Request For Operators, YMCA St. Peter’s Fiesta 5K Run, Gloucester, June 28, 2018

Christopher Winczewski, K1TAT writes on the Cape Ann ARA mailing list:

We are looking for operators to staff the YMCA St Peter’s Fiesta 5K Run on Thursday, June 28 2018, 6:30pm be on location by 6:00pm Gloucester.

Please let me know if you can staff a communications check-point for the event by Thursday, May10th so I can plan staffing positions for the event.

Please let us know what type of equipment you plan to use. We need 50 watt mobile units (i.e.: mobile; HT; ¼-wave mag-mount; OEM rubber duck; etc.) so we have a better idea of where to locate you along the event course per the potential of your equipment.

St Peter’s Fiesta 5K Run Communications Team
Gloucester, Mass
Last Updated: 6/18//2018 10:00pm
Event date: June 28, 2018
On Location: 600:pm
Starts: 5K Run = 6:30 pm
Freq: W1GLO 145.130 – PL:107.2 Back up: Simplex 146.565

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