Eastern MA Hospital Net Status

John O’Neill, K1JRO, writes on the Eastern MA Hospital mailing list:

I am writing regarding participation in the Eastern MA Hospital Net.

We at SSHARG are fortunate that we can return to our “shack” at the hospital. We realize that most everyone is still facing restrictions or complete “lockouts” due to the ongoing Covid situation.  

Last month we held a Net and only had one participant, the Mansfield Emergency Management Agency.

For us to gather at South Shore Hospital, set-up our gear, and hold a net takes time and effort not to mention the cost of transportation these days. If we (you), the Eastern MA Hospital Net Group are not ready to resume regular Nets that’s fine. We will put our Nets on hold until such time as we are ready.

This coming Saturday [December 4, 2021] is the first Saturday of the month when we would regularly hold a Net. In advance of that I’m querying the group to see who can and will participate if we hold a NET this Saturday. If we don’t at least have a handful of members who will commit to participating we will simply not hold a NET this month and hopefully things will be better in January.

I look forward to any responses or comments.


John O’Neill, K1JRO

South Shore Health Amateur Radio Group

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