from 8:45am until 3:30pm (with lunch being served from the canteens). This is a great opportunity to learn more about deploying to an actual disaster, as well as build your skills for the field. Please contact me if you are interested in attending or with any further questions. Thank you.

Chris Farrand
Emergency Disaster Services

The Salvation Army
Massachusetts Division
147 Berkeley Street
Boston, MA 02116-5197

Phone: 617-542-5420 (ext.320)
Cell: 978-509-5665
Fax: 617-451-8195

New England Area Flea Markets, 9/11/09

New England Area   Ham - Electronic  Flea Market  ***  DATES  *** 2009 P 1 of 2
All events are Ham Radio/ Electronic related except ~_____~ 

2009                                                    Contact          Source

12 Sept Windsor ME AARA @FG $5@8                     Bill K1NIT 207 623 9075  

12 Sept Ballston Spa NY SCRACES @FG $5@7              Al KA1IEG 518 677 3316  

12 Sept Windsor CT VR+C Mus 115 Pierson LN @8AM Tailgate   John 860 673 0518 W

13 Sept Newtown CT CARA@TownHall $6@8:30 $15/T$10TG@7 Joe AB1DO 203 938 4880 W

13 Sept Dartmouth MA SEMARA @54 Donald St B@9 S@8      Tim N1TI 508 758 3680  

19 Sept Forestdale RI RIFMRS @VFW rt146 8A flea+auct Rick K1KYI 401 864 9611  

19 Sept Alton NH MASONS @Lodge @7 Tg$10 $20/inside T  Bob W1GWU 603 776 0086

19 Sept Alexander ME StCVARC                        Mike KB1GEO 207 427 3058 A

19 Sept Omeaux PQ WIARC @Shriner's $5@9 $15/T@8      Ken VE2KLF              R

20 September  Cambridge MA       FLEA at MIT               Nick 617 253 3776 F
                 Third Sunday April thru October                       

26 Sept Drummondville PQ CRADI $5@9 $15/T@7         Omer VE2OML 819 478 0478 R

11 Oct Wallingford CT Nutmeg Conv $20/sp $7@9        John N1GNV 203 440 4468  

11 Oct Queens NY HoSARC $5@9 $10/Sp              Stephen WB2KDG 718 898 5599 W

16,17 Oct Deerfield NH NearFest @FG                  Mike K1TWF 978 250 1235 W

17 Oct Manchester NH NEAntqRC @BingoCtr $10@7:30$3@8:30 Charlie 603 898 4821 F

17 Oct Kingston NS GARC $3@10 Sell free@8           Burt VE1AMA 902 847 7073 W

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New England Area  Ham - Electronic  Flea Market  ***  DATES  *** 2009  P2 of 2
2009                                                    Contact          Source

18 October   Cambridge MA        FLEA at MIT               Nick 617 253 3776 F
                 Third Sunday April thru October                 

24,25 Oct Wakefield MA Photographica @AmericalCtr ~photo~  John 781 592 2553 W

24 Oct Longueuil PQ MS-SARC @PlDesaul $5@9+$10/T@6 David VE2EDF 450 672 9791 W

25 Oct Hicksville NY LIMARC @LevittHal $6@9 $20@7 Richard K2KNB 516 694 4937 W

31 Oct Waterford CT TCARC Auction @Oswegat Fire  @10 Tom WA2RYV 860 464 6555  

2 Nov Feeding Hills MA HCRA Auction @CongCh @6:30PM    Jim KK1W 413 245 3228  

7 Nov Londonderry NH IRS @Lions Sellers$15@6 $3@8  George N1NAZ 603 421 0940  

7 Nov Bourne MA FARA @UpperCC VoTech $5@9 $10/S@7   Ralph N1YHS 508 548 0422 A

5 Dec Windsor CT VR+C Mus 115 Pierson LN @8AM Indoor       John 860 673 0518 W

2010                                                    Contact          Source

20 Mar Pomfret CT ECARA                              Paul KE1LI 860 928 2456 T

21 Mar Southington CT SARA @HS $5@8 $20/T@6:15        Norm W3IZ 860 584 1403 F

17 April Lindenhurst NY GSBARC @FiremanPk            John W2HCB 631 669 6321 A
30 April 1 May Deerfield NH Nearfest @FG             Mike K1TWF 978 250 1235 R+

5 June Rochester NY RARA                             Duane K2SI 585 594 4945 A
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New England Area  Ham - Electronic  Flea Market  ***  DATES  *** 2010 -> ***
Page 3 Electronic distribution only.  This page has the overflow if any    P3
from the paper version.
2010                                                    Contact          Source

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New England Area  Ham - Electronic  Flea Market  ***  DATES  ***     P4
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Cambridge MA    Flea at MIT                        

Hopkinton NH    Hosstraders   RIP  :-(
Adams MA        N BerkshireARC

Boxborough MA   NE ARRL Conv

Dartmouth MA    SEMARA             

Falmouth MA     FARA                         

FeedingHills MA MTARA        

Framingham MA   FARA                            

Marlboro MA     AARC   

Newton MA       Waltham ARA Auction

S Dartmouth MA  SEMARA                       
Wakefield MA    Photographica                      
Whately MA      FranklinCARC                

Worcester  MA   WPI ACM            

Gales Ferry CT  RASON                    
Goshen CT       SBARC 
Enfield CT      VHF/UHF Conf          

Newington CT    NARL                    

Newtown CT      CARA      

North Haven CT                     

Southington CT  SARA  

Wallingford CT  Nutmeg CT Conv                 

Windsor CT      Vintage R Mus                        

Chelsea ME      AARA                       

Hermon ME       PSARC         

Lewiston ME     AARC           

S. Portland ME  PAWA                    

St. Albans ME   PARC    

Windsor ME      AARA                        

Deerfield NH    NEAR-Fest                   

Henniker NH     CVRC                       

Manchester NH   NEAntiqueRC                        

Rochester NH    GBRA  

Bergen NJ       BARA  

Sussex NJ       SCARC

Ballston Spa NY SCRACES

LaGrangeville NY   MtBARC                       

Lake Placid NY  NNY ARA 

Lindenhurst NY  ToB ARES           

Lindenhurst NY  GSB ARA

Long Island NY  LIMARC                

Middletown NY   OCARC              

Queens NY       Hall of Science               

Rensselaer NY   E Greenbush ARA                       

Rochester NY    AWA    

Rochester NY    RARA    

Wallkill NY     OCARC                

Greenwich RI    Fidelity ARC

Essex Junction VT   Burlington ARC

Milton VT       RANV VT Conv

Swanton VT      STARC                     
Moncton NB      TCARC                  

Quispamsis NB   LCARC                      

Drummondville PQ  leCRdeD  +

Greenwood PQ    GARC  

Laval PQ        CRALL                    

Montreal PQ     MARC          
Montreal PQ     WIARC    

Montreal PQ     MS-SARC

Montreal PQ     UMS    

Sorel-Tracy PQ  CRAS-T                     

St Romuald PQ   ARES                         

St Therese PQ   CRALL        

Summerside PEI  SPARC   

Greenwood NS    GARC                +  

Halafax NS      HARC  

Timonium MD     GBHC                            

Montreal Area   MARC List      
Canada          RAC List    

Phila. Area     VARA List         

USA             ARRL List

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Cape Cod ARES, Falmouth Amateurs Participate in Hospital Exercise

Falmouth ARA logoMembers of the Falmouth Amateur Radio Association and Cape Cod ARES participated in an emergency evacuation exercise at the Falmouth Hospital in August, 2009.

According to Dan Howard, K1DYO, of Cape Cod ARES, hospital administrators have requested a “list of equipment necessary to establish a permanent station within their building.” K1DYO says “the hospital has the necessary funds to cover the cost.”

Thanks, Falmouth ARA News, September, 2009

Southeastern MA ARA Flea Market Sept. 13

SEMARA logoThe Southeastern Massachusetts Amateur Radio Association is holding its annual flea market on Sunday, September 13, 2009 at the SEMARA club house at 54 Donald St, Dartmouth, MA 02748.

Space will open for sellers at 8 AM and spots will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Admission for buyers begins at 9 AM. The admission fee is $5 for sellers; $1 for buyers. Talk-in will be on the W1AEC repeater (147.000MHz, 67.0PL, plus offset).

For more information and directions, see

Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) H1N1 – Communications Campaign

Hello to all..

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH), who is in coordination with MEMA (Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency) has launched a Communications Campaign on H1N1. Below are details on the communications campaign and what you and your family should know to stay protected this flu season:

Links to Flu Wallet Card and 60-Second Flu Video:

Flu Wallet Card:

Flu 60-Second Video:


Please see important information H1N1 below and tune into WBVC tomorrow night at 7pm…


Michael L. Raskin
Associate Director
Operations and Field Services
Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency
400 Worcester Road
Framingham, MA 01702-5399
Office:   508.820.1422
Main:     508.820.2000
Cell:       617.828.5852
Fax:       508.820.2030

From: Joshi, Archana (DPH) []
Sent: Wednesday, September 09, 2009 1:31 PM
Cc: Liisa Jackson ; Monahan, Josh; Daly, Steve; Jones, Brenda;; Regan Checchio; Michael Raskin ; Ann McCobb; Baggs Judy ; Betsy Fijol; Bob Landry ; Bob Leupold ; Brent Reagor ; Dave Black; Diane Fielding; Dorisca, Betsy; Doug Halley; Ed Wirtanen; Ellen Hartnett; Ethan Mascoop; Gail Nixon; Gerard Cody; Heidi Porter ; Ira Grossman; Jack Wallace; James A. Garreffi ; Jennifer Murphy; Jim White ; John R. Fralick ; Judy Jelloe; Justin Snair; Karen DaCampo ; Karen D’Angelo; Kathy Fox ; Kathy Whittaker;; Leslie A. Cahill; Leslie Chamberlin ; Linda Fantasia; Lise Mespelli ; Louis Fazen; Mark Oram; Melissa Stuart; Mercer, Leila; Michael Delfino ; Michele D Cavallaro ; Nancy Bennotti; Ravi Nadkarni ; Robin Chapell; Ruth Mori ; Sam Wong; Scott Moles; Sharon Mastenbrook; Sheila Miller; Shelly Newhouse; Steve Calichman; Victoria Parsons; Walter Sweder; Wendy Diotalevi
Subject: FW: MDPH – H1N1 Communications Campaign
Importance: High


From: Bowen, Nyca (DPH)
Sent: Wednesday, September 09, 2009 1:05 PM
To: DPH-DL – All DPH Staff
Subject: H1N1 Communications Campaign
Importance: High

Flu Facts : What You Need to Know

Tune in to a live broadcast tomorrow, Thursday, September 10 th to see
Dr. Lauren Smith discuss the latest information on H1N1 (swine) Flu.

Dr. Smith will be on Channel 5 WCVB Boston at 7:00 p.m.

I want to let you know about the work we are doing to educate the residents of Massachusetts about the H1N1 Flu this fall. Our strategy incorporates a number of new messages, particularly around vaccination.  The DPH Communications Office is in the process of launching a communications campaign that incorporates messages about key areas of H1N1, with the goal of reducing morbidity and mortality associated with flu.  It has 3 main objectives:  Vaccination – encourage people to get a seasonal flu shot, and an H1N1 flu shot, especially if they are considered high-risk; Prevention – increase behaviors that prevent the spread of flu such as hand washing and covering your cough/sneeze; and Mitigation – encourage people to stay home when sick and to keep their kids home when sick.

The campaign involves messages in a variety of languages, through multiple channels and across several media markets. The channels of communication for the campaign will include:

       The Press:  Medi a relations will continue to form the backbone of our communications response.  In addition to regular briefings, we will proactively support our response by pitching relevant stories to support our messages around vaccination, prevention and mitigation.

·        Print:   advertisements will be placed in the Metro, as well as Spanish, Portuguese Chinese, Vietnamese, and H aitian Creole language newspapers.  The print campaign will also include display advertising on mass transit on the 5 major transit authorities in the state.  A copy of one of our web ads is attached as an example of some of our work.

·        Radio:  paid ads and public service announcements in multiple languages will be distributed to stations throughout Massachusetts.  Particular attention will be paid to utilizing ethnic radio outlets.

·        TV:  We are partnering with Channel 5 (WCVB) to conduct a live television show which will air this Thursday at 7:00.  Tune in as Heather Unruh leads a discussion with Dr. Lauren Smith, Medical Director of DPH and Dr. Richard Besser, National Health Correspondent for ABC that answers all the basic questions about H1N1. In addition to this live TV show, we will be taping a 30 minute television show that will air statewide on Comcast OnDemand as well as on cable access stations.  And we will be placing advertisements on both the Boston and Springfield area TV and cable stations, including a Spanish language station.  A copy of one of our TV ads in English is attached to this email.  ( Please note, you many need to save the file to your desktop in order to view.)

·          Social Networking : A variety of social media will be utilized including podcasts, You Tube videos, Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

The campaign began this week, and will continue throughout flu season.  As always, we will continue to use the DPH H1N1 webpage and blog to disseminate a wide variety of information for the public as well as providers and various target groups.  Our website has recently undergone a major revision in an attempt to make the massive amount of information on it more manageable.  You can find it at .

Please feel free to share this information with your colleagues and family.

Thank you.

Suzanne Crowther, MPH
Director, Communications
Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Office:  (617) 624-5195
Fax:      (617) 624-5206

Emergency Communications Workshop on Saturday October 3rd, 2009 at Acushnet EMA HQ

Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Workshop Saturday 10/3/09 in Acushnet, Massachusetts..

There will be an Emergency Communications Workshop on Saturday October 3rd,
2009 from 9:00 AM-4:00 PM at the Acushnet Emergency Management Agency on 14
Thomas Street in Acushnet Massachusetts. This session is being put on by the
ARES Section Staff through the efforts of South Coastal Massachusetts ARES
Emergency Coordinator and Acushnet Communications Officer, Ed Caron,
KA1RSY, and the cooperation of the Acushnet Emergency Management Agency
Director, Jerry Bergeron, W1AFD. This Emergency Communications Workshop
will provide the background and information to serve Amateur Radio Operators
when they need to respond to a communications emergency or when supplemental
communications via Amateur Radio is required. It will feature an
Introduction and Conclusion to Emergency Communications, and five 1-hour
training sessions on topics including:

Overview of Eastern Massachusetts ARES-RACES-SKYWARN Programs
Net Operations
NTS Traffic Message Handling
Basic Overview of ICS
Go Kits

This training will also feature a 1-hour lunch that will be provided at no
coerced cost to any Amateur who attends the session. The presentations will
be given by other Amateur Operators well versed in the topics listed above.
The training will be a worthwhile endeavor not just for emergency
communicators but for anyone who is an Amateur Radio Operator, and wants to
learn more about the hobby.  Preregistration is requested but is not
required in case anyone would like to attend at the last minute. Please try
to preregister by Monday September 28th, 2009 to assure the meeting place
is setup properly and we have enough refreshments for breaks between
lectures and for the lunch break. We will, however, accept any last minute
preregistrations after that day or any walk-ins as long as space permits.

Directions to Acushnet Emergency Management Agency Headquarters:

Please see the link from the Acushnet Emergency Management Agency (AEMA)
web site for directions to the facility:

Talk-In will be on the 145.490-Fairhaven Repeater PL: 67.0 Hz.

GPS users:
Please note that many GPS devices attempt to take you to Thomas Street via
roads that are no longer in existence via Pembroke Avenue. For best
directions, please utilize the directions link provided in this press
release via the Acushnet EMA web site and if using a GPS follow Main
Street to either Hope or Cushman Streets per the directions on the web

For any additional information and to preregister for the workshop, please

KA1RSY-Ed Caron
KD1CY-Rob Macedo

This training should be a worthwhile endeavor for anyone interested in
learning more about emergency communications and amateur radio in general.
Please forward this on to anyone you feel may benefit from this workshop.

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Macedo (KD1CY)
ARES SKYWARN Coordinator
Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator 
Home Phone #: (508) 994-1875 (After 6 PM)
Home/Data #: (508) 997-4503 (After 6 PM)
Work Phone #: 508-346-2929 (8 AM-5 PM)
Email Address:

Reminder: Eastern Massachusetts ARES Net Next Monday September 14th, 2009

Hello to all..

A reminder that due to the Labor Day holiday on Monday September 7th, 2009, the Eastern Massachusetts ARES Net will be next Monday September 14th, 2009 at 830 PM on the MMRA Repeater system. The RACES Nets are also rescheduled to next Monday due to the Labor Day holiday this Monday and the ARES Net will be immediately following the RACES nets. For frequencies that will be linked into the ARES Net on the MMRA Network, please see the following link from the MMRA web site and the repeaters that will be linked in will be through Hub 1:

In addition, if the Echo-IRLP node on the MMRA hub is available, we will likely link that to the New England Reflector system on IRLP 9123/Echolink Conference *NEW-ENG* Node: 9123.

For this month, make the second Monday of the month, “Emergency Communications Night” and check into your local RACES Net and then check into the ARES Net on the MMRA Repeater System. We look forward to your participation and remember, we are always looking for Net Controls to run the ARES Net.

We will have several interesting announcements for the net that evening and we look forward to everyone’s participation. Updates will be posted via email and on the Eastern Massachusetts ARES Web Site at    

Thanks for your continued support of ARES!

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Macedo (KD1CY)
ARES SKYWARN Coordinator
Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator
Pager #: (508) 354-3142
Home Phone #: (508) 994-1875 (After 6 PM)
Home/Data #: (508) 997-4503 (After 6 PM)
Work Phone #: 1-800-445-2588 Ext.: 72929 (8 AM-5 PM)
Email Address:

KD2S, Digital Pioneer: Silent Key

Den Connors, KD2S, circa 1982Den Connors, KD2S, the first president of Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR) of Pepperell, Massachusetts, passed away September 3 from lymphoma. He was 58. Connors, an ARRL Life Member, conducted the first amateur packet radio contact with all-American hardware and software, using the Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Terminal Node Controller (TNC) with Lyle Johnson, WA7GXD (now KK7P). [Full story, ARRL Web]

KD2S was one of the early movers and shakers in the New England Packet Radio Association. In addition to his digital contributions, Connors was also an active participant in ARES and RACES.

“Den was on our crew for Region 1 comms for Seabrook and storms,” writes Terry Stader, KA8SCP, an Eastern MA ASM and MA Region 1 RACES Officer. “He worked the emergency management side for many years. He will be missed.”

Photo, above: Den Connors, KD2S, circa 1982 courtesy TAPR