Field Day Safety Resources

Bill Ricker, N1VUX writes:

The EMA Section Field Day Directory continues to receive donations of safety resources. All Field Day participants owe it to their loved ones and fellow club members to review the documents on avoiding Heat Stroke (from Kentucky ARRL), Lightning Safety (From NWS, another posted daily all week thru Thursday), Rob’s 2004 Skywarn note, and KC1US’s Safety Officer description.

Of course, the FD Directory also has maps and directions for all 23 club sites in EMA (counting two on Worcester border), and plans of the touring Section Leadership, and hints on scoring points while practicing your ARES and NTS skills.

(And for our friends in WMA, the Class A and F stations from FD2004 are plotted on a bonus map, )

Good luck in the /c/o/n/t/e/s/t/ Operating Event

and be Safe,

73 de Bill N1VUX


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