Volunteers Needed, Weymouth Food Pantry Fresh Bite 5K Hunger Run, Wompatuck State Park, June 15, 2019

“Pi” Pugh, K1RV, writes:

The Weymouth Food Pantry is holding its annual Fresh Bite 5K race on June 15. The amateur radio club that normally provides communications for this event is not able to do so this year, so I am requesting assistance in putting together a group to accomplish this. The race is held in Wompatuck State Park. There are two courses, one that is 1 mile, the other is 5K or approximately 3 miles. As there is no vehicle access to the course, it may require a walk as far as a mile and a half to get to your assigned location.

I am looking for six to eight people, the more the better! Experience is helpful but not necessary. A fully charged handheld radio is needed and I recommend an aftermarket antenna if you have one, as we will be spread around the park, and this does present some communications challenges. The main communications will be on the Norwell Repeater, 145.250 – Shift PL 77.0 with Simplex on 147.420, as backup.

Hams with bicycles will be very welcome for this event, as it extremely useful to be able to conduct a sweep of the course at the end of the race, as well as being able to go to a location quickly.

As far as I know, there will not be an ambulance on location, as we have had in the past. If someone who has experience as Net Control for this type of event, and would be willing to be Net Control, please advise. 

We will meet at the visitors center at 8:15 AM, as the first race starts at 9:30. We will have a brief pre-race meeting. You will have to be at your assigned location by 9:15 AM for roll call.

I would suggest bringing insect repellent and water, and comfortable walking shoes.

Those interested in volunteering, please contact Jeff, WK1D at WK1D@arrl.net.

Thanks very much!


Jeff, WK1D

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