Dan’s Tech Night: Transistors, December 12, 2019

Dan Pedtke, KW2T, writes:

TechNight is this Thursday, Dec 12, 2019, at the usual time and place: 7 PM, Grady Research building [in Ayer].  See the website www.DansTechNight.com for info and directions.

This month I had a request to talk about the various types of transistor amplifiers:  Common Emitter, Common  Base, Emitter Follower, Cascode, Darlington, etc.  This came up due to the TNRadio using a variety of these, mainly for educational purposes, and from last months SPICE circuit simulation touching on some of these.

I’ll go over about 10 different transistor amplifier arrangements and talk about how they work and their characteristics, and where they are used.  We might use SPICE to measure some of the characteristics.

We’ll also have a short presentation by Jim Wilber about the Pepperell CERT program he is involved with, getting ham radio to be involved with local FEMA authorities.  He has gone through the certification program along with a couple other NVARC members.

Should be a good meeting.  Hope to see you there, and that the weather cooperates.

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