Eastern Massachusetts ARES Stand-By Update #4 for October Anomalous Major Nor'Easter

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In the aftermath of the significant early season nor’easter, several shelters continue to be open to assist people that had no heat or electricity at their residence.  Additionally, numerous roads remain blocked due to downed trees and wires. If you have any pictures of storm damage, please continue to send them to pics at nsradio.org and credit will be given to the spotter when forwarding to media, emergency management, and the National Weather Service unless otherwise noted.  Here is the latest Post Historic October Major Nor’easter Coordination message that includes the latest Local Storm Reports and Public Information Statements from NWS Taunton and other important resources that may be useful to people in the affected area and also includes a link to the ARRL web story on the Amateur Radio response to the major nor’easter which is also included separately in this message:

Post Historic October Major Nor’easter Coordination Message #3: http://www.wx1box.org/node/1539

ARRL Web Story – Amateurs Assistat with Comminications in Aftermath of Rare October Nor’easter : http://www.arrl.org/news/amateurs-assist-with-communications-in-aftermath-of-rare-october-nor-easter

Most communications infrastructure remains in-tact throughout the region although there have been localized groups supporting communications needs in isolated areas in Massachusetts.  It is possible that additional requests may come in throughout the next day or two and ARES leadership continues to closely monitor the situation in the event additional requests for support are in fact received.

We received word shelter operations in Lexington Massachusetts appear to have ended. This is because the shelter has been closed and most of the power in Lexington has now been restored.

Shelter operations in the town of Westford continue and are expected to continue through at least Thursday Morning. Power is being restored in the Westford area as Terry-KA8SCP and others reported getting power back this evening. Terry Stader-KA8SCP shelter operations update appears in the ARRL web story and in Tuesday’s Eastern Massachusetts ARES Stand-By Message.

In Western Massachusetts, ARES had received a request for Red Cross shelter communications support in the Sturbridge area. Western Massachusetts ARES lined up a few Ham Operators to support the effort but the Red Cross determined that they had enough communications support and cancelled the Ham Radio support request. The situation will be monitored in case the need for Ham Radio communications is required later for this area or other areas.

In Connecticut, there are still over 490,000 without power. Connecticut ARES is in a level 2 stand-by and is monitoring the situation but have no unmet needs at present. Eastern Massachusetts ARES will continue to monitor that situation in case support is needed in Connecticut as the situation in Eastern Massachusetts continues to stabilize.

It is expected that EMA ARES will remain on stand-by through at least Friday largely monitoring the need for ARESMAT support to Western Massachusetts and/or Connecticut but also monitoring the situation in Westford though conditions appear to be improving there. We continue to compile a list of availability for ARESMAT deployment if needed for various local EOC’s, Red Cross, Salvation Army, NWS Storm Survey Teams, and hospitals as required. When sending your availability, please send the following: Name, Call-sign, License Class, Capability (HF / VHF / UHF), Availability, and any other special notes we should be aware of. We ask that as you contact your DEC, please send a copy of the message to aresmat@nsradio.org where multiple members of the EMA ARES Leadership will be able to access your availability.  As always, keep your situational awareness level high for any updates from ARES leadership by checking your email for updates and our ARES web site at http://ares.ema.arrl.org and monitoring local SKYWARN/ARES/RACES frequencies for any updates on this developing situation.

What is ARES Stand-By mode?

ARES stand-by mode is to alert Amateurs within ARES that a mobilization is possible on a wide-scale and that some localized mobilizations are or could be taking place in isolated areas. It means to take a look at your Go-Kit and have batteries and equipment ready to go and charged up and take care of any requirements at home in case a mobilization is required and you can participate. Do NOT self-deploy. Wait for guidance from leadership for any deployment. It is an honor to be ready even if you don’t deploy for the event. Hopefully, this is just another exercise of our preparedness and capabilities. If not, the ARES leadership looks forward to working with you if any wide scale mobilization is required after the impact of this major storm to the region is fully understood.

The next update to this message will be issued no later than Friday Evening. Thanks for your continued support of Eastern Massachusetts ARES!

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Robert Macedo (KD1CY)
ARES SKYWARN Coordinator
Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator
Home Phone #: (508) 994-1875 (After 6 PM)
Home/Data #: (508) 997-4503 (After 6 PM)
Work Phone #: 508-346-2929 (8 AM-5 PM)
Email Address: rmacedo@rcn.com

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