Eastern Massachusetts Hospital Net – Saturday 7/9/22 – Moved from Saturday 7/2/22 Due to Long Holiday Weekend

Good evening,

Due to the first Saturday of July being the July 4th weekend we will be moving the Net to the following Saturday July 9, 2022, the South Shore Health Amateur Radio Group will hold an Eastern MA Hospital Net commencing at 10AM.

We realize that the usual locations for some individuals and groups are still unavailable due to ongoing COVID restrictions. We encourage everyone who is affected by these restrictions to utilize their home or mobile stations to check into the net.

We will use the following repeaters and NEDECN DMR system in the order listed.

1. Plymouth Repeater 146.685 tone 131.8
2. Falmouth Repeater 147.375 tone 110.9
3. DMR – EMHN Talkgroup 8851 Time Slot 1 on select NEDECN repeaters: Boston 449.175 CC1, Hingham 146.430 -1.5M CC1, Bourne 145.200 CC10, Dennis 146.470 -1.5M CC11, and Martha’s Vineyard 145.180 CC10 repeaters
4. Attleboro Repeater 147.195 tone 127.3 (SMH)
5. Return to Plymouth Repeater for Net closing.

NET Protocol: Please wait for Net Control to ask for Check-ins. When asked to check in please use the standard net check-in procedure which is: Here is.., un-key, wait 3 seconds to check for doubling, then give your or your facilities call sign, your first name, and your facility’s name.

We extend an invitation to any health care facility, EOC of any city or town as well as RACES or ARES members to check in during the NET.

We are always looking for groups or organizations to try their hand at Net Control duties. If you are interested in trying your hand at Net Control please let us know. We can be reached by sending an email to ssharg@outlook.com or replying to this message. The goal is to rotate Net Control practice and the experience among as many individuals and groups as possible.

We thank the repeater trustees for their generosity in allowing us to conduct these monthly nets and the use of their systems in an actual event.

We hope to hear you Saturday.

Jeff N1SOM, Secretary, and the SSH group

South Shore Health Amateur Radio Group
55 Fogg Rd. Mail-Stop 42
South Weymouth, MA 02190

Billerica ARS Members Turning Out for 2022 Field Day

Billerica ARS logoBillerica Amateur Radio Society members will be turning out for the 2022 ARRL Field Day on Saturday June 25 through Sunday afternoon June 26. The club callsign W1HH will be used on the air during this event.  The location is the same as our last field day, namely the Billerica EMA Barracks-Garage located at 67 Alexander Rd, Billerica, MA.

Field Day Chair Mark Nelson, KA1INE, and his team are planning operations on the 80-40-20-15-10 meter HF Bands. At least two stations will be on the air and possibly a third will be put on-the-air, if needed.

On air operations will be from approximately 2 PM – 9 PM Saturday, and 9 AM – 2PM Sunday. Help on Saturday morning for Set Up and Sunday afternoon for take down will be much appreciated.

Visitors are welcome, especially new hams or anyone interested in learning about Ham Radio. Mark Nelson says our primary objective is to help the new members gain amateur radio experience.

Food will be plentiful, especially if you are there in the late afternoon Saturday for a traditional Field Day dinner gathering. Get there early enough in the afternoon on Saturday to put in your preferred food order.

You can get additional details at https://ema.arrl.org/field_day/ClubDetail.php?club=BARS

Tom K1TW

Amateur Radio Field Day Talk on WCAP 980, June 24, 2022

Station WCAP 980 kHz will host a talk segment featuring two Eastern MA amateur radio club presidents today (June 24) at 4:10 PM. 

Gary Frascarelli, W1GFF, President of the Billerica Amateur Radio Society and Bruce Blain, K1BG, President of the Nashoba Valley Amateur Radio Club, will discuss ARRL Field Day on the program. 

The Class B station features a talk/oldies radio format. It covers the Merrimack Valley with 5,000 watts of power. 

Listeners outside of the area can tune in to the program on the web at <http://webcastsusa.com/wcap/player.html>.

This link seems to work:  <https://streampros.net/980wcap>

An audio recording of the program is also available

Visitors Welcome to the New England Sci-Tech Field Day, Natick, June 25-26, 2022

New England Sci Tech logoThis weekend, June 25-26, join the SciTech Amateur Radio Society (STARS) for Amateur Radio Field Day and exercise in radio emergency preparedness. Members of the general public, radio amateurs, scouts, and their friends and families are welcome to participate. You don’t need a radio license to participate, as you can operate with one of the club’s General or Extra class licensees as the control operator. On-site training will be provided.

All Systems “Go” For Boston ARC Field Day, Westwood, June 25-26, 2022

Boston ARC logoJoe Chapman, NV1W, writes on the Boston ARC mailing list:


News from today’s K7RA Solar Report (https://www.wm7d.net/hamradio/solar/k7ra.shtml).

The latest from US Air Force forecasters Housseal and King at the USAF 557th Weather Wing shows predicted solar flux at 120, 115 and 110 on June 24-26, and Planetary A index of 8, 12 and 15. Field Day is actually on June 25-26, but it is useful to see the prediction for Friday. The planetary A index shoes a moderate but increasing geomagnetic instability.

Solar activity has been sinking all week, but it should still be fine for our purposes and better than the past few years of Field Days. The geomagnetic field is likely to be quiet to unsettled on Saturday, degrading to unsettled to active through mid-day Sunday, so it will probably be a little noisy as we’re trying to wring out those last few points.

Here on Earth, in Westwood Field Day is expected to be dry, warm, and humid, with temperatures in the 80’s to low 90’s, with a slight chance of a brief shower, but chances of a thunderstorm near zero. Drink lots of water and take breaks during setup and teardown. Here’s KD1CY’s SKYWARN coordination message: https://ema.arrl.org/2022/06/23/amateur-radio-field-day-weekend-weather-coordination-message-1/.

Joe Chapman NV1W
Secretary, Boston Amateur Radio Club

Amateur Radio Field Day Weekend Weather Coordination Message #1

Rob Macedo, KD1CY, writes on SKYWARN-Announce:
Hello to all..

..The following is the first in a series of messages on Amateur Radio Field Day Weekend and providing information on the weather during this period. This is a tradition spanning over 19 years for Amateur Radio Operators involved with Field Day and the NWS Boston/Norton SKYWARN Program..
..2022 Field Day weekend will mostly be dry, warm and humid. There is a chance of an isolated shower in eastern areas on Saturday but the threat for any thunderstorms during the course of Field Day weekend looks minimal to near zero at this time. Shower and thunderstorm chances will increase as we get into later Sunday Night and especially Monday from west to east across Southern New England but this is after the Field Day weekend event is completed as well as any takedown of sites typically done late Sunday Afternoon and early evening..

..Amateur Radio Field Day Weekend is an annual event where Ham Operators across the United States setup at Emergency Operations Centers, field locations, home locations etc. to operate and test their equipment and skills and make as many radio contacts as possible during the weekend. Amateur Radio Field Day sites will likely be operating under normal conditions pre-pandemic across most field day sites though it is possible some Field Day sites may have some minimal COVID-19 protocols in place. There will likely still be some home station Field Day sites but less than the prior 2 years during the pandemic with more traditional Field Day sites in the region..

..SKYWARN Self-Activation will monitor conditions throughout Field Day weekend as needed though no activations are expected at this time..

Here are some links to information on these Amateur Radio Field Day Sites from across the region and if any groups would like their Field Day listed, we will add it to the next Amateur Radio Field Day Weather Coordination message. Again most will likely be operating normally but there could be some minimal COVID-19 protocols in place at certain locations:

Amateur Radio Field Day Information: https://www.arrl.org/field-day
Amateur Radio Field Day National Locator: https://www.arrl.org/field-day-locator
Eastern Massachusetts Field Day Home Page: https://ema.arrl.org/field-day/

Eastern Massachusetts Field Day Directory: https://ema.arrl.org/field_day/

Similar to last year, Amateur Radio Field Day is expected to feature warm and dry conditions across the region. An isolated shower could occur in eastern areas of Southern New England but its likely to be very isolated. At this time, no thunderstorms are expected in the region until post the Field Day event later Sunday Night and especially Monday though this aspect will be monitored. High temperatures will be in the 80s to lower 90s with upper 70s to lower 80s near the coast and lows will be in the 60s. Humidity levels are expected to be fairly high in the region with Sunday being the hottest and most humid day in the region. All involved in Field Day sites are asked to use caution with the heat, take breaks during setup and breakdown of Field Day sites, and drink plenty of uncaffienated liquids to stay hydrated.

Below are links to the NWS Boston/Norton Hazardous Weather Outlook and NWS Boston/Norton Enhanced Hazardous Weather Outlook:

NWS Boston/Norton Hazardous Weather Outlook:

NWS Boston/Norton Experimental Enhanced Hazardous Weather Outlook:

Amateur Radio Field Day sites are encouraged to bring a NOAA All-Hazards Weather Radio, monitor various cell phone weather apps where Amateur Operators may have those available and have a dedicated Ham Radio that can monitor their local SKYWARN Frequency for their area as a best safety and preparedness practice if any threat for thunderstorms develops though that is expected to be minimal this year. Also sites that have mobile Internet capability can utilize that capability as a way to monitor for weather information. With Mobile Internet capability, utilizing Echolink to monitor the New England Reflector system on Echolink Conference *NEW-ENG3* Node: 9123/IRLP 9123 would be helpful as well. Please see the link below for the latest SKYWARN Frequency information for the region:


During setup and takedown of Amateur Radio Field Day sites and even while operating, be sure to drink plenty of fluids and eat accordingly. The link below features information on Heat Safety:
While the thunderstorm threat is minimal to near zero this weekend, now is the time to remind folks that lightning is a threat to any and all Amateur Radio Field Day sites. Remember your lightning safety tips and details on lightning safety can be seen at the following link and we will add a link from this week’s NWS Boston/Norton Lightning Safety Awareness Week in the next Amateur Radio Field Day weekend weather coordination message:

The next Amateur Radio Field Day coordination message will be posted by 100 PM Friday Afternoon and if the threat for thunderstorms remains minimal to near zero it will be the last Amateur Radio Field Day weekend weather coordination message.

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Macedo (KD1CY)
ARES SKYWARN Coordinator
Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator
Home Phone #: (508) 994-1875 (After 6 PM)
Home/Data #: (508) 997-4503 (After 6 PM)
Work Phone #: 508-346-2929 (8 AM-5 PM)
Email Address: rmacedo@rcn.com
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New England Sci-Tech Students’ Experiments to Launch on NASA Rocket

Rocket experiment payloadTwo students from New England Sci-Tech have team projects that will be part of a NASA rocket payload, according to New England Sci-Tech President Bob Phinney, K5TEC.

Their experiments were delivered to NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility and integrated into the nose cone last week. According to idoodlEDU CEO Amber Agee-DeHart, “The launch is scheduled [to launch on June 23, 2022] sometime between 5:30-6:00 AM EDT. Right now the forecast calls for partly cloudy skies that morning with light winds.”

To view the SR-8 launch (NASA RockOn/RockSat-C mission) on Thursday, 23 June 2022 starting around 05:20 EDT, visit NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility YouTube channel: <https://www.youtube.com/user/NASAWallops/featured>. Streaming will begin 20 minutes before launch. You can also view it on the www.cubesinspace.com homepage.

idoodlEDU Inc., is a501.c.3 charitable organization and responsible for business development and fostering strategic partnerships. idoodleEDU designs programs, curriculum and tools to help teachers and students around the world discover and harness their creative intelligence and to engage in more meaningful and richer learning experiences in preparation for a globally connected, knowledge and skills-based economy.

New England Sci-Tech is a non-profit STEM+ education center and makerspace in Natick, Massachusetts, dedicated to project-based, hands-on learning for youth and families across the New England community.



NASA launch at Wallops

Launch now on Friday, June 24 at 5:30 AM -4GMT  EDT

See @cubesinspace on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for more updates

www.cubesinspace.com for live streaming on Friday or NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility YouTube channel


Best regards,


Bob Phinney, K5TEC, President
New England Sci-Tech Inc.

Stolen Radio Equipment at NEAR-Fest and Other Area Flea Markets

From nediv.arrl.org:

Mike Crestohl, W1RC, writes:

Lose something at NEAR-Fest or Other Area Flea Market? Maybe you can get it back.

If you had something stolen from your table at a flea market or hamfest in NH or Eastern Mass. within the past several years, please contact Officer John Delaney of the Deerfield Police Department as soon as possible. His contact information is <jdelaney@townofdeerfieldnh.org> or telephone 603-463-7258 and leave a message for him to call you back. Be prepared to provide Officer Delaney with a detailed description, giving make, model, serial number, photograph, band(s) covered, what was programmed into it, etc.

This information is needed by the Deerfield Police for an ongoing investigation into thefts of equipment that have occurred at NEAR-Fest and other local area events over the past several years. Five stolen radios have already been recovered and there may be more.

Please copy Paul, W1PRA (pauldepetrillo@gmail.com) and MrMike, W1RC (w1rc@near-fest.com) on all correspondence with Officer Delaney.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Paul DePetrillo, W1PRA,
NEAR-Fest Sergeant-at-Arms,

Mister Mike, W1RC,
Benevolent Dictator,

Project Big E Receives Grant

Project Big E GrantLarry Krainson, W1AST, writes:

A few months ago, the Big E Project applied for two possible grants. Aaron, KF1G, completed the application process and submitted it. From what we had been reading, we wouldn’t know any results until July.

Early Friday evening on the 17th of June, Aaron called me and told me the news. When I checked my email, I saw an email with the same info. The check will arrive in a few weeks.

This is exactly what the project needs right now, because a few people had a few hundred dollars for out of pocket expenses to make the project work and move forward. Now we’ll be able to re-reimburse them AND help the clubs and participants by refunding both parking and ticket expenses as well as taking care of other expenses the project has coming up.


Spread the news to your clubs and sign up for a session or a day

OR, if you are signing up as a club, contact Larry, W1AST, to block off that session or day at W1AST@arrl.net.

Double Fox Hunt This Weekend in Belmont and Waltham, June 18-19, 2022

Eliot Mayer, W1MJ, writes:

This weekend (June 18-19, 2022) K1MJC and I are putting our foxes out in the same general area.

Fox #1
Call:  K1MJC
Frequency:  146.565 MHz
Location: Rock Meadow, Belmont, MA
On air now through Monday morning.

Fox #2
Call:  W1MJ
Frequency:  446.075 MHz
Location:  Beaver Brook Reservation North, Waltham, MA (accessible from Rock Meadow by foot bridge)

Map:  https://walthamlandtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/2017-07-29-GOS-Beaver-Brook-North-Reservation.pdf

On air from 10 AM Saturday until 5 PM on Sunday

Best place to park for both foxes:  Rock Meadow parking area on Mill St. in Belmont.  If the lot is full, parallel parking on Mill St. is allowed.

The following link shows a map of the area containing both foxes.  From Rock Meadow, the Western Greenway Trail crosses a wooden bridge into Beaver Brook Reservation North near back-left-corner (sorta) of Rock Meadow:



Eliot, W1MJ

K1IG: “Giant Antennas of the Navy” at Nashoba Valley ARC Hybrid Meeting, June 16, 2022

Nashoba Valley ARC logoBruce Blain, K1BG, writes:

The Nashoba Valley Amateur Radio Club’s June meeting is Thursday, June 16th at 7:30 PM at the Pepperell Community Center (in Pepperell). Doors will open at 7:10 PM.

We will also “simulcast” this meeting via Zoom (details are below), giving people who live outside the local area or who have concerns about meeting in person an opportunity to participate. 

This month’s guest speaker will be George Allison, K1IG, who will talk about Giant Antennas of the Navy. For its worldwide operations, the U.S. Navy has need for very large antennas and powerful transmitters. The sizes of these systems are measured in miles, not meters, and power is in megawatts. George will show you three of these; if you’ve got a few hundred square miles of land, maybe you’d like to build one yourself! 

This is sure to be an exciting and interesting presentation.

We will also have a quick discussion about Field Day plans and Field Day budgets. 

Need directions? Click here and put your own address in box “A”.

Thanks and 73. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Bruce, K1BG

978-772-2773 or bruce.blain@charter.net

PS. Thanks to the Pepperell Community Center for the use of the building, and thanks to Jim Hein, N8VIM and his employer, Medtronics, for the use of the Zoom account.


Governor Baker Proclaims June 25 “Amateur Radio Day” in Massachusetts

copy of 2022 MA Amateur Radio Day ProclamationMassachusetts radio amateurs are being recognized for their service to the public in times of hurricanes, tornados, flood and other emergencies with a special proclamation by Governor Charles D. Baker declaring June 25, 2022 as “Amateur Radio Day” in the Commonwealth. The day coincides with the 2022 ARRL Field Day event.

The proclamation was obtained by Massachusetts State Government Liaison Hank McCarl, W4RIG, of Gloucester. McCarl contacted Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr’s (N1UIU) office to arrange for the issuance of the proclamation.

Copies of the proclamation will be distributed to both Eastern and Western Massachusetts Section Managers so that they may display the documents as they tour field day sites in their respective sections.

Blue Hill Observatory Wireless Society Communications with Mt. Washington, June 11, 2022

Blue Hills Observatory WS special event, June 11, 2022BlueHill Observatory (@bhobservatory) tweeted at 0:20 PM on Sat, Jun 11, 2022:

We are excited to have the inaugural event of the BHO&SC Wireless Society happening today. The hams are hoping to connect with Mount Washington as communications between BHO and Mount Washington Observatory were done over 70 years ago. They are also doing a ham contest today. https://t.co/DX8CNB3eXv

Bristol County RA Fox Hunt, June 11, 2022

From bcra-club groups.io list:
* Time: 10:00 am to 2:30 pm  — check-in starts at 9:45 am on the BCRA repeater, 145.150 MHz PL 123
* Location: The Foxes will be located within a 10-mile radius of the center of the Veteran’s Memorial bridge connecting 
Fall River and Somerset MA on US Route 6 (41.7266508, -71.1516237).
* Fox1 will activate at 10:00 am on 146.565 MHz FM 
  Fox2 will activate at 10:02:30 on 146.430 MHz FM 
Communications with “Fox Control” can all be done over the BCRA repeater, including checking in when you have found the fox. You may also speak with us in the control vehicle using physical distancing if you wish.
There will be TWO foxes – one manned by KB1CNB, Skip, and one by N1KJS, Kevin. When you find one of the foxes, you will get a hint to help you find the second (if you want!).
Check-ins will begin at 9:45 am on the BCRA repeater, 145.150 MHz PL 123. Chat and help on the repeater also.
The Fox1 will activate at 10:00 am on 146.565 MHz FM and Fox2 at 10:02:30 on 146.430 MHz FM with a 5-watt signal and both will transmit 1 minute of tone followed by Morse Code ID and 4 minutes of silence. As the hunt progresses we may increase the transmission times – that will be announced on the BCRA repeater. The hunt will last until 2:30 pm or until all checked-in participants have found the transmitters, whichever comes first.
The Foxes will be located within a 10-mile radius of the center of the Veteran’s Memorial bridge connecting Fall River and Somerset on US Route 6 (41.7266508, -71.1516237).
The Fox1 (in Skip’s vehicle, a blue/grey Jeep Commander marked BCRA) will be in a public place and will be manned at all times. When you have found the fox your time and order of arrival will be recorded and a personalized certificate will be emailed to each participant.
The Fox2 (in Kevin’s vehicle, a blue Toyota Tacoma marked BCRA) may not be obvious from a town/city road.  But is on public property with road access.  This fox will be in a public place and will be manned at all times. When you have found the fox your time and order of arrival will be recorded.
Participants are encouraged to work in teams and are asked to drive carefully and observe all applicable guidelines, both from the FCC and the state & local governments. Since participants are receiving only (except for radio check-ins) an amateur radio license is not required.
Email questions to Skip at kb1cnb@bcra.club or text to 774-644-3469. After the hunt, your comments, impressions, and suggestions will be welcome!
Join us and have some good amateur radio fun!

“Ham Radio Flea Market Coming To Marlborough”

From the Marlborough Patch, June 7, 2022:

MARLBOROUGH, MA — A large ham radio exposition will return to Marlborough in 2022 for the second time. The HamXposition event will take place in August at the Best Western.

On Monday, the Marlborough City Council on Monday approved a special license for a charitable flea market to be held alongside the exposition featuring radio parts.  [Full story]

Reminder: June 6th, 2022 MEMA RACES/ACS Communications Test Net

Mike Leger, N1YLQ, MEMA Region 2 RACES Radio Officer writes:

Hello to all,

      This email is a reminder that this evening, June 6th, 2022 is the first non-holiday Monday of the month and, as such, is our RACES/ACS/Preparedness Net night. We will be holding our sector nets on the normally assigned frequencies.

      As always, I am looking for Net Control stations to staff our sector nets for the evening. This month I will be able to run the Sector 2A net, but if anyone is interested in trying it out, please let me know.  I am looking for NCS operators to lead the Sector 2B (Plymouth County) nets. Sector 2D has already arranged for an NCS operator for this month’s net and Sector 2C is now a Winlink only net on a monthly basis.

For any operators interested in performing the duties of Net Control Station (NCS), there are materials available to make the task fairly simple and straight forward. The net pre-amble and role call lists are available at http://wc1mab.org/RACES_R2_Interim_Preamble.pdf and http://wc1mab.org/Month.php with the role call lists on the left column near the bottom. If anyone is worried that they mess up running a net, please remember that, in many cases, a less than perfect net is WAY better than no net at all! At the conclusion of any net, any operator that acted as Net Control Operator should send a note to WC1MAB@gmail.com letting me know who ran the net and who checked in so that the proper numbers can be reported to our served agencies. We can not always count on our normal net control operators to be available in the event of a large scale emergency, so every RACES operator should be prepared to act as NCO if needed when disaster and emergency strikes!

Winlink Net Instructions From Don Rolph: 

*Winlink Net*

To participate:

– create a checkin form using the Winlink standard checkin form

– send via winlink after 6 AM EST Mon. June 6  and before midnight EST June 7 (any mode, but include  mode in check-in form) to AB1PH

   I continue to ask that any operators who have the time, please try to check into sector nets from near-by sections. This will allow our Net Control Operators to practice fielding nets with a strong check-in count and will also serve to help practice with relays or modified sector assignments in the event that a single repeater is out of service. 

   For those operators who serve as Net Control Operators, please try to remember to send me a list of the stations and communities that check into your nets. The numbers are reported to MEMA to show them our level of participation. I am continuing to work on a graphical map based report to show which parts of our section have strong coverage and which areas may need a more targeted recruitment campaign to improve our ability to provide back-up communications in an emergency.

The Region #2 and State Net Schedule for this evening is as follows:

Net Frequency/Offset Time
Sector 2A 147.00 /+0.60  PL 19:30 Local
Sector 2B 145.39/-0.60  PL 67.0 20:00 Local
Sector 2C Winlink Net Check-In 6AM-Midnight Local Time
Sector 2D 146.865/-0.60  PL 103.5 19:30 Local
6-Meter State Net 53.31 / -1.0  PL 71.9  


Note: 53.31 has been reported to be having difficulties lately.

The appropriate people are aware and working to remedy any issues.

19:00 Local
MA RACES HF Net 3930 KHz LSB moving up to 3955 KHz until there is a clear frequency 18:45 Local
MA MEMA NBEMS Net Frequency:  3584.5 MHx, Center Frequency: 1500 Hz, Initial mode: THOR22 19:00 Local

    I appreciate you all answering the call to help our communities remain prepared. Thank you all for helping us keep things on track and prove that we remain a consistent source of communication capability to the Commonwealth. This net provides a monthly reminder to our communities and served agencies that we stand ready with a quiet professionalism prepared to serve as a voice to whomever needs one to get help and resources to where they need to be.

 If you know someone who would benefit from being on this list, please have them contact me at   WC1MAB@gmail.com and I will add them to this distribution. Thank you all!

      If anyone has any questions or comments I can be reached by e-mail or cell phone. Thanks for being a part of our team and I look forward to hearing back on who can participate this month.


Michael Leger (N1YLQ)

MEMA Region #2 RACES Officer

C: 386-566-7666

Eastern Massachusetts ARES Net – Monday June 6th, 2022 at 830 PM on the MMRA Repeater System

Hello to all…

The June Eastern Massachusetts ARES section net will be Monday June 6th, 2022 at 830 PM on the MMRA Repeater system.

For frequencies that will be linked into the ARES Net on the MMRA Network, please see the following link from the MMRA web site detailing the repeaters that will be linked in through Hub 1:
https://mmra.org/repeaters/repeater_linking.html (Click the ARES box to see the repeaters and other systems linked)

We look forward to your participation and remember, we are always looking for Net Controls to run the ARES Net. We will have several announcements on upcoming events.

Thanks for your continued support of ARES!

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Macedo (KD1CY)
ARES SKYWARN Coordinator
Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator
Home Phone #: (508) 994-1875 (After 6 PM)
Home/Data #: (508) 997-4503 (After 6 PM)
Work Phone #: 508-346-2929 (8 AM-5 PM)
Email Address: rmacedo@rcn.com
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