N1BLF Featured in Reading For Those Who Can’t

N1BLFBob Zeida, N1BLF of Dartmouth was the subject of a well-written article on the Southcoast Today On-line back on 06/05/01 entitled, Reading For Those Who Can’t.

In addition to the countless hours Bob devotes to reading and recording for the Talking Information Center, the article also describes his activities with the Courage Center Handi-ham System:

“Dartmouth’s Bob Zeida spends hundreds of hours recording books for the blind. It is eerily quiet at 5 a.m., and Robert Zeida’s day — like the ubiquitous coffee pot — is already perking. Nearly every morning of his life the 69-year-old Dartmouth man follows the same routine, rising early to get dressed and then boot up the computer.

“While the PC warms and the coffee perks, Bob shaves with an electric razor, so that by 5:20, or so, coffee in hand, he is well-groomed and ready to begin what has become his life’s mission: reading and recording a variety of printed material for the Talking Information Center (TIC).

“TIC, you ask, what’s that? [Full Story]

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